Maya-Camille Broussard (Bake Squad): Deaf Community Leader, Review, Plot, Release Date, Caramel Peach Pie

Community legend Maya-Camille Broussard is hard of hearing and deaf. Maya is a participant in Netflix’s Baking Squad competition

Chicago-based baker Justice of The Pies employs culinary artist Maya-Camille. She was raised in a household of bakers and she and her aunt used to make muffins or pound cakes.

She has gone a long way, from having her shop recognised by the Illinois Office of Tourism to creating unique dessert recipes for the first-ever virtual James Beard Foundation Awards.

She has shown that hearing-impaired persons are capable of leading fulfilling lives on their own. Her goal is to spread the same message to those individuals through her participation in Bake Squad.


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Maya-Camille Broussard (Bake Squad): Deaf Community Leader

Since she was a little child, Maya-Camille Broussard has been deaf. Since she was four years old, Maya has had to wear hearing aids.

It took her until she was four years old before she began speaking. Her mother was advised to give up by a speech therapist since she was probably dumb and deaf.

She spent the most of her elementary school years attending speech therapy. She had to endure cruel remarks from her peers, who called her Bell Tone, Miracle Ear, and Helen Keller.

People would hand her a letter that said, “I’m writing this down because I’m sure you can’t hear me. That’s it. That was just a joke.”

Even though her social studies instructor had advised her to wear her hair down to conceal her hearing aids, she preferred ponytails and refused to modify them to appease her bullies.

Some people did not realise that she needed to see their faces in order to know they were speaking to her when she was at the Daley Plaza Farmers Market or any other fair because she was unable to hear them.

People would insult her while she was working with her head bowed, and her assistant at the time would yell at them, claiming she couldn’t hear them.

Maya-Camille Broussard (Bake Squad): In Various Organizations

In order to assist many areas, Broussard and her business partner partner with numerous organisations. She belongs to both the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community and the PWD (Person with Disability) population.

She joins forces with Cabrini Green Legal Aid for its annual pie drive to collect money for the group, which provides low-income families with free legal assistance. She began sponsoring “I Knead Love” for students in fifth through eighth grade from low-income neighbourhoods in 2017.

She gave the students lessons in fundamental cooking techniques, dietary guidance, financial management, and culinary innovation. She also discussed how simple it is to volunteer at an urban garden.

She collaborated with Frontline Foods Chicago during the pandemic to feed those in need and frontline employees. She consequently wants to assist as many individuals as she can.


Bake Squad: Review

In the first episode, Cynthia is the decision-maker since she’s hosting a birthday celebration for two of her six boys (so she’s a saint of a mother) and she wants a unique cake that takes into account each of their passions.

Seven hours are given to the bakers to design and produce their masterpieces.

Tosi refers to Christophe as a “pastry illusionist,” and he chooses to capitalise on the boys’ love of ice cream by creating a massive ice cream cone-shaped cake out of several cake layers, handcrafted waffle cones, blackberry compote, and other ingredients.

Tosi takes a visibly orange traffic cone from the backstage area and helps him come up with a solution to help shape the cone. Additionally, he makes individual cone cakes and tops the large cake with a cherry made of blown sugar.

The “taste fanatic” Maya-Camille builds a house to appeal to the eldest son’s love of construction. She also creates a basketball court, a lawn, and other entertaining things out of marshmallows. She is urged to build a second level by Tosi.

The boys’ love of pizza, mac and cheese, and spaghetti and meatballs inspire Ashley, dubbed “the queen of cakes,” to create a three-tier cake that combines all three.

Gonzo, “a champion of chocolate,” capitalises on their passion of dragons by creating a huge chocolate egg with protruding eyes and claws. Smaller eggs with treats are placed inside each egg for each of the lads.

What TV series will it make you think of? Similar to Chopped or Cupcake Wars, except with the same four bakers competing every episode and only for pride.

Our Opinion: In a sense, Bake Squad is a competition show, but it differs from the other baking or cooking competition shows you have previously watched.

