John BlackmanIs: Is He Dead or Alive? Australian radio presenter Death Hoax Explored

John Blackman

Is John Blackman still alive or has he passed away? Death Hoax is a radio broadcaster from Australia. Explored: As we all know, John Blackman is an Australian radio and television presenter, voice artist, comedy writer, and novelist who lives in Sydney, Australia. Basal cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer that is particularly aggressive, … Read more

Death Cause: Raymond Spencer’s Death Video of Multiple people shot in Washington, DC Viral

Raymond Spencer

READ MORE: WATCH: Raymond Spencer’s Death Video of a Group of People Shot in Washington, DC Goes Viral On Social Media The guy who opened fire on the United States capital’s crown on Friday has been identified and killed. According to the Metropolitan Police Department, the suspect who fired at random into the crowd, injuring … Read more