Nakorn Laksanakarn (Bling Empire): Net Worth (2023), Earrly Life, Plot, Review and More

It is estimated that Nakorn Laksanakarn has a net worth of one hundred million dollars. Up until 2016, Nakorn served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Natural Park PCL

The name Nakorn became more well-known after his daughter Nam made an appearance on the television show Bling Empire: New York. Fans have gained insight into Nam’s luxurious lifestyle from both the show and her Instagram account.

The television personality grew up in a rich home as a result of the financial success of her father. Fans have recognised her father’s presence through his daughter’s social media profile, despite the fact that he does not appear on the show himself.

In 2016, he handed in his resignation from his prior role as CEO of a real estate company in Thailand, and since then, there has been very little information made public on his current occupation. As a result, people are interested in learning more about the money he amassed as a working man.

Nakorn Laksanakarn
Nakorn Laksanakarn

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Nakorn Laksanakarn (Bling Empire): Net Worth (2023)

According to Cinemaholic, it is estimated that Nakorn Laksanakarn has a net worth of one hundred million dollars. In Bangkok, he served as the chief executive officer of Natural Park PCL.

According to Bangkok Post, during his tenure in senior management, he was responsible for initiating and bringing to fruition initiatives with a total value of several million dollars. It was anticipated that the company would ring in sales totaling 2 billion baht in 2013.

However, in 2015, the BTS group acquired the business, and the company was subsequently rebranded as U City Public Company. On May 4, 2016, he tendered his resignation from the position.

In spite of the fact that nobody is sure what he works these days, it appears from his Facebook handles that he leads a rather lavish lifestyle.

In addition to this, it would appear that he has a deep interest in automobiles, as the majority of the photographs on his social media accounts are of the vehicles that he has.

The fact that he was wealthy became known to others thanks to his daughter. His daughter is sometimes referred to as the “Blair Waldorf of Thailand,” and she has never attempted to downplay the fact that she comes from a wealthy family.

According to Lifestyle Asia, the estimated value of her personal wealth is $2 million, however the wealth of her family totals approximately $100 million. Even though she is the daughter of a wealthy man, her father continues to place a high value on toiling hard.

Nakorn Laksanakarn (Bling Empire): Early Life

Despite this, he took great pains to ensure that his children obtained the best possible education. After finishing high school in Bangkok, his daughter Nam made the trek across the ocean to continue her education at the University of Manchester in England.

After that, she attended Columbia University in order to receive her master’s degree. After that, she participated in a health and wellness programme that was offered at the New York School.

Sometimes he can be very stern with his kids, but that’s just because he wants them to be able to stand on their own two feet. His three children, Nam, Nino, and Nick, are aware of this fact, and their love for dad is immeasurable.

Even though he did not want a big party to celebrate his 60th birthday in the year 2020, his loved ones surprised him with one nevertheless. He believed that the event would be disruptive to other people.

The fact that Nam continues to spend money on the Bling Empire frustrates Nakorn.

Nakorn Laksanakarn
Nakorn Laksanakarn

Nakorn Laksanakarn (Bling Empire): Children

Little Nam is her father’s little girl. She has a lot of fond feelings for her dad, and you can find plenty of images of them together on her Instagram. She sent him a birthday wish in 2017 along with a sweet photo of the family all gathered together.

Even though he may indulge his daughter at times, he is aware of the times when she requires discipline. He has not made a physical appearance on Bling Empire; nevertheless, his daughter received his message after she realised that she had wasted too much money shopping for clothes she did not require.

In the second episode, he told Nam that his son would deliver the message to her that she would be on her own after she graduated from high school. While out shopping with Vika, she had already spent $10,000.

Shortly after they exited the store, she received a call from her family, during which her brother expressed his astonishment at the manner in which she spent her money.

He warned her that their mother would disown her if she did not find work in New York immediately following her graduation from high school there.

After hearing this, it sent her into a panic, and she revealed that she had only been employed at Burger King for a total of eight months.

She also said in the first episode that she would be forced to move back in with her parents after graduating from college if she was unable to find work. It appears that her father’s anger was brought on by her expensive way of life.

Since Nakorn spent the majority of his adult life working to provide for his family and earn a fortune for them, he has made it a point to instil those same work ethic ideals in his children, despite the fact that he is quite affluent.

However, a lot of people who watch the show believe that this is how a traditional Asian parent would act, and that he was only trying to teach her to be independent by doing this.

It is clear from her prior posts on Instagram that her father cherishes his little girl, despite the fact that he may have become exasperated with her for a time.

In 2016, she sent him a sweet Father’s Day message along with a picture of them both looking adorable. Although she does occasionally share his photographs, her father does not have a very active presence on social media.

Nakorn Laksanakarn
Nakorn Laksanakarn

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Bling Empire: Plot

  • As a result of the popularity of the first season, Bling Empire is going to continue to follow the glitzy lives of wealthy socialites living in the Los Angeles area in the upcoming second season.
  • Bling Empire was initially made available on Netflix in January 2021, and now, we are in for more grandeur, luxury, and never-ending drama as the uber-rich group prepares to showcase their epic sports cars and finest jewels. Bling Empire was initially made available on Netflix in January 2021.
  • And it goes without saying that they never fail to make room in their calendars for a raucous celebration.
  • Here is everything that we know about the upcoming second season of Bling Empire.
  • The majority of the actors from the first season will be back for the second season, including Christine Chiu, Kevin Kreider, Kelly Mi Li, Kane Lim, Kim Lee, Gabriel Chiu, Anna Shay, Jaime Xie, and Guy Tang. Season 2 will air in 2019.
  • Chèrie Chan and Jessey Lee, better known as the power couple Chèrie Chan and Jessey Lee, have declared that they would not be coming back for the following season of the show because they want to concentrate on their family and other enterprises instead.
  • The good news is that reality star Dorothy Wang and social media influencer and philanthropist Mimi Morris will soon be joining the show as new cast members. Their elegant lives will be introduced to viewers on the show.
  • Kelly Mi Li, Jamie Xie, Anna Shay, Guy Tang, Kim Lee, Kane Lim, Kevin Kreider in Bling Empire.
Nakorn Laksanakarn
Nakorn Laksanakarn

Bling Empire: Review

The documentary Bling Empire follows the extravagant lifestyles of a group of wealthy friends who make their home in the Los Angeles area.

While they parade the glitz and glamour of their wealthy lifestyles by going to the most popular events and wearing the most costly outfits, there is never-ending drama going on behind the scenes of it all.

During the first season, we witnessed both the beginning and the end of relationships. For example, during the first season, Chèrie Chan and Jessey Lee got engaged, while Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray broke up.

As a result, we may anticipate even more intense drama in season 2, during which we will catch up on where the cast members of Bling Empire currently are.

The following is an official summary provided by Netflix: “Everyone’s favourite uber-rich Asians from Los Angeles are back with even more luxury, splendour, and madness.

This season, there is a blossoming romance between Kevin and Kim, Cherie and Jessey’s relationship is called into question, and Kane and Kevin’s best friend friendship is put to the test.

Additionally, Christine and Anna, the two queens of Beverly Hills who compete with one another, put a new spin on the art of social warfare.

But despite it all, the one thing that these close friends treasure the most in the world is the love that they share with one another… and, of course, their flawless style.

Bling Empire: Trailer

Yes! You can check out the trailer down below, which immediately throws us into the never-ending drama that the argumentative gang is involved in.

Bling Empire: Cast

When we last checked in with the cast, Christine was attempting to come to terms with an allegation made by an anonymous source that Anna intended to “end” her.

As striving to transform their friendship into something more, Kevin and Kim find themselves at odds with one another.

Meanwhile, the friendship between Kane and Kevin suffers a setback after Kane tells Kim about Kevin’s alleged tryst with another lady.

And, of course, Kelly’s ex-boyfriend Andrew makes a comeback, which has the potential to throw a wrench into the process of healing that she had been going through during the season.

The crew deals with the impact of the revelations made in the previous season over the course of ten new episodes that each last for forty minutes.

Along the way, we witness more of Christine’s journey with fertility, and the show digs deeper into Kevin’s battle with sobriety as well as his study into the past of his birth family. Along the way, we also see more of Christine’s experience with fertility.

Bling Empire: Release Date

Although Los Angeles will continue to serve as the show’s primary setting, episodes of Bling Empire often take place in a variety of other exotic locations.

During the course of this season, we will also accompany the cast on their trips to Cabo San Lucas, New York City, San Francisco, and Paris (for Paris Fashion Week, naturally).

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