Every episode features the same squad; the only variation is in the challenges. Additionally, it appears like the four members of Tosi’s team get along quite well; they even consult with one another and lend a hand to one another when necessary.

Gonzo, for example, required assistance from Ashley and Maya-Camille to place his enormous egg onto the exhibition platform and hold it while he secured it in the first episode.

Ashley later requests everyone’s timers so she can schedule the baking and cooling of the nine (!) different cakes she was making for her three-tiered masterpiece.

Even if the competition is amicable in previous shows like this one, it’s not typically this friendly. Except these people can be thus gracious with one another when there is nothing but pride at issue – no one is removed, and nobody wins nor loses any money.

Although refreshing, it doesn’t exactly make for the most exciting television.

Given the time limits, the presentation focuses more on the bakers’ skill than anything else, and it is quite impressive. Which brings us to our next two grievances.


Bake Squad: Plot

  • One of them is the fact that Maya-Camille and Gonzo spent a lot of time working on projects that had little to do with baking; Gonzo, in fact, never even went near an oven.
  • After all, the programme is named Bake Squad, and it would seem that if half the team doesn’t bake anything, the programme should have a different name.
  • The second issue is from the host’s constant exclamations of “one hour remaining!” in any of these studio-based, timed competitions.
  • “, and we quickly cut to the chefs scrambling to complete. We didn’t think that the cooks demonstrated in this case fit at all with the amount of time they still had.
  • It seemed like most of the chefs were still far from completing what appeared to be very laborious jobs at the ostensible hour mark.
  • But everything was finished by the time they had to withdraw. However, in this case, it just seemed a little odd and irresponsible. We never believe that most of the cooks are under quite as much time pressure as the edits make them appear to be.
  • Gonzo is this week’s sleeper star because, in addition to being an expert with chocolate, he also uncannily resembles Joel McHale.
  • Most Pilot-like Line: People, don’t refer to something as a “cake” if it contains no cake. Oh, and we have to tell Christophe the truth: We have never heard a child demand blackberry compote in their birthday cake. It could have been better to use a flavour like cherry or strawberry.
  • While the friendly competition on Bake Squad doesn’t make for very compelling television, the results the four bakers produce are impressive enough to make this show something you can check out in between episodes of more sombre material.
  • Here are the most recent Bake Squad Season 2 news items that you should be aware of as Netflix prepares to release it in January 2023.
  • For foodies, there is good news. Netflix will soon introduce Bake Squad to keep us entertained.
  • The show is chock-full of delectable-looking pastries that entice us to train as pastry chefs like these accomplished contenders so that we, too, might have the opportunity to have Christina Tosi commend our cakes.
  • One season of the bakery series is no longer enough to satisfy brand-new viewers, and we all agree that Bake Squad Season 2 or Season 3 should be confirmed shortly. But will our aspirations be realised, or is this just another programme that the streaming service plans to axe?
  • Currently, there is just one season of Bake Squad on Netflix. Eight episodes totaling less than 40 minutes each make up the first season.

Bake Squad: Caramel Peach Pie

Bake Squad shared a delicious recipe of caramel peach pie.

Bake Squad: Season 2

On December 13, Bake Squad Season 2 of the Netflix baking competition series received official confirmation. Bake Squad season 2 has been a long time coming for fans who have been anxiously awaiting news regarding the show’s future for more than a year.

Even though the radio had been quiet, we weren’t likely to be too concerned because we knew that cookery programmes like this frequently do well on television.

Numerous episodes of other cooking and baking programmes on Netflix have also been made available, such as Nailed It!

Similar to how the first season did, the upcoming new season will provide viewers eight extra episodes. According to Deadline, each episode would last around 35 minutes.

The candidates for the episodes will be Ashley Holt, Christophe Rull, Maya-Camille Broussard, and Gonzo Jimenez. Christina Tosi will present the episodes.


Bake Squad: Release Date

Netflix revealed the Bake Squad Season 2 premiere date along with the news of its renewal. The programme will air on Friday, January 20, 2023.

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