Fans of Nam Joo-Hyuk respond to recent claims of bullying leveled against the actor

Fans of Nam Joo-Hyuk respond to recent claims of bullying leveled against the actor

The second allegation of bullying leveled against actor Nam Joo-Hyuk has caused a stir among online community members. All of the charges that have been made against the actor have been refuted by his management company, Management SOOP. Given that the actor has not commented on the topic, however, it remains unclear what exactly is going on.

Fans have been reassured by Management SOOP’s forceful statement in favor of the actor and the rapid action taken by the legal system; nonetheless, questions remain over Nam Joo-innocence. Hyuk’s Following the previous charges, the tide was completely turning in favor of the actor; but, following the fresh allegations, the internet seemed to be split down the middle over the subject.

This is completely untrue in my eyes. Why would this person wait so many years, especially with Nam Joohyuk “pretending” to be a bully victim, after Nam Joohyuk has already stated many times that HE was bullied by others? Not after Nam Joohyuk has mentioned many times that HE was bullied by others.

“When we were in high school together, we were friends, but Nam Joo Hyuk is more of a real buddy. He’s not the kind of person who would bully someone. Everyone responded with a confused “eh?” when he stated that he wanted to be a model. Even though he’s not very good in schoolwork, he’s a good guy and he loves basketball. What exactly do you mean when you say “school violence”? “

Idols being accused of being bullies in high schools appears to be a growing issue in Korea. Since 2015, Nam Joo-Hyuk has enjoyed widespread popularity; so why now?

Many began to defend Nam Joohyuk as soon as the allegations against him were made public, claiming that everything was fake because he didn’t look like a bully. y’all simply pick and choose who to hate on, people said in response to these claims.

A new victim has come forward to speak out against the alleged bullying of Nam Joohyuk. Additionally, the mother of the first victim comes out against the firm that is attempting to sue her son.

@foreverJaykee @Koreaboo Would you want the person who bullied you to have a happy life and followers? It is not easy to forgive someone who has made your life a living hell. I am not referring to nam joohyuk when I say this, but the general rule holds true. Evidently, the best time to expose your bully is when they are at the height of their power, and not when literally no one is familiar with them.

It’s crazy how different people’s responses were when the accusation of bullying was leveled against Nam JooHyuk compared to when it was leveled against Garam.

The allegations made against Nam Joo-Hyuk are being investigated by netizens

Fans assert that the initial charge that was brought against Nam Joo-Hyuk was riddled with inconsistencies, which led them to believe that the actor was innocent. It was first made to a tabloid outlet rather than a reputed new source at the beginning. According to some supporters, this casts doubt on the truth of the claims, given that tabloid journalism is notorious for spreading false tales for the sake of sensationalism.

The next thing that was brought up was the fact that the initial accuser stated that Nam Joo-Hyuk had bullied them for a period of six years. The accuser, on the other hand, failed to take into account the fact that the actor in question attended the same middle school as he did for only three years. In the file of the complainant, this difference was identified as a significant problem area.

The third anomaly was that the anonymous accuser afterwards amended his statement to indicate that his friend, and not he himself, was the one who had been victimized by the defendant. The fans interpreted this as the conclusive sign of a falsehood.

All of these contradictions led some on the internet to believe that Nam Joo-Hyuk was innocent.

On the other hand, a second claim that surfaced on June 28 jolted the admirers of Nam Joo-Hyuk once more. Because the claims were more specific, it was difficult to locate any gaps or inconsistencies in the same.

Members of the internet community discussed recent allegations among themselves. A member of the online community made a remark on the timing of the complaint and said:

I am aware that many people have pointed out that the timing of the accusations was completely arbitrary; nevertheless, isn’t that something that is up to the victim’s discretion? The allegations of bullying made against Park Kyung surfaced after he had reached his prime. However, in light of the fact that Nam Joo-popularity Hyuk’s is at an all-time high as a direct result of Twenty-Five Twenty-One, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Another supporter dismissed the charges and stated that it does not matter how many accusations are made if there is no evidence to prove that the individual in question is guilty.

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