Nam Joo-hyuk: An Old Comment He Made About His Co-Star In The Film “Start Up” Has Been Brought Back Up

Nam Joo-hyuk: An Old Comment He Made About His Co-Star In The Film “Start Up” Has Been Brought Back Up

It appears that Nam Joo-hyuk may have gotten himself into some new trouble, and this time it was because of the backhanded comments that he made toward his co-star Suzy in Start Up!

On December 6, 2020, a video showing the making of the film behind-the-scenes was uploaded for the tvN drama Start Up. The video displayed Suzy and Nam Joo-hyuk filming a scene in which they were supposed to kiss. It was observed that the two actors were getting ready to film the kiss scene while they were on the rooftop of a building.

Suzy’s response, which was somewhat taken aback by the abrupt inquiry, was that she had noodles for lunch. She continues on and asks, “Did I smell like noodles? What is the reason for your question?

In a humorous clarification, Nam Joo-hyuk stated that she did not smell like Samhap (Korean three combination dish). During this time, Suzy can be seen giving him a playful smack while questioning, “Why would you ask what I ate soon after a kiss scene?” in the background.

In the most recent behind-the-scenes video, some Internet users claim that Nam Joo-hyuk hinted that Suzy may not have good personal hygiene.

They are scrutinizing his actions towards co-star and agency-mate Suzy, and the video is swiftly becoming one of the most talked videos among Korean internet users. It has been brought to the attention of a number of internet users that the actor displayed impolite behavior when he inquired as to whether Suzy had eaten Samhap immediately following the kiss scene because his question meant that she smelled.

By joking that she smells like Samhap, the actor may have been making a subtle dig at Suzy’s own province of Jeolla, according to the assertions of a significant number of online commenters. Several of the actor’s supporters believe that he went too far with Suzy, who is not only one of the most popular stars but also Nam Joo-senior hyuk’s in terms of the amount of acting experience she possesses.

Many users on the internet made the observation that he had gone too far when he publicly and impolitely embarrassed Suzy in front of the staff and the camera by insinuating that her breath smelled bad.

Some people, on the other hand, believe that fans are interpreting his remarks too literally. They say that he was joking when he made the comments because he and Suzy are not only friends at the agency but also the same age.

It would appear that these charges of school violence are not going to disappear from the Start Up star any time in the near future. A second individual has leveled further charges of school violence against the actor, which SOOP’s management team has categorically refuted.

A second complainant who went to high school with the actor was included in an interview that was released on June 28 by a different news organization. The complainant stated that the actor and members of his clique were responsible for the violent acts that were committed against her when she was attending school.

The complainant stated that he made the decision to come forward after hearing that the star of Start Up had rejected the allegations of school violence and that his management had sued the earlier accuser.

The accuser claims that the actor forced them to conduct errands, seized their smartphone in order to purchase paid games and in-game goodies, and did not repay them for the money they were owed.

In addition to this, the accuser stated that Nam Joo-hyuk and his group of other bullies would push them to engage in a physical confrontation with a person of their choosing. In addition, the accuser disclosed that they choose to maintain their silence because they did not wish to engage in a physical confrontation with the actor and his entourage of bullies.

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