Papa Jim: Death Cause, Danny Duncan (Youtuber) Twitter Tributes

YouTuber Danny Duncan paid tribute to Papa Jim on Twitter after his death.

Papa Jim is a ninety-year-old man who has appeared in many of Danny Duncan’s YouTube videos, doing anything from skinny dipping to quad biking.

He is the grandpa of Duncan’s close buddy David Tomchinsky, who works for Duncan’s brand as an Executive Assistant/Social Media Manager, despite his name suggesting he is Duncan’s cause.

RIP: What Caused Papa Jim’s Death? – YouTuber Danny Duncan’s Tribute

Papa Jim passed away, and the news was widely spread on social media. Danny Duncan, a YouTuber, paid tribute to Papa Jim.

This was not the first time Papa Jim’s death had been reported. Duncan uploaded a photo of the two together on Instagram in February with the words “miss you father,” fueling speculation that Papa Jim had died.

The YouTuber turned out to be out of town and hadn’t seen Papa Jim in a long time. One Redditor called the caption “a horrible choice of words.”

Is He Married? Meet Papa Jim’s Wife And Family

The wife and family members of Papa Jim are not in the spotlight. Danny Duncan’s best buddy, David Tomchinsky, is his grandson, so he must be married.

However, little is known about his wife and children. Perhaps this is a trying time for his family and relatives; may the Lord give them the strength they need to cope with the loss.

We send our condolences to this family, and may God lead him to eternal rest in heaven. Fans have paid tribute to him on social media, particularly Twitter.

Papa Jim’s Net Worth in 2022

Papa Jim has an unknown net worth. His YouTuber friend, on the other hand, is said to be worth $5 million. Duncan’s YouTube channel, which incorporates pranks and skating videos, is well-known.

Danny Duncan is a YouTube sensation with over 6.5 million subscribers and his own Virginity Rocks clothing line, which he frequently wears in his videos. He is an American YouTube personality, sketch comedian, prankster, and vlogger.

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