One of Us Is Lying: Cancelled at the Peacock, Plot, Review, Ending Explained, Primary Suspects and More

The game is done, according to Simon. According to our sister site Deadline, the teen drama series One of Us Is Lying has been cancelled by Peacock after two seasons despite being a ratings success for the network

Vampire Academy was another show that was cancelled by Peacock after just one season.

The management of the streaming service “were delighted with both programmes creatively, but they just couldn’t find the needed viewership to justify subsequent seasons,” according to Deadline.

On October 20, the second season of “One of Us Is Lying” made its debut with all eight episodes, and it concluded with some unexpected turns: As soon as the Murder Club found out that Fiona knew Jake from rehab and that she was Simon Says, they hatched a plot to blame Fiona for Jake’s murder and get her arrested.

But Maeve was under the impression that their plan wouldn’t be successful, so she went behind their backs and collaborated with Fiona to obtain the footage of Murder Club featuring Jake’s dead body.

This caused Janae and Bronwyn to feel enraged.

One of Us Is Lying
One of Us Is Lying

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One of Us Is Lying: Cancelled at the Peacock

After being taken into custody by the authorities, Fiona mused to Cole on the possibility that Simon being privy to the information that led to Jake’s stint in treatment and that this was the motivation behind Jake’s murder of Simon.

Cole was taken aback by the fact that Fiona was also aware of the secret. Just a few moments later, she sipped some water in her cell and then began gasping for air.

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In the meantime, Murder Club believed that they had, at long last, overcome all of the suffering and death that had befallen them.

In contrast, a glimpse into the future on the day of graduation showed yet another gory crime scene at the school, this time with the “Stay” necklace that Nate had given Bronwyn marked as evidence.

Check out TVLine’s post-episode interviews with the showrunner, Erica Saleh, and actor, Marianly Tejada, to get the inside scoop on what the cliffhanger means for Bronwyn and her relationship with Nate, as well as the other shocks that were revealed in the finale.

One of Us Is Lying: Plot

One of Us Is Lying is a dramatisation that follows the lives of four distinct characters after the death of their classmate Simon Kelleher, who passed away during detention after drinking from a glass that had been covered in peanut oil.

Bronwyn Rojas, Nate Macauley, Addy Prentiss, and Cooper Clay are the four people that tell their stories throughout the book. Simon was in detention with all of them at one point.

They were all given detention for allegedly bringing their smartphones to school; however, the cellphones that were found on them were not actually their own cellphones; rather, they had been placed on them.

During their time in detention, Simon makes the accusations that they each fit one of these four archetypes: the brain, the jock, the princess, and the criminal.

A automobile accident provides a momentary diversion for the adolescents. After that, Simon suffers from an allergic reaction. The children search the school for an EpiPen, but there is not one to be found anywhere. Simon dies.

Because he managed a gossip app called About That, and his next post was going to disclose their deepest, darkest secrets, the four narrators become suspects in Simon’s murder. Each of them had a reason to kill Simon for the same reason: he was about to expose their secrets.

When they are implicated, the truths slowly come out, in part due to posts made on Tumblr by the person believed to be responsible for the murder.

Their lives are altered as a direct result of their actions: Addy’s infidelity with her boyfriend Jake Riordan leads to their breakup and her social isolation; Bronwyn’s cheating in chemistry class jeopardises her admission to Yale and sends her into Nate’s arms; Cooper’s homosexuality puts his baseball future in jeopardy and reveals fake friends; and Nate’s past criminal history, which includes drug dealing, ultimately lands him in jail, where he

As they get to know each other better, the four suspects begin to protect one another against the teasing of their fellow students.

They are all convinced that none of them is responsible, and they are working together to uncover the truth about what took place.

The situation gets more dangerous as Nate is taken into custody. Bronwyn is able to track down the driver who was involved in the vehicle accident that occurred while detention, and she learns that Simon hired the guy to cause the accident.

They have now come to the conclusion that Simon’s death may have been the result of an attempt at self-harm due to his depression.

Janae, the one friend Simon has, is likewise behaving strangely, which leads one to believe that she is concealing something.

After Addy has confronted Janae, she discloses a “manifesto” that Simon wrote in which he indicated that he wanted to end his life while wreaking havoc on the lives of people who were closest to him. He wished that their reputations would be irreparably damaged for all time.

