Marie Jeudy, Jerry’s single mother raised him: Parents & Family

Those darn Broncos from Denver. Jerry Jeudy has never stopped being appreciative of the sacrifices that his single mother Marie Jeudy made in order to bring him up.

Repeatedly, he talks about her hardships and the unselfish love that she showed him throughout his life, which served as inspiration for him to accomplish great things. After achieving success, the wide receiver has not forgotten about the difficult times he overcame to get there.

He will never forget how much his mother and other family members’ encouragement helped pave the way for him to enter the NFL. Jerry, who is a complete family man on the inside, places a special emphasis on family values and the memories he has of his mother now that the NFL season has begun.

The wide receiver for the Broncos is referred to as someone who “truly jukes” due to the high level of energy he brings to the field.

His family’s love and the lessons they taught him must have instilled in him a sense of humility. Jerry cherishes his extended family more than ever now that he has a family of his own to care for.

As a sophomore in 2018, he was the recipient of the Fred Biletnikoff Award, which is given to the wide receiver who is considered to be the finest in the nation. He is certain to garner additional victories in the years to come.

Jerry posing with his mother Marie
Jerry posing with his mother Marie

A Few Key Facts Regarding Jerry Jeudy:

Name Jerry Davarus Jeudy
Age 23
Date of Birth April 24, 1999
Birthplace Deerfield Beach, Florida
Current Team Denver Broncos
Position Wide Receiver
Relatives Marie Jeudy (Mother) Terry (Brother) Diane Constant (Sister)
Partner Ja’Nice Thomas (separated) Antoinette Tharp
Children 2
Twitter @jerryjeudy

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In the National Football League, Jerry Jeudy is known for his close relationship with his mother Marie Jeudy, who raised him as an only child.

The inspirational story of Jerry Jeudy and his mother Marie, who raised him alone, is well-known among those who work in the NFL.

According to ESPN, mother Jeudy arrived in the United States from Haiti when she was only 14 years old. She had a hard time providing for her four children, especially when it came to putting food on the table.

In order to supplement her income, she sold everything from purses to creams out of the trunk of her car. While she was away at work, she instilled in her children the values of avoiding negative influences and performing to their full potential.

Despite the fact that Marie was living in the United States, she never forgot her Haitian heritage and never allowed her children to do so either. As a result, she made it a point to occasionally take her children back to Haiti so that they could maintain relationships with their cousins and other relatives.

Jerry’s mother had put in an incredible amount of effort for him, and he wanted to be able to reward her in some way for all of her efforts.

In the year 2020, the NFL star player made good on his promise to his mother and gave her a house as a gift. The video of Marie’s reaction went viral on Twitter because many could not get over the love and effort that one son put in to see his mother smile.

That was not the end of it, though, as Jerry once again presented his mother with a car as a gift in May of this year. In addition to this, he made it a point to take a picture of his mother crying tears of joy and post it as a unique memento on his Instagram account.

The story of this mother and son and their love for one another has spread far and wide, which has made them an example for others to follow.

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Because Jerry Jeudy was still a child when his parents divorced, he had a limited relationship with his father

After his parents got a divorce, Jerry Jeudy does not have a lot of positive things to say about his father.

He was raised by his mother and witnessed all of her struggles during the course of his childhood. Since then, he has not disclosed any information regarding his relationship with his father or his awareness of him.

Therefore, it is possible that Jerry’s father Jeudy was not a part of Jerry’s life before he made his debut in the NFL, which caused the two of them to become estranged from each other.

Marie and her husband got a divorce when Jerry was still a little child, and after that, the mother was responsible for raising both of their children.

Therefore, although the wide receiver for the Broncos is forthcoming about his family history, the narrative does not include his father. Since he became a sports celebrity, he has not mentioned his father once, despite the fact that he is well-known for the emphasis that he places on the importance of family.

He and his family have moved on with their lives after the death of their father, and they are delighted to continue Jerry’s great career in the NFL.

After all, he was able to send his mother through college and is now treating her to lavish presents now that she is retired. The same can be said for the other members of the Jeudy family, as they enjoy a positive relationship with the NFL superstar player.

Jerry Jeudy is the father of two little daughters and has his own family of his own

Jerry Jeudy was able to make his mother happy, and as a result, his gorgeous family now includes two new additions in the form of his daughters.

Both of his daughters were delivered by separate baby mamas, neither of whom he is now romantically involved with. His previous girlfriend, Ja’Nice Thomas, gave birth to his eldest daughter, Journee Aaliyah Jeudy, on March 27, 2020.

Although this couple is no longer romantically involved with one another, they have remained friendly with their daughter. Jerry pays Journee frequent visits and is fond of commenting about her on his blog.

Additionally, the youngster cheered on her father as he prepared for the NFL season by accompanying him to his workouts. In a similar vein, Jerry’s younger daughter, who was born to model Antoinette Tharp, has a younger half-sister who goes by the name of Journee.

The two Jeudy children have been seen together in a photo posted by their famous father on one of Jerry’s social media handles.

Even though Jerry has a history of conflict with the women who have given birth to his children, the most recent incident took place earlier this year.

Tharpe filed a complaint with the Arapahoe County District Attorney’s Office on May 12, 2022, accusing the county of criminal meddling with domestic violence cases.

According to a report in the New York Post, there had been no reports of physical violence between the couple; but, during a particularly intense fight, Jerry had locked several belongings in his car, one of which was the baby formula.

Tharpe has requested that the accusations against him be dropped, despite the fact that the case has been downgraded to a lesser offense.

Jerry posing
Jerry posing

In 2016, the family man Jerry Jeudy said goodbye to his sister Aaliyah, who had passed away due to a rare medical condition

Jerry Jeudy shares another heartbreaking story about the passing of his younger sister due to a medical ailment at a time when he was just starting his career in football.

When he found out that his younger sister Aaliyah had passed away, the wide receiver was in the midst of having a banner year on the football field for his high school team and was enjoying a recent victory.

It was a miracle for the family because she outlived the expected survival time for the disease, despite the fact that the news was quite upsetting.

Trisomy 18, often known as Edward’s syndrome, is a disorder that affects a baby’s bodily systems and is extremely rare. Little Aaliyah suffered from this illness. A kid born with this chromosomal anomaly will not live for even a single year due to the malfunction it causes throughout the body.

According to ESPN’s reporting, Aaliyah was dependent on medical equipment and in-home nurses up until the time of her death in 2016, when she was just seven years old.

Jerry’s affection for her is unmatched, and he is certain that she is always looking out for him. As a result, in order to pay tribute to her, the wide receiver for the Denver Broncos developed #MyCauseMyCleats, a campaign as well as a shoe line with Aaliyah’s face and name printed on them.

Jerry even went so far as to give his older daughter the same name as Aaliyah after she passed away.

During this time, he has been blessed with the presence of two older siblings, namely Terry Constant and Diane Constant. Both have been very important to him ever since Terry was the one who told him the devastating news about Aaliyah.

In the meantime, Diane is a natural organizer and is in charge of the family’s festivities, which are primarily centered on Jerry’s accomplishment in the NFL. She is presently working as a brand and business consultant.

Constant Visage Consulting and Duconsi Academy were both started by Diane, an entrepreneur and a woman named Duconsi. Her Instagram account is primarily used to post images of her family as well as advertisements for her many business endeavors.

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