Natalie Lucas: The 18 Years Old Lifeguard, gives birth to a child after a lady gives birth in a swimming pool

Natalie Lucas: The 18 Years Old Lifeguard, gives birth to a child after a lady gives birth in a swimming pool
Natalie Lucas, a YMCA lifeguard who assisted in the delivery of a baby, said: “I stayed calm and I didn’t panic out, because that’s what you need to do in this position.”

When a woman gave birth within the pool, Natalie Lucas, an 18-year-old Colorado lifeguard, delivered the child. Lucas worked as a lifeguard at a YMCA facility in Longmont, Colorado, when this incident occurred on July 24.

Tessa Rider told the Washington Post that she had been overdue when she and her husband, Matthew Jones, went swimming. The 29-year-old mother asserted that being in the water was one of the only things that eased her pain as she awaited her arrival. “We anticipated the birth. We simply had no idea if it would be a week, two weeks, or even today “She spoke to the Post.

Before going for a swim, Rider acknowledged feeling some mild contractions, but she didn’t consider them to be a reliable sign that the baby was on the way. Just as she entered the pool, her water broke. By the pool, her husband Matthew Jones started looking through his phone to make a call for assistance. Then, Rider suddenly felt as though she had to “push.” Then she yelled at her husband, telling him to gather their possessions and get in the car with her.

The security who was on duty at the time, Natalie Lucas, hurried to Jones, who was addressing the emergency personnel. She acted immediately after telling Lucas that they were expecting a child. Lucas, a lifeguard for three years, said she felt her adrenaline racing despite having no formal clinical training. Lucas yelled for several other swimmers to dial 911 while using a walkie-talkie to alert staff members of the issue. She hurried to assist the pair after grabbing a first aid kit and some towels.

“Being calm and not freaking out is what you need to do in this job, so I did neither. You definitely can’t wait for someone else to arrive or hesitate. You are the rescuer; you are the lifeguard “The young hero remarked. Jones assisted in the baby’s birth as Lucas supported the mother’s head. Shortly later, Rider gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Tobin “Toby” Thomas Rider.

The YMCA of Northern Colorado stated on Facebook that Tessa’s husband, Matthew, and a Y lifeguard helped Tessa deliver her baby boy on the Y’s pool deck before emergency medical personnel got there.

The couple took care of the infant as they awaited the ambulance that would transport Rider to the hospital. When their brother was born, the couple’s older daughters, Lila, 6, and Abigail, 2, were in church with their grandparents. As soon as they learned the news, the two went to the hospital to see their family.

Lucas admits that she has saved a few kids throughout her career, but she is not a nurse. Lucas plans to study criminology at San Diego State College after she graduates from high school. Her employer praised Rider and Jones and said that Lucas’ actions were undoubtedly not “part of the job description.”

In a statement, the North Colorado YMCA stated: “We train our lifeguards to act quickly in an emergency, and Natalie did just that. She overcame her adrenaline and reacted with compassion, kindness, and grit when she understood Tessa was about to give birth.” “The health of Tessa and Toby was and remains essential, and we are happy that they are healthy and doing well,” the spokesman continued.

According to the Y, the new baby in the family has been given a lifelong membership to the gym. Additionally, Lucas will send birthday cards to little Toby. “I’m so relieved that the infant is doing well and that their lovely family has grown by one. I was overjoyed to assist them, “Lucas pronounced.

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