Marika Koroibete: Profession, Wife And Net Worth

Marika Koroibete, The Rugby Player

Marika Koroibete’s rugby journey commenced nearly a decade ago in the world of rugby league.

He burst onto the scene with the Wests Tigers, making waves with his exceptional speed and agility.

His talents were so extraordinary that he caught the eye of Craig Bellamy and the Melbourne Storm, one of the NRL’s juggernauts, midway through the 2014 season.

Storming Success

During his time with the Melbourne Storm, Marika left an indelible mark.

By the end of the 2015 season, he had emerged as the Storm’s top try scorer, solidifying his reputation as a potent attacking force.

His tenure with the Storm included 58 games, 34 tries, and representing Fiji in seven Tests.

Marika Koroibete
Marika Koroibete(@Instagram)

Switching Codes

  • Marika’s journey took an exciting turn when he decided to switch codes and join the Melbourne Rebels, a Super Rugby team.
  • Under the residency rule, he became eligible to play for the Wallabies.
  • His transition to rugby was seamless, and he continued to dazzle with his try-scoring abilities.
  • With his incredible speed and strength, Marika notched up more than 20 tries for the Rebels and is inching closer to the 40-Test mark with the Wallabies.

Meet The Koroibete Clan

Off the field, Marika’s life is a testament to the adage that “family comes first.”

He is a loving partner to Emma and a doting father to three adorable boys: Iliese, Isaiah, and the newest addition, Immanuel.

A Compassionate Dad

Marika’s commitment to his family knows no bounds.

Despite his demanding rugby schedule, he remains deeply involved in his kids’ lives.

Emma, his partner, attests to his compassion, stating that even while on tour, Marika makes it a point to call them multiple times a day just to check in.

Balancing Act

The rugby season often demands Marika’s time and attention, but he makes a conscious effort to strike a balance.

On game days, he relishes spending quality moments with his kids.

Their routine involves morning walks, grabbing a coffee, and enjoying leisurely hours at the park. It’s a testament to his dedication as both a rugby player and a father.

The Arrival Of Immanuel

Marika and Emma welcomed their newest bundle of joy, Immanuel, into the world.

While Marika missed the birth due to his rugby commitments, he expresses immense pride in Emma’s strength and resilience.

The arrival of their children has brought about significant maturity, making Marika strive to be a role model, both on and off the field.

Marika Koroibete
Marika Koroibete(@Instagram)

The Joys Of Fatherhood

When asked about being a dad, Marika’s face lights up with joy.

He treasures watching his children grow and cherishes the amusing conversations they share.

For Marika Koroibete, the role of a father is as fulfilling as scoring a try on the rugby field.

A Celebrated Figure

  • In the world of rugby, Marika Koroibete is a celebrated figure, known for his extraordinary speed and agility.
  • However, beyond the try lines and tackles, there’s a heartwarming story of a dedicated family man.
  • Marika’s love for rugby is rivaled only by his love for his partner, Emma, and their three boys.
  • His ability to balance the demands of a professional rugby career with the joys of fatherhood is a testament to his character.
  • Marika Koroibete is not just a rugby star; he’s a loving father, a compassionate partner, and an inspiration to many both on and off the field.

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Marika Koroibete: His Professional Journey

The Early Years And Beginnings

  • Marika Koroibete’s journey into rugby began on the picturesque island of Fiji.
  • Growing up on a remote family farm in Naraiyawa, he developed a love for the sport at an early age.
  • It wasn’t long before his exceptional talent became evident to those around him.
  • Koroibete’s first taste of competitive rugby came when he played for Nasinu Secondary School in Fiji. Even in those early days, his speed and agility set him apart from his peers.
  • It was clear that he had the potential to achieve great things in the world of rugby.
Marika Koroibete
Marika Koroibete(@Instagram)

A Move To Australia

In pursuit of a professional rugby career, Koroibete made a significant move.

He relocated to Australia, a country renowned for its passion for rugby. This move would prove to be a pivotal moment in his career.

Rising Through The Ranks

Upon arriving in Australia, Koroibete embarked on his rugby journey in the junior leagues.

It didn’t take long for his talent to catch the eye of scouts. He signed a contract with the Wests Tigers in the National Rugby League (NRL), a significant milestone in his career.

During his time with the Tigers’ Toyota Cup team, Koroibete’s incredible speed and try-scoring ability were on full display. In 26 games, he managed to score a remarkable 22 tries, playing a crucial role in the team’s Grand Final victory in 2012.

Marika Koroibete With His Parents And Children

NRL Debut And Breakthrough

  • In 2012, Marika Koroibete made his NRL debut for the Wests Tigers.
  • From the very beginning, he left a lasting impression with his blistering pace and knack for scoring tries.
  • In just his second game, he astounded fans by scoring four tries, a testament to his raw talent and dedication to the sport.
  • His performances did not go unnoticed, and he received well-deserved recognition.
  • Koroibete’s name was etched in the 2012 Toyota Cup Team of the Year, and he was also named the joint Rookie of the Year for the Wests Tigers.

Joining The Melbourne Storm

In 2014, Koroibete transitioned to the Melbourne Storm, continuing to excel as a try-scoring winger.

He finished the 2015 season as the Storm’s highest try-scorer, with an impressive 16 tries in 23 matches.

It was evident that Koroibete was a force to be reckoned with in the world of rugby league.

Embracing Rugby Union

Koroibete’s remarkable performances in rugby league could not go unnoticed, and in 2016, the rugby union world came calling.

It was confirmed that he would be making the switch to rugby union at the conclusion of the NRL season.

This marked a significant turning point in his career.

Marika Koroibete
Marika Koroibete(@Instagram)

A New Chapter With The Melbourne Rebels

Koroibete accepted a contract offer to join the Melbourne Rebels in Super Rugby for the 2017 season.

What made this move even more exciting was that it allowed him to represent both the Rebels and the Australian national rugby union team, the Wallabies.

A Remarkable Start

Marika Koroibete’s career trajectory began to take shape when he played for the Tigers’ Toyota Cup team in 2011 and 2012.

During this period, he displayed his scoring prowess by notching up an impressive 22 tries in just 26 games.

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Marika Koroibete: Wife And Net Worth

Marika Koroibete Family And Personal Life

  • Born on 26 July 1992 in Naraiyawa, Fiji, Marika Koroibete has been relatively private about his family background.
  • Limited information is available about his parents.
  • Physically, Koroibete stands tall at 5 feet and 11 inches, with a sturdy weight of 96 kilograms.
  • While there is scant information regarding his educational qualifications, his active presence on Instagram, where he shares various aspects of his life, showcases his life outside of rugby. With nearly 49k followers, he has built a substantial social media presence.

Marika Koroibete Relationship And Girlfriend

In the realm of personal relationships, Marika Koroibete is a happily married man.

He is wedded to the lovely Emma Koroibete, with whom he shared a long-lasting bond before sealing their commitment in an intimate wedding ceremony attended by friends and family.

Together, they have been blessed with three children, named Iliesa Koroibete, Joshua Koroibete, and Emmanuel Lester Koroibete.

Marika Koroibete
Marika Koroibete(@Instagram)


Months Of Separation

Koroibete’s sacrifice to play for the Wallabies is not an isolated incident.

The talented winger had already spent months away from his family when his Melbourne Rebels team was compelled to leave their home state due to the pandemic and participate in the Super Rugby competition.

This meant that he missed precious moments with his family, including the growth of his children and the support of his loving partner, Emma.

A Heartfelt Tribute On Social Media

Despite the physical distance and the emotional toll it has taken on him, Marika Koroibete did not forget to express his love and gratitude to his partner, Emma.

He took to Instagram, sharing a heartfelt tribute that touched the hearts of his fans and followers.

His post serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices that athletes like Koroibete make in their pursuit of excellence and national pride.

Net Worth

In the world of sports, success often translates to financial prosperity, and Marika Koroibete is no exception.

As of June 1, 2023, Marika boasts an impressive net worth of approximately $5 Million. This substantial wealth can be attributed to his successful career as a rugby player.

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