Melanie Lynskey: Did She Gain Weight For “Candy”? Before & After Photos

Melanie Lynskey gained weight due to an eating disorder and a thyroid ailment. Both of these issues appear to have been resolved, as she looked stunning in a red gown at the EI Capital Theater on Monday.

Melanie Lynskey and her husband, Jason Ritter, attended the premiere of Melanie Lynskey’s Hulu series Candy at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on Monday.

In a cleavage-enhancing red dress with ruffled sleeves, a gold clutch, and silver peep-toe shoes, the 45-year-old New Zealander looked magnificent.

Did Melanie Lynskey Gain Weight For “Candy”?

Melanie Lynskey’s character, Betty, was a pregnant overweight woman in the film, thus she may have gained weight for Candy. She also informed People about her eating issue and Thyroid, both of which contributed to her weight gain in 2016.

“I had been sick for quite some time. “I’m not going to live,” I thought to myself as I struggled with my eating. “I wasn’t dying or anything, but I was miserable and my hair was falling out,” Lynskey explained.

She gradually accepted herself for who she was. “I was just thinking, ‘I just need to look the way I’m supposed to look,’ and have faith that people will want to cast someone who looks like this in a film or on a show,” she continues.

“As a woman with a different form than a lot of the ladies on television,” she continues, “that’s the thing that keeps me going sometimes.” “Putting yourself out there and saying, ‘You know what, this is how I appear,’ is challenging.”

“I’ve gained 20 pounds due to thyroid issues.”

Though Candy’s director accepts her for who she is and casts her in the role. On the set of Yellowjackets, a staff member suggested she lose weight.

Her husband, Jason Ritter, recently defended her against internet trolls who mocked her weight, saying they may “swan dive right into the sun.”

Lynskey remarked that she did not want to diet for the show because she wanted her character Shauna to appear real, not a Hollywood version.

“I believed it was critical that this persona be at ease and sexual without having to ponder or talk about it. “Wow, she looks like me, and no one is thinking she’s the overweight one,” I want women to think when they watch it.

She added, “That is a huge representation.” She also filmed the YellowJackets without compromising her diet, and the audience adored her.

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Jason Ritter is Melanie Lynskey’s husband. A Producer And An Actor
Melanie Lynskey is married to Jason Ritter, a two-time Emmy nominated actor. As of 2022, the actor’s net worth is expected to be $6 million.

Melanie Lynskey, on the other hand, is a multi-millionaire actress from New Zealand.

Jason is a famous American actor and producer. Some of his most well-known roles are Kevin Girardi in Joan of Arcadia, Ethan Haas in The Class, Sean Walker in the NBC series The Event, Dipper Pines in Gravity Falls, and Pat Rollins in Raising Dion.

He also starred in the NBC television series Parenthood, for which he received an Emmy nomination. In 2017, Ritter starred in the ABC comedy sitcom Kevin (Probably) Saves the World.

He played Ryder in the sequel to Frozen.

Lynskey is also known for playing odd, soft-spoken, yet driven characters in independent films.

She has received numerous awards and nominations, including a Critics’ Choice Award, a Gracie Award, a New Zealand Film Award, a Hollywood Film Award, and a Sundance Special Jury Award.

With films like Hello I Must Be Going (2012) and Happy Christmas, she has established herself as a major presence in the American independent film world.

We’ll Never Have Paris, Goodbye to All That (all 2014), The Intervention, Rainbow Time, Little Boxes (both 2016), I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore, And Then I Go (both 2017), Sadie (2018), and Lady of the Manor (all 2018) are some of the other films (2021).

Both performers have amassed considerable wealth through their performing careers.

Melanie Lynskey’s Hometown

Melanie Lynskey hails from the New Zealand city of New Plymouth. On May 16, 1977, she was born to Kay Lynskey, a former nurse, and Tim Lynskey, an orthopedic surgeon.

She is the oldest of five children, with three brothers and one sister. Her surname has Irish roots. Lynskey’s family lived in England for a year before returning to New Zealand when she was a child.

She was a member of the theatrical department and participated in school productions while attending New Plymouth Girls’ High School, according to Wikipedia.

After high school, Lynskey enrolled at Victoria University of Wellington. Lynskey made her professional acting debut at the age of 16 in Peter Jackson’s psychological thriller Heavenly Creatures, which is based on the Parker–Hulme murder case.

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