Mychelle Johnson, Wife Of Miles Bridges: Know Her & Their Children

 Mychelle Johnson, Wife Of Miles Bridges: Know Her & Their Children 

Miles Bridges is a professional NBA player who was selected by the Los Angeles Clippers with the 12th overall pick in the 2018 NBA draft. However, on draft night, Bridges was traded to the Charlotte Hornets by the Clippers.

Before attending Huntington Prep School for his sophomore, junior, and senior years of high school, Miles was a football player for Flint Southwestern Academy, which is located in Flint, Michigan.

 Details Regarding His Children, Son Ace Miles and Daughter Ayla Marie

Mychelle Johnson, who is Miles Bridges’ wife, is the mother of their two children. The Bridges family is comprised of a son and a daughter, both born to Miles and Ayle Marie.

Miles’s kid, Ace, was born on October 26, 2018, and he will turn four years old in the year 2022. He was born in the month of Libra, which is one of the zodiac signs.

On the other hand, his daughter Ayla was born on February 25, 2020, and she is presently two years old. She was born on the same day as her father. His stunning wife, Mychelle, broke the news that they had become parents to a little girl.

Pisces is the zodiac sign that Ayla was born under, if one were to believe in astrology. The age gap between the children is only two years, and both of them are adorable and do well in their parent’s eyes.

The professional basketball star likes to share images of his children on the internet, where their fans can enjoy watching them navigate life’s challenges and opportunities in bite-sized chunks.

Who is Mychelle Johnson, Miles Bridges’s wife?

On September 3, 1997, in the city of Huntington, West Virginia, Scott and Holli Johnson welcomed their daughter Mychelle Johnson into the world.

There are rumors that Johnson has three further brothers and sisters. She loves playing basketball with her husband, Miles Bridges, and it is likely that her father, Scott, who is the head coach of the West Virginia Thunder AAU club, was the one who initially introduced her to the sport.

Mychelle attended St. Joseph Catholic High School, where she was the captain of the varsity basketball team, where they won three state championships, and where she was recognized as the defensive player of the year on two separate occasions.

She became a student at Middle Tennessee State University, where she also participated in the women’s basketball program. Mychelle attended Middle Tennessee State University for close to a year before making the decision to transfer to Marshall University.

Mychelle is far past the days when she competed in athletics at the collegiate level. Although she has tried her hand at modeling here and there, her primary emphasis is currently on her family. In the year 2018, she appeared in a commercial for activewear manufactured by Good American.

Mychelle allegedly suffered a fractured nose and wrist, as well as a serious concussion and other injuries, at the hands of her husband Miles, and she recently made public a number of horrifying images depicting the wounds she claims to have received as a result of her allegations against him.

It appears that Mychelle has bumps and marks on a number of different parts of her body, including her face, legs, arms, neck, wrists, hands, and back, as shown in the photographs.

What kind of actions did Miles Bridges take?

On Wednesday, Miles Bridges was taken into custody and charged with felony domestic violence after his wife, Mychelle Johnson, accused him of getting into an altercation with her that later turned physical and violent.

Mychelle is now coming out about the alleged meeting, and her account of what took place is unnerving. At the time, the lady’s name was not made public, but she has since come forward to discuss it. Johnson claims that Bridges used strangulation to put her to sleep and in the process injured the muscles in her neck.

Mychelle also appeared to divulge information from the papers she had received from the emergency room, which described her condition as “Adult victim of physical abuse by a male partner.”

Mychelle suffered “assault by strangulation, head concussion, closed fracture of the nasal bone, contusion of rib, different bruises, and neck muscle tension,” as stated on the form.

She also distributed a video along with the alleged injury images, in which their son narrates the alleged assault that was committed on their mother.

Miles, who has not provided a response to the allegations, was taken into custody on Wednesday afternoon, released, and disappeared until Thursday, when he turned up for basketball practice. The NBA player had just finished the best season of his whole career and was widely anticipated to be one of the most highly sought after free agents.

In an official statement, the Charlotte Hornets acknowledged that they are aware of the situation and are in the process of gathering information.

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