Nicholas Evans: Is The Horse Whisperer Author Died? Meet Charlotte Gordon Cumming

Nicholas Evans: Is The Horse Whisperer Author Died? Meet Charlotte Gordon Cumming

Nicholas Evans was a well-known English novelist, screenwriter, producer of television and movies, and journalist.

Evans, a well-known author from England, is the author of The Horse Whisperer. With over 15 million copies sold, it is one of the most popular books ever.

He studied law at Oxford University before working for the Newcastle-upon-Tyne Evening Chronicle.

Following his experience in television, Evans transitioned to producing arts documentaries. After completing a movie about the director David Lean, Evans made the decision to try his hand at fiction.

He learned about horse whisperers while creating the television and movie scripts that served as the basis for his first book.

Nicholas Evans Passed Away From a Heart Attack

The renowned author Nicholas Evans passed away at the age of 72, it has been reported. Evans is most well-known for his 1995 debut book, The Horse Whisperer.

The novelist, screenwriter, and journalist passed away on August 9 as the result of a heart attack, according to a statement from his publicists at United Agents.

Evans, a Worcestershire native, completed his legal studies at Oxford before beginning his journalism career in the 1970s at the Newcastle-upon-Tyne Evening Chronicle.

The author covered the Beirut war while working as a broadcaster. He was extremely interested in world events, especially US politics.

Evans worked at London Weekend Television for the following ten years, producing documentaries for The South Bank Show about celebrities including Sir Laurence Olivier, Francis Bacon, and David Hockney.

Where is Charlotte Gordon Cumming?

An English author, screenwriter, television producer, and journalist with the name of Nicholas Evans. Charlotte Gordon Cumming, a musician, is the spouse of Evans.

“Soul Sound,” a big single for the Sugababes that was up for the MTV Best European Single Award in 2001, was written by her.

The song was performed by Indonesian singer Joy Tobing on her album Rise in 2005, and Cumming included a recording of it on her album Mindwalking.

Cumming was influenced by artists like Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, and Sinéad O’Connor, but she came up with her own contemporary fusion of African rhythms with Celtic melodies.

The couple has three kids—a son named Max Evans, Lauren, and Harry—and they had resided in Devon.

Along with Lauren Evans, their son Harry, and another daughter, Max Evans is the department head of geography at Preston Manor High School.

Jane Hewland, a TV producer known for Network 7 and GamesMaster, and Harry previously dated.

The location of Charlotte and their children are currently unknown following the passing of the illustrious novelist.

How Much Did the Author Make Before He Died?

Novelist Nicholas Evans has a $13 million fortune. His career as a newspaper reporter and television screenwriter followed his time spent volunteering in Africa with Voluntary Service Overseas.

The New York Times reports that in 1995, his book The Horse Whisperer was the tenth best-selling book in the country.

With 15 million copies sold, it is one of the best-selling books of all time. The author led a prosperous life and did not stop living till he passed away.

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