Nimari Burnett (Girlfriend Diana Kannan): Age Gap, Family, Relationship, Affairs, Bio and More

Diana is a professional model and entrepreneur who loves to travel and explore new places. Nimari’s parents are Brian and Nikki Burnett, and his mother is the founder of BasketballMom and HoopLegend Clothing

Nimari Burnett is a prominent basketball player from the United States, born on December 20, 2001, who currently attends Prolific Prep in Napa, California.

He previously played for the Alabama Crimson Tide (SEC) and the Texas Tech Red Raiders.

While his career has been a topic of interest for many, so has his personal life, especially his relationship with girlfriend Diana Kannan. In this article, we will dive into who Diana Kannan is, as well as Nimari Burnett’s family and career.

Nikki Burnet
Nikki Burnet (Image: Source)

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Nimari Burnett: Girlfriend Diana Kannan

Diana Kannan is a professional model and entrepreneur who loves to travel and explore new places.[efn_note][/efn_note]

According to her Instagram, she has visited over 20 different countries.

Nimari and Diana have been dating for over two years now, and they seem to have a happy and healthy relationship. Nimari describes Diana as energetic, funny, and people-oriented.

Nimari Burnett Family

Nimari Burnett’s father is Brian Burnett, and his mother is Nikki Burnett. His mother is the founder of BasketballMom and HoopLegend Clothing, which are clothing brands for basketball fans.

Nimari has also contributed to the creation of the Lifetime reality program Raising Up Ballers, which chronicles the lives of several Chicago-based businesswomen with basketball-talented kids. Burnett was one of the athletes highlighted in the show.

Nimari Burnett Career

Nimari Burnett began his basketball career at Beasley Elementary, where he won a city title for three years.

He later joined Morgan Park High School in Chicago, where he played alongside junior Ayo Dosunmu.

Burnett helped his team win the Class 3A state championship by scoring 20 points during the tournament. He was named to the second team of the MaxPreps Freshmen All-Americans.

After his freshman year, Burnett switched to Prolific Academy, a nationwide school with headquarters in Napa, California.

He missed five weeks of his second year due to a fractured hand. Burnett and Attack won the gold medal at the USA 33 Under-18 Championship on April 14, 2019.

In addition to being rated as a four-star prospect by 247 Sports, he was given a five-star rating by ESPN, which has him listed as the No. 22 overall player and the No. 4 center guard in the nation.

During his freshman year at Texas Tech, Burnett had a season-high 12 points and six steals in an 81-40 victory over Grambling State on December 6, 2020.

However, he left the team on January 7, 2021, due to personal reasons. Burnett played 12 games and averaged 5.3 points and 1.8 rebounds off the bench.

Nimari Burnett
Nimari Burnett (Image: Source)

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Nimari Burnett and Diana Kannan’s Age Gap

While Nimari Burnett and Diana Kannan’s relationship seems to be going strong, many are curious about their age difference.[efn_note][/efn_note]

However, there is no information available about Diana Kannan’s age. Nimari Burnett is currently 21 years old, and as a professional model and entrepreneur, Diana is assumed to be around the same age.

Nimari Burnett is a talented basketball player with a bright future ahead of him. While his career has been a topic of interest for many, his relationship with Diana Kannan has also caught the attention of fans.

Diana is a professional model and entrepreneur who loves to travel and explore new places. Nimari’s parents are Brian and Nikki Burnett, and his mother is the founder of BasketballMom and HoopLegend Clothing.

Nimari Burnett: Age

Nimari Burnett is currently 20 years old, having been born in 2002. He attended Morgan Park High School in Chicago, where he played high school basketball for four years. During his time there, he became one of the top prospects in the country, receiving offers from several prestigious universities.

Nikki Burnet
Nikki Burnet (Image: Source)

Nimari Burnett: Height and Weight

Standing at 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 meters) tall and weighing 195 pounds (88 kg), Nimari Burnett possesses an ideal physique for basketball.

His height and weight allow him to be agile and quick on the court, while also giving him the necessary strength to compete against other players.

Nimari Burnett: Early Career

After completing high school, Nimari Burnett committed to play for the Texas Tech Red Raiders, one of the top college basketball teams in the country.[efn_note][/efn_note]

He played for them for one season, starting in 12 of 29 games and averaging 5.3 points, 1.8 rebounds, and 1.4 assists per game.

