Man on Pause: Is The Film Based on a Real-Life Event?

Man on Pause: Is The Film Based on a Real-Life Event?

The Turkish comedy-drama series ‘Man on Pause’ (which was initially titled ‘Andropoz’) is currently streaming on Netflix. The series follows Yusuf, a man in his 50s who begins going through andropause. This significant turning point in his life causes a profound shift in his perspective, and as a result, he makes the choice to enjoy every moment to the fullest. The pursuit of happiness, on the other hand, quickly leads Yusuf to go overboard, and he quickly starts making a mess of everything. During the time that he is frantically trying to cover his tracks, his wife and children become concerned about his odd behaviour, which ultimately leads to some hilarious outcomes.

The show delves into a sensitive topic that is less explored in the mainstream media, and it features a stellar cast that includes names like Engin Günaydn, Tamer Karadal, Derya Karadaş, and Turgut Tuncalp. In addition, the realistic storyline and characters provide many members of the audience with something to which they can relate, which leads one to question whether or not the show has any bearing on real life. Now, if you are here because you share the same level of curiosity, please allow us to respond to your questions.


Man On Pause
Man On Pause


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Is There Any Truth to the Story of Man on Pause?

The film “Man on Pause” is not based on any real-life events, unfortunately. Actor Engin Günaydin, who plays Yusuf on the show, is responsible for writing the original script that the show is based on. Andropause is a condition that affects many men after they reach the age of 50, and it is one that is thoroughly investigated in this book. This common disorder, which frequently worsens with advancing age, is also referred to as hypogonadism with late onset. A lack of libido, morning penile erections, and erectile dysfunction are just some of the many sexual health issues that can be caused by low testosterone levels.

In addition to the physical issues, menopause can also have a negative impact on a person’s mental health, manifesting itself as symptoms such as depression, decreased self-esteem, anxