Maxx Crosby: Who Is He? Know About Her Bio, Wiki, Net Worth And Family Details

Maxx Crosby: Who Is He? Know About Her Bio, Wiki, Net Worth And Family Details

Rachel Washburn, who was a cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles, just announced that she is engaged to Maxx Crosby, an American football player.

The woman who used to cheer also had a history of serving as an officer in the Army of the United States of America. She is currently the owner and operator of her own company. According to the information on her Instagram account, she is the manager of a retail business that is devoted to Maxx Crossby.


Rachel Washburn
Rachel Washburn


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Who Is Rachel Washburn?

Maxx Crosby, who plays defensive end for the Las Vegas Raiders, and Rachel Washburn, who plays in the offensive line, has recently made the announcement that they are engaged.

The Oakland Raiders made the selection of Maxx Crosby in the fourth round of the 2019 National Football League Draft. In his first game, the Denver Broncos were defeated by the Seattle Seahawks by a score of 24-16, and he had an immediate impact by registering six tackles.

Crosby had a phenomenal year in 2021, setting new career highs in passes defended  and quarterback hits . In addition to that, he set a new personal best in solo tackles, assisted tackles, and combined tackles, and the Associated Press put him onto the second team of All-Pro.

Rachel Washburn and Maxx Crossby are Expecting Their First Child Together.

Maxx Crosby popped the question to his love Rachel Washburn in the month of February 2022, and the two of them ultimately decided to get married.

During their time together in Sundance, Utah, he made the proposal and asked her to be his life partner. On his various social media accounts, he shared photographs that paid tribute to the occasion and labeled them with the slogan “Forever Forever.”

Crosby and his fiancee have announced that they are expecting their first child together, a daughter. Josh McDaniels, the head coach of the Raiders, joked that he had given Crosby advanced instructions on how to speed up the process of giving birth. Crosby is expecting her first child.

The pair has also came to a decision regarding the christening name that they will give to their daughter when she is finally brought into the world. They have chosen the name Ella for her.

Rachel shared the final snapshot from her pregnancy on Instagram, in which she wore baby onesies and T-shirts that she had purchased for her unborn child. The couple agreed to hold off until Monday because Crosby’s girlfriend was expecting to deliver their child on that day.

Crosby’s participation in Monday’s game against the Chiefs is in jeopardy as a result of the fact that she has not yet arrived, as this boosts the likelihood that she will be unable to play.

Who Is maxx Crosby?

There is little doubt that Maxx Crosby’s parents, Bryan and Vera Crosby, have a deep love and appreciation for the game of football.

In the years leading up to his 11th birthday, he and his older brother, Myles Crosby, split the responsibilities of taking care of the family home in the metropolitan area that includes Detroit and Flint.



Vera, Crosby’s mother, has ancestry that originates in Serbia. Crosby can trace his heritage back to Serbia thanks to his mother. Crosby responded to a question on his Instagram account regarding his Serbian heritage by writing the phrase “we are the greatest, we are the strongest,” which is a translation of the Serbian phrase “najbolji smo najjaci,” which literally translates to “we are the greatest and the strongest.”

Maxx used an eagle emoji in his post because the Serbian national sports teams as well as their supporter clubs are widely referred to as the Eagles.

His brother played collegiate football at Southern Methodist for two seasons before pursuing a career in modeling. His father played football at Albion College in Michigan, and his brother played college football there for two seasons.


Education Of Maxx Crosby

After completing his high school education at Colleyville Heritage High School, where communications was one of his key subjects, he went on to earn his bachelor of arts degree in communications from Eastern Michigan University.

was selected by the Oakland Raiders in the fourth round of the 2009 National Football League Draft.

It was in week 1 against the Denver Broncos that he made his first appearance on the field. In addition, he recorded the first sack of his professional career against Chicago Bears quarterback Chase Daniel in week five’s victory over the Bears, which the Bears won 24-21.


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Net Worth Of Maxx Crosby

The actor Maxx Crosby has an estimated net worth of $55 million.

It is speculated that Maxx Crosby has a net worth of $55 million and takes home an annual salary of approximately $23.5 million on average.

The Las Vegas Raiders have agreed to terms with Maxx regarding a contract.

According to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network, Pro Bowl defensive end Maxx Crosby has reached an agreement to extend his current contract, which would result in him receiving a total of $98.98 million in compensation spread out over the course of four years in addition to a signing bonus of $53 million.

According to the terms of the rookie contract that Sidney Crosby signed, he was eligible to receive a salary of $3.99 million for the remaining year of his rookie season.

Career of Maxx Crosby

The annual value of Crosby’s contract will place him as the fourth-highest paid edge rusher in the NFL, according to OverTheCap. He will be ranked behind only T.J. Watt, Myles Garrett, and Joey Bosa in this regard. The value of Crosby’s contract is estimated to be $24.75 million.

Maxx Crosby has demonstrated that he is deserving of the new contract with the Raiders.

Since the Raiders selected Crosby in the fourth round of the 2019 NFL draft, he has been a member of the team. Crosby was drafted by the Raiders in 2019.

Crosby concluded the previous season with 108 pressures, which was more than any other defender in the NFL, according to Pro Football Focus. In addition, the website placed Crosby in a tie for second place among edge rushers in the NFL in terms of overall value.

According to Pro Football Reference, Crosby recorded a total of 56 tackles, 13 tackles for loss, eight sacks, and seven passes defended, and he was tied for fourth in the NFL with 30 quarterback hits. In the National Football League, Crosby ranked fourth with seven passes defended.

During the course of the past three seasons while playing with the Raiders, Crosby has racked up a total of 25 sacks. The previous season marked his debut appearance in the Pro Bowl after being chosen for the game.

Crosby’s large deal is a good consequence following his personal struggles with drinking, which led to his rehabilitation in 2020, the year after he made his debut in the NHL. Crosby’s big deal is also a lucky conclusion following his personal struggles with drinking. Crosby checked himself into rehab in the year 2020 as a result of the issues he was having with alcoholism.

Crosby has recently gotten a tattoo on the inside of his right forearm that reads “3-11-20,” which is the date he checked himself into treatment. It had been exactly two years to the day that he made the decision to sign the contract that would forever change his life.

This Contract Should Be Awarded to the Pro Bowl Edge Rusher.

There has been a noticeable improvement in the team’s performance ever since he entered the locker room for the very first time.

The alumnus of Eastern Michigan has recorded 142 tackles, 43 tackles for loss, 25 sacks, 12 passes defended, and four forced fumbles in his three seasons with the club. In addition to that, he has intercepted a total of 12 passes.

The past season for Crosby was his most fruitful to this point in his professional career. He ended up with 56 tackles, 13 tackles for loss, eight sacks, and seven pass breakups by the time the game was over.

In 2021, Crosby was a very different animal, despite the fact that he had a superior first season in terms of the total number of sacks he recorded. With 42 pressures and 30 quarterback hits throughout the course of the season, he concluded the year ranked 10th in the NFL. In addition, he led the league with 19 quarterback knockdowns, which earned him the first place finish.

The 24-year-old is not only prominent on the playing field but also serves as a leader away from it. He has a significant impact on the team. A little over two years ago, he admitted himself to a rehabilitation center so that he could seek therapy for his drinking problem. A multi-year extension to his current contract has been granted to him by the organization that gave him his first opportunity to succeed in the professional world.

Maxx Crosby has faced a great deal of adversity over the course of his life; but, he has emerged on the other side stronger and more robust, and as a result, he has a bright future ahead of him.


Rachel Washburn
Rachel Washburn


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Who is Rachel Washburn’s husband?

Rachel Washburn is not married. However, she is engaged to Maxx Crosby, an American Footballer.

Does Rachel Washburn have a baby?

Rachel Washburn and her partner, Maxx Crosby, are expecting a baby anytime now. They have named the baby Ella.

Who is Maxx Crosby?

Maxx Crosby is the defensive end for the Las Vegas Raiders of the National Football League.

When did Rachel Washburn and Maxx Crossby get engaged?

Maxx Crosby popped the question to Rachel in February 2022. It is then that the couple got engaged.

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