Despite his relatively limited playing time, he showed great potential and caught the attention of NBA scouts.

In 2021, Nimari Burnett announced that he would be transferring from Texas Tech to Alabama, where he would join the Crimson Tide basketball team. With his skills and talent, he is expected to play a major role in the team’s success in the upcoming seasons.

Nimari Burnett
Nimari Burnett

Nimari Burnett: Net Worth 2023

Although Nimari Burnett is still a young basketball player, his net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. This is due to his success in high school basketball and his potential to become a star in the NBA.

Nimari Burnett is a rising star in the world of basketball. His impressive stats, ideal physique, and remarkable potential make him a player to watch out for in the coming years. As he continues to grow and develop his skills, he is sure to make a name for himself in the sport and become a fan favorite.

Nimari Burnett : Iowa Opportunity for His Basketball Career

Nimari Burnett, the 5-star combo guard, is making headlines again as he discusses his recent opportunity to join the Iowa Hawkeyes men’s basketball team.

Known for his impressive performance with Morgan Park High, which led to an Illinois state championship two years ago, Burnett has been steadily building his reputation even after moving to Prolific Prep in Napa, California.

Despite playing on the west coast, Iowa has been eyeing him since last summer, and Burnett was pleasantly surprised when they offered him a spot on the team.

With recent offers from other schools such as Wake Forest, Michigan, Auburn, UCLA, Arkansas, TCU, and Alabama, as well as previous offers from Illinois, DePaul, Ohio State, Arizona State, USC, and Vanderbilt, Burnett has a lot to consider.

However, his relationship with Iowa seems promising, and he sees himself fitting nicely into their system.

Burnett shares that he likes their style of play as they “shoot the leather off the ball,” which is also his preference. He also believes that Iowa has a great program overall.

Although he has yet to visit the campus, Burnett plans on doing so this fall. He had a strong performance last month playing for Team WhyNot on the EYBL circuit, earning second-team honors for the event and averaging 23.8 points, 3.8 rebounds, 3.2 assists, and 1.8 steals.

Both Rivals and 247 rank him as one of the top players in the country, with the former listing him as the seventh-best shooting guard in his class and the latter as the second-best combo guard.

As he takes his time with the recruiting process, Burnett is looking for a school that has a good coaching staff, strong academic programs, and a system that he can fit into right away and succeed in while also providing a pathway to the next level.

He also plans on majoring in Sports Management.

In conclusion, Nimari Burnett’s talent and potential are undeniable, and the Iowa Hawkeyes could be the perfect fit for him.

As his recruitment journey continues, it will be exciting to see where he ends up and how he will contribute to his future team’s success.

Nimari Burnett
Nimari Burnett


Who is Nimari Burnett?

Nimari Burnett is a rising basketball star from Chicago, Illinois.

He was born on November 24, 2001, and played high school basketball at Prolific Prep in Napa, California.

He is currently a freshman at Texas Tech University, where he plays guard for the Red Raiders.

What are Nimari Burnett’s strengths as a basketball player?

Nimari Burnett is known for his strong ball-handling skills, his ability to create his own shot, and his high basketball IQ.

He is also a tenacious defender who can guard multiple positions. Additionally, he has a smooth shooting stroke and can knock down shots from beyond the arc.

What are some of Nimari Burnett’s accomplishments in basketball so far?

Nimari Burnett has had an impressive basketball career so far. In high school, he was ranked as a top-25 prospect in the class of 2020 by ESPN and 247Sports.

He was also named to the All-USA California Boys Basketball First Team in 2019-2020. In his freshman year at Texas Tech, he has played a key role for the Red Raiders and was named to the Big 12 All-Newcomer Team.

What are Nimari Burnett’s goals for the future?

Nimari Burnett has stated that his ultimate goal is to play in the NBA. He is working hard to improve his game and become the best player he can be.

In addition to his basketball goals, he is also focused on getting a college degree and setting himself up for success off the court.

How can I follow Nimari Burnett’s basketball career?

If you want to keep up with Nimari Burnett’s basketball career, you can follow him on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

Additionally, you can watch Texas Tech basketball games on TV or online to see him play in action.

Finally, you can read articles and watch videos about him on basketball websites and media outlets.

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