One person was killed and dozens were hurt in an accident at the Medusa Festival

One person was killed and dozens were hurt in an accident at the Medusa Festival

On Saturday, August 13, a stage collapse at the Medusa Festival in Spain resulted in one fatality and numerous injuries. The main entrance and a portion of the stage collapsed at 4:18 in the morning, according to festival organizers, due to a significant wind blow. The festival’s planners decided to call off the event as a result of the incident.

DJ Miguel Serna was performing while the stage collapsed, and there were 50,000 spectators there. According to accounts, 40 people were transported to the hospital, and three of them had serious injuries.

The Warning, RICHYHRZ

The Warning, RICHYHRZ


You shouldn’t be upset when @insomniacevents closes the MainStage or ends the event at EDC Las Vegas because of this.

More than 40 people were hurt, and one person died, at the Medusa festival in Spain.



Serna commented on the tragedy on his Instagram story following the incident. He stated:

“Those few minutes were tense; I’ve never gone through anything like that. The disaster occurred just at the conclusion of my presentation on the main stage, and those closest to it were the most severely hurt (area). There were a couple horrifying moments, and I’m still in disbelief.

CNN cited a festival representative as saying:

The main entrance and main stage of the Cullera Medusa Festival were destroyed by a powerful wind gust.

The representative claimed that it took close to 40 minutes to empty the grounds because there were 50,000 people there. Fans’ videos showed the severe weather that caused the partial stage to collapse as well as the security personnel’s efforts to remove the area.

Stage collapse at the Medusa festival results in one fatality and numerous injuries.



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Early on Saturday, severe winds caused portions of a stage to collapse, leaving one man dead and at least 40 others hurt.

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Videos posted by fans show pieces of the stage flying off owing to strong wind gusts. Chaos is witnessed as the pieces fall into the audience. Those leaving the platform are seen shouting the names of their loved ones as they do so.

But the event’s planners did not anticipate the accident. They discussed the catastrophe and said it was inevitable in a recent post:

“This is a very distressing time. painful and challenging. A very sad and depressing time for family and friends. A moment nobody ought to ever witness. Additionally, it is the most difficult time any of us who make up Medusa Festival have ever imagined going through. We still feel terrible. Internally damaged so much so that hardly any words can be spoken.

The organizers added that they continue to think of the victims and those who were impacted:

“Our audience matters. They have put their faith in us and served as the main support for us to remain here today. Our top goal has always been the attendees’ safety during our event. Moreover, workers and creatives. We think that everyone who is familiar with us understands that safety is the most important concern at all of our events.

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Meyo Rameez Akbar Khan

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The Cullera Medusa Festival has been canceled owing to the effects of the wind, which also resulted in one fatality and 32 hospitalizations.

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The speakers concluded by making the following announcement:

The Medusa Festival organization has decided to definitively cancel our festival because of this and because that continues to be our guiding principle. We are ethically and legally required to end our 2022 edition due to the unfavorable and unexpected weather circumstances that are predicted to last the entire day.

Ximo Puig, the regional president of Valencia, sent the victim’s family his sympathies. He stated:

“A horrifying incident that shocks us all. My sincere condolences go out to the family and friends of the young man who passed away during the Medusa Festival in Cullera early this morning.

Medusa defined itself as a dance music festival on the beach when it made the announcement for the occasion. DJs from the mainstream and underground as well as well-known performers from the EDM, house, techno, and trance music scenes are all present at the festival. Spectacular staging built on the golden dunes, designed around the theme for each edition, was described as one of the festival’s major investments on the ticket page.

Afrojack, Carl Cox, David Guetta, Steve Aoki, and others performed at the Medusa event. Since 2014, the festival has been hosted on Valencia, Spain’s Cullera beach. The festival is organized around a number of themes, some of which include “Invaders” and “The mystery of Wonderland,” among others.

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