Moon Knight: Is It on OTT: Disney+,Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max or Prime?

Moon Knight

‘Moon Knight’ is an American superhero action-adventure miniseries that is loosely based on the eponymous Marvel Comics protagonist. The story revolves around the life of Marc Spector, who suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (also known as PDID). However, when he acquires the powers of an Egyptian moon deity, things get much more difficult for him. … Read more

Obituary: Richard Moore (The Death of Cycling Podcaster) Journalism World Mourns

Richard Moore

Following the tragic news of “The Cycling” podcaster, journalist, and author Richard Moore’s death, people have taken to social media to express their condolences. We were devastated to learn of the death of the Scottish journalist, author, podcaster, and former racing cyclist. “The Cycling Podcast,” which he co-founded and hosted with colleagues, journalists, and broadcasters … Read more

Murders Exposed: Paul and Jennifer Budrawich, Where Are Benjamin Mullinax and Jessie Kilgore at Present?

Paul and Jennifer Budrawich

When Paul and Jennifer Budrawich went missing while on a visit to their children in Dawson County, Georgia, their family and friends were understandably concerned for their well-being. However, when 911 operators revealed that they had gotten a phone call from a woman who could be heard pleading with someone not to shoot her and … Read more