It is also disclosed that Simon worked with an associate by the name of Jake. It was important to him to get his own back on Addy for cheating.

When Addy discovers the truth, Jake makes an attempt to kill her, but Cooper intervenes and saves her life. The truth is exposed to the authorities, and everyone involved walks free.

The epilogue describes how Nate and Brownyn’s relationship is progressing while also describing how their lives are gradually becoming less chaotic.

One of Us Is Lying
One of Us Is Lying

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One of Us Is Lying: Who is The Primary Suspects?

Addy, Nate, Bronwyn, and Cooper are the primary suspects in Simon’s murder. Simon was planning to expose their secrets on his app, “About That.”

All four of them now had a reason to participate in Simon’s murder because the secrets may have put their professional aspirations in jeopardy.

However, following Simon’s passing, his best friend, Janae Mathews, hacked into the app and revealed the secrets of the four main suspects in the murder case.

“One Of Us Is Lying,” They Said. The conclusion of Season 1 Explained Jake was a psychopath who had little empathy for other people and enjoyed having power and control over other people.

Janae repeatedly cautioned Addy that Jake was a sociopath who controlled everything in Addy’s life, had turned her into a puppet, and was making her live her life in his shadow.

It is possible to make the case that Jake did not have any say in the affair that took place between her parents and his father, which resulted in the dissolution of the marriage and the anguish that Jake experienced throughout his childhood.

Because Jake didn’t want to experience the feelings of rejection or betrayal ever again, he developed a strong urge to exert a great deal of control over the conduct of other people.

One of Us Is Lying: Review

Jake had a plan to destroy the last piece of evidence that could have linked him to the murder of Simon.

He attempted to do so by destroying Simon’s Xbox with their recorded conversation; however, Janae, Addy, Nate, Bronwyn, and Cooper were able to steal it during the Halloween party.

Jake’s plan was unsuccessful. When Jake found out about it, he pulled a gun on them, and Addy was able to get away with the Xbox by taking advantage of the distraction that it provided.

Jake and a few other people followed Addy into the woods, and while they were there, a fight broke out, during which Jake was shot and killed.

One of Us Is Lying
One of Us Is Lying

After Addy confronted Jake about his Xbox talks with Simon, Janae, Addy, Nate, Bronwyn, and Cooper came to the conclusion that it would be best to conceal Jake’s body and make up a tale that said he had fled to Mexico.

They set up Simon’s Xbox in Jake’s room, and when the police found it and unlocked it, they found the recorded conversation that revealed that Jake was the one who pulled the strings and killed Simon.

One of Us Is Lying: Ending Explained

  • After the investigation was finished, Addy, Janae, Nate, Bronwyn, and Cooper all made the decision to go back to their regular lives.
  • Unfortunately, in their normal lives, they weren’t talking to each other and thus maintained a certain distance, even though the secret about Jake’s death connected these four individuals through an unseen thread.
  • Bronwyn, Addy, Janae, and Nate all decided to go back to their normal lives after the case was closed.
  • At the conclusion of the first season of “One of Us Is Lying,” Addy, Nate, Bronwyn, Cooper, and Janae are presented with a vanishing “Simon Says” message.
  • The message reveals that someone other than them is aware of their secret and, as a result, blackmails them into carrying out the instructions.
  • Janae reveals to Addy earlier in the series that someone else hacked into the “About That” app and locked her out, and it’s likely the same person who leaked Bronwyn’s video in which she pushed Simon.
  • Janae also reveals that someone else hacked into the “About That” app and locked her out earlier in the series.
  • In Episode 6, Janae gets the identical “Simon Says” text that notifies her about the EpiPen that Jake hid in Addy’s locker (102) in order to frame her for the murder. He did this so that Addy would be arrested for the crime.
  • However, before the authorities could find it, the anonymous hacker divulged its position, protecting Addy in some sense. It gives the impression that the hacker was operating as a third party the entire time, planting clues to make the inquiry more complex and full of unexpected turns.
  • In the second season of “One of Us Is Lying,” both the identity of the individual in question and the reason for their deception will be disclosed.
  • Up until then, it seems as though it’s simply another crazy psychopath like Simon who enjoys playing cruel jokes on people and watching them suffer as a result. The second season will provide us more information.

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