Nicola Walker Clothes From The Split: Where To Find Them? Her Wardrobe And Shopping Sites

People want to know what clothes or wardrobe Nicola Walker has. The Split’s third and last season has already been on TV. We know this about her clothes.

Nicole Walker is an English actress who has been working in the entertainment industry since 1990. She has had a lot of success with projects like MI-S, River, Unforgotten and Annika, as well as a lot of other good ones.

The actress who has been nominated for two BAFTA TV Awards in the past is now making news on the internet because her work in The Split is getting more attention. In the television shows, we can see her as Hannah.

Walker talked to The Big RT Interview about the show coming to an end, her thoughts on Nathan vs. Christie, and why Cassie had to die on Unforgotten, so you should know that. So, fans wanted to know what she had in her wardrobe. This is how it works:

From the Split, where can I find Nicola Walker’s clothes?

As we already know, Nicola Walker, who plays Hannah Stern, is one of the most well-dressed and clean-cut people on the show The Split. In the third episode, she wears a Mejuri Lo­tus Neck­lace, Theory Dou­ble-breasted linen-blend blazer, and The Fold Har­row Blouse Pale Blue Silk shirt as her main outfit.

We can also find her wearing these clothes quickly on the internet. Her faux fur coat costs £113 (USD 147.69), but it’s out of stock. She wore it in episode 3 of the last season.

Hannah is also always well-dressed, as in the same episode, she wears a Roland Mouret Arreton wool-crepe pencil skirt that costs £300 ($392.11).

Nicola Walker’s Wardrobe and Shopping Sites

Hannah Stern is one of the best-dressed people in the show, and her main wardrobe items are three things. As of right now, she is wearing the Mejuri Lo-tus Neck­lace, which we can find in Mejuri. It costs £88 right now.

There is a Theory Dou­ble-breasted linen-blend blazer that she is wearing, and it costs £151 at the Outnet. Right now, they are giving 71% off of that price. Finally, Hannad’s main piece is the Fold Har­row Blouse Pale Blue Silk shirt, which she wears all the time.

The piece can be bought at John Lewis, where it costs £215. In that case, click on the links in this text to buy all of these collections.

More About Nicola Walker’s Wardrobe

Focus News says that Nicola Walker has taken some of her character’s clothes from Good Housekeeping, which is a magazine that people read. In an interview, she also said that she had taken a handbag from her on-screen sister, Nina Defoe, played by Annabel Scholey, and given it to her.

Walker also said that Hannah has a good wardrobe, which makes her into Hannah.

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