Nikita Dragun: Explore Family, Affairs, Net Worth Of The Transgender

Nikita Dragun: Explore Family, Affairs, Net Worth Of The Transgender

Nikita “Mama” Dragun, a YouTuber who was born on January 31, 1996, in Springfield, Virginia, is best known for openly disclosing her gender identity change. She has a YouTube channel where she posts vlogs, beauty lessons, make-up tips, and videos about her transition.

The Nikita Dragun’s Wealth

What is Nikita Dragun’s net worth? As of early 2019, sources tell us that a successful YouTube career can yield a web value of around $150,000. Her online fame has also introduced her to a number of various alternatives to assist along with her cash. It’s projected that as she pursues her goals, her fortune may even continue to rise.

Early Years and the Start of Social Media

Nikita’s mother is Mexican and her father is Vietnamese. She grew raised with a brother and two sisters. While in class, “he” became interested in music and became a skilled singer. He began a four-year study at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles, California, after graduating from high school. ‘ He started her online career on the photo-sharing website Instagram before deciding to upload videos on the website YouTube.

Despite being a man at the time, “he” began openly discussing “her” sexuality and desire to change genders. She posted blogs in addition to beauty and makeup lessons. She felt that it was crucial to reaffirm her sexuality in the public eye. She also felt that it was crucial to document her transition with her fans after doing so, which is why her videos quickly gained popularity. She claims that she had never encountered a transgender person while growing up, but after publishing her films online, she began to interact with the LGBT community.

Transgender Change

In Dragun’s films, her mother reportedly observed that even as a child, “he” enjoyed playing with dolls and dressing up. When she preferred to line up with females rather than boys and expressed a desire for women’s clothing, things only became stranger. At first, it was assumed that she was gay. He didn’t come out as gay, but he later learned about transgender people after viewing a documentary. She felt like a woman imprisoned in a man’s body as she got closer to college and “he” became more androgynous, but LGBT issues were forbidden where she lived.

The final straw was when she went to the boys’ bathroom and found herself in a really awkward situation. Whatever their conservative heritage, the family began to support her after “he” made the decision to transition. With her videos documenting each stage of her transition, discussing her hormone therapy regimens, and even showing clips of her getting surgery to transform her body, she developed into a very famous figure. One of her most contentious movies showed staples being removed from her skull during one of her operations.


Nikita has successfully transitioned into a woman after working on her body for years. Her knowledge of beauty products has helped her to such an extent that it is nearly impossible to mistake her for a woman. However, because of her gender and the majority of the decisions she’s made regarding people that not everyone agreed with, her public life has generated a great deal of criticism. She experienced a significant reaction in 2017 after appearing in the commercial and marketing campaign for Jeffree Star’s cosmetics business. The advertisement showcased a variety of LGBT clothing, and Nikita was seen with much darker skin than she often had. This led to a lot of backlash towards Star, who was accused of being racist.

Critics claimed that Star should have substituted an African-American model for the Asian one who had been painted black. Dragun argued for herself by claiming that she is half Mexican and that her complexion actually turns black when she tans. She stated her extreme dissatisfaction with the advertising and marketing campaign’s outcome, particularly given that their intention was to include all gender identities in the makeup collection. She has also come under fire for the guys she frequently portrays herself hanging out with in the images and videos she posts. Many of the guys she is with, according to some online users, are employed and aren’t really involved with her in any way.

Individual Life

Regarding her private life, it is known that Nikita once dated Oscar Utierre, the founder of the clothing line UTIERRE, whose creations were showcased during the 2015 Denver Fashion Weekend. In addition, she is known to have dated numerous men, as seen by her social media and YouTube posts, however it is unclear whether any of them were professional. She has recently been posting videos and images of a man who she claims to be her lover.

She is still active on social media, regularly updating Twitter and Instagram. She promotes a handful of her most recent flicks and writes a lot of sponsored posts. She gained a lot of attention when, in reaction to her, she and her trans friend were invited to a well-known rapper’s event only to be treated disrespectfully and asked to leave in late-2018. The artist then offered to have sexual relations with them in his lodge room after they left the gathering. In the video, which has been watched over 350,000 times, she conveyed her displeasure and frustration.

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