Is There Going to Be a Second Season of Old People on Netflix?

Is There Going to Be a Second Season of Old People on Netflix?

Old People is a terrifying drama that takes place in an isolated town and tells the story of an elderly group that plots an uprising against the younger generation. While Ella is back in her hometown for her sister’s wedding, she and her family become the targets of the zombies that have been created from the local elderly population. As a consequence of this, the family has no choice but to engage in a bloody and murderous act in order to ensure their own survival. Andy Fetscher is both the writer and director of the horror movie that is performed in German. The conclusion of the movie is left unresolved, which leaves the option open for additional episodes featuring the geriatric killers who resemble zombies. Here is everything you need to know about the possibility of a sequel to the movie “Old People,” in case you were curious about it.

Old People
Old People

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Second Season of Old People on Netflix

On October 7, 2022, Netflix made the documentary “Old People” available to its users. Critics were divided in their opinions of the movie, with some praising its socio-political themes while others criticized the film for having a poor screenplay and over-dramatizing emotional moments. Now, in terms of a sequel, there has been no official word on whether or not there will be a second installment in the series. The creators of the show as well as the production studio have not commented on the situation as of yet. The conclusion of the first movie, on the other hand, gives some indication that there might be a second installment.

At the conclusion of “Old people,” Laura, Noah, Aike, and Alex are shown to have prevailed over the vicious attacks launched by the zombie-like residents of the village’s retirement community. The voiceover performed by Laura gives the impression that the group will most likely work toward resolving the issues that have arisen between the older generation and the younger generation. On the other hand, the very first scenes of the film show us how the uprising of the older generation will have far-reaching repercussions for the world. The first scene demonstrates that similar uprisings are taking place all over the world, which puts society in danger. As Laura, Noah, Aike, and Alex continue to fight for their lives in the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse, the potential sequel could develop into a full-fledged zombie apocalypse film.

The first film does, in fact, include some supernatural components, but these are never developed to their full potential. A text that appears at the beginning of the story makes a passing reference to a vindictive spirit that wreaks havoc on the elderly members of a clan. At one point, Alex reveals to Laura an idol that represents a deity that bestows a curse upon anyone who wrongs their elders. It is highly likely that the god and the ancient spirit are linked in some way to the zombification of the elderly people. It’s possible that these plot threads will be explored in the sequel, and that it will also provide Laura and the company with a solution to the apocalypse.

In conclusion, the fact that the movie is in the horror genre gives it a greater potential for a follow-up installment. The films in this category have a track record of giving rise to financially rewarding franchises. Because “Old People” introduces a novel concept and explores important sociocultural topics, it is possible that the film will be followed up with another installment. The success of the first movie on the streaming service will, however, be a determining factor in whether or not there will be a second installment.

In the coming months, Netflix may give the go-ahead for the production of a sequel to the film if its viewership numbers meet or exceed the company’s expectations. If the second installment is confirmed before the end of the year, then the filming of the next installment might be scheduled for some point in the year 2023. As a result, audiences can anticipate that “Old People 2” will make its debut on our screens in the first quarter of 2024 at the earliest.

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Watch Old People on Netflix

In the end, “Old People” is a work of fiction, but it is a terrifying story about the elderly that is crafted using elements of socio-cultural drama that actually occurred in real life. It highlights the current situation of senior citizens and the struggles that they are facing. Nevertheless, by drawing inspiration from the slasher horror subgenre, it lends a macabre and unsettling air to the situation at hand. The finished product is an engaging cautionary tale that serves as a warning to the audience about the repercussions of mistreating their seniors. However, the stylization of the horror sequences and the drama restrict the story to the realm of fiction, which eliminates the relatability and poignancy of the narrative.

Be respectful of your elders… unless they’re out to get you like in the new German horror film that’s streaming on Netflix called Old People. The title of the movie is “Old People,” and the storyline is exactly what you’d expect it to be: a bunch of elderly people go on a killing spree. Even though the trailer makes it seem like there’s more to it than that, the logline for the show on Netflix summarizes it best. Anyone who enjoys slasher films along the lines of the Fear Street trilogy, Hush, or The Strangers should find this German feature film directed by Andy Fetscher to be to their liking.

You probably remember how terrifying Stephen Lang was in the movie Don’t Breathe, right? Or the adherents of the Midsommar cult? Well, it seems that Old People taps into a vibe that’s not too dissimilar. Ella moves back to her childhood home with her two children in order to attend the wedding of her sister, but things quickly go awry when she is forced to protect them from elderly people on a murderous rampage in the town. If you watch the trailer, you will notice that there seems to be some sort of historical artifact (isn’t there always?) at the center of everything, and it is possible that this is connected to the reason why the elderly are trying to kill everyone. Despite the fact that Netflix has not uploaded the trailer to YouTube, it is still possible to view it on the website dedicated to the film on the Netflix website. The film has a runtime of 100 minutes, which equates to a total running time of 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Old People
Old People

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The Plot of Netflix’s Old People

Although Ella intends to spend a relaxing trip with her family in her hometown to celebrate her sister’s wedding, she will find that the small town has undergone significant transformations since she last visited it. A thunderstorm rolls through, and all of a sudden, the elderly people living in a retirement home begin behaving in a strange manner and attacking the younger caretakers in an increasingly violent manner. The following is the official plot summary that Netflix has provided for the film: “Ella and her children are currently on their way back to their hometown so that they can attend the wedding of Ella’s sister. Since she has been gone, the remote little village has undergone significant change. Most of the younger residents have moved away, leaving behind only the elderly. The rest of the world appears to have forgotten about them. On the evening of the wedding, a severe thunderstorm rolls through the small town, and the residents of the retirement home begin acting in a peculiar manner as a result. The younger staff members are subjected to a horrifying assault by a group of elderly inmates who are led by a geriatric who towers over them all. After the power went out, they smashed their way through the security doors and ran out into the dreary rain. They are drawn in by the music, and once they are there, Ella will quickly realize that she must fight for her family’s survival.

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