Police have released new surveillance images in connection with the ongoing search for missing adolescent Kiely Rodni.

Authorities in California said that on Sunday, August 6, 16-year-old Kiely Rodni vanished. They unveiled a fresh image of the kidnapped teenager that was screencapped from a Truckee company’s security footage. Only a few hours had passed since Rodni left a California campground party.

Kiely was visible in the video on August 5 at 6:08 PM wearing clothing that was consistent with witness accounts. The last time anyone saw 16-year-old Kiely was four days ago, about 12:30 a.m. on Saturday in Truckee, close to the Prosser Family Campground.

Kiely Rodni was wearing a black bodysuit with spaghetti straps and a green Dickies trouser, as seen in the photo released by the authorities. More information regarding the missing girl was provided by officials, who noted that:

She wore a black spaghetti strap bodysuit, green Dickies brand pants with a black grommet belt, and black Vans shoes when she was last seen.
The teen’s phone was last ping-ed on August 6 at “33 minutes after midnight,” according to authorities. Officials from Nevada County and Placer County have provided the most recent command update below:

More information regarding Kiely Rodni’s disappearance

According to the Placer County Sheriff’s Department, Kiely Rodni might have been kidnapped. Police are investigating Kiely’s disappearance as a potential kidnapping case because Kiely’s 2013 silver Honda CRV is also missing.

Sheriff of Placer
Sheriff of Placer: @PlacerSheriff!

To contact someone with information, dial (530) 581-6320. Choice 7. You can stay unidentified.
Shorturl.at/bivJQ provides information about Kiely’s disappearance.
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According to a Placer County Sheriff’s spokeswoman who spoke with the local radio station KTXL:

We have not yet found her vehicle, so we are investigating her disappearance as an abduction.
According to sources, Kiely’s mother, Lindsay Nieman-Rodni, was notified by her daughter at around midnight that she would be leaving the party in around 45 minutes. She uttered:

“I reassured her that I loved her and to stay careful. “OK, mum, I love you too,” she responded. She never returned.
Her mother continued by saying:

“We only want her to come home. We miss her so terribly and love her so much, and we’re so afraid. We adore you, Kiely, so if you see this, just come home. I only want to give you a big embrace.

Rose \sRose \[email protected]
The mother of Kiely Rodni is appealing with her daughter to return home while begging for assistance. Her plight tears my heart. Please do anything you can to keep this family in your prayers and thoughts.
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Lindsey Rodni-Nieman also said that locating Kiely is her main priority over apprehending anyone who might be associated with the case. She clarified:

“We’re not trying to bust or incriminate anyone else. All we want is for our daughter to come home.

Prior to the disappearance, Kiely Rodni spoke with her pal last.

🦋🫶🏽LEG🅰️CY🦋🫶🏽 \s🦋🫶🏽LEG🅰️CY
#KielyRodni | @iamlegacy23 Something doesn’t seem right—something doesn’t add up. Are you taking notes, guys? I am. Find Kiely at findkielyrodni.com.

The narrative has more to it. Currently, her acquaintance is the only source of storytelling.

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The last time 18-year-old Samantha Smith, Kiely’s friend, spoke to Kiely was at 12:36 a.m. on Saturday, according to The Independent. Samantha disclosed this on Monday:

“This was her last phone call with anyone, ever. Love you, good night, we said. That was the last we heard of her, so “go home safe”
A spokesman from the sheriff’s office claimed that Kiely’s phone had been turned off just after midnight.

Celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow reportedly uploaded a flier on her Instagram account, informing her eight million+ followers of the case and utilising her platform to spread word about the search. As a result, the investigation into the disappearance of teen Kiely Rodni underwent a substantial change.

In an effort to locate Kiley, the Placer Sheriff’s Office is collaborating with the FBI, Homeland Security, California Highway Patrol, and a number of other local law enforcement agencies. Over 77 detectives have been looking for her ever since she vanished, both on the ground and in the air. K-9 units are also involved, as well.

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