Oklahoma lady Kristie Evans is given a life sentence for her involvement in the death of her husband, pastor David Evans

District Judge Steven Kessinger of Pontotoc County gave Kristie Evans a life sentence in prison on Wednesday for killing her husband. Evans, 49, apparently premeditated the crime with her partner and admitted to carrying it out.

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After growing weary of her husband’s demands for orgies, the wife of a pastor was found guilty of hiring a hitman—who is rumoured to be her toyboy lover—to kill him. She now faces life in prison. The 48-year-old Kristie Evans acknowledged killing her husband David Evans in the first degree in March 2021.
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The judge was reported as stating the following by The Oklahoman:

“As you said in your testimony, things have an effect.”
After making his ruling, Judge Kessinger charged Kristie with planning the murder and giving her lover, Moore’s Kahlil Square, 27, access to her house and a gun.

Police quickly detained Kristie Evans and Kahlil Square following the death of pastor David Evans.

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DotDotDot @ Quittny @princellasmith @BayleeBatesNews @KTENnews #BrazenHussy She said in the affidavit that her husband was violent. It would be good to have more freedom, she said to Kahlil.

Kristie first claimed that an intruder killed her 50-year-old husband. She later confessed to the crime nonetheless, saying the guilt “ate her alive.” According to a report by NBC station KFOR, Evans told police she wanted to “get right with God” upon turning herself in.

After years of torture, Kristie Evans claims she killed her husband

Kristie argued in defence of her actions that she killed her husband because he had been abusing her frequently. She went on to say that he was “abusive” and “controlling” to her and their children. In court, she stated:

“I was in need. I desired freedom from that. There was nothing else that I was aware of.”
At Harmony Church in Ada, Baptist pastor David Evans was well-liked and esteemed. He was discovered to be a swinger during the trial. According to Kristie Evans’ testimony, her spouse pushed her to engage in personal relationships with a number of men in Oklahoma City, Norman, and Moore. She went on to say that Square was someone she had met in a similar circumstance back in 2021.

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The assassination plot against David Evans was highlighted, despite the prosecutor not really defending his character. Additionally, the prosecutor said that Kristie Evans murdered her husband in exchange for a $250,000 life insurance policy.

HJ (Hank) Ellison
Ellison, HJ (Hank) @hjtherealj
The Ada pastor’s wife, who assisted her boyfriend in killing him last year, was given a life term in prison on Wednesday. Kristie Evans, 49, was given a life sentence with the chance of parole on Wednesday after entering a guilty plea to first-degree murder in April.
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David Evans was shot on March 22, 2021, when he was sleeping inside his home. Square was charged with first-degree murder for the slaying and will show up in court on August 27.

Kristie’s attorney, Joi Miskel, discussed the verdict and said that the judge could change the verdict when he goes over it again. She remarked on Kristie as follows:

“Her regret is genuine and has been since the beginning. Every time we’ve spoken, she has expressed regret.” “Furthermore, you must realise that she has endured years of horrendous torture. It takes more than a few days, months, weeks, or even years to get over that. And you have to believe that she hasn’t received any form of treatment or counselling to deal with the effects of her years of abuse.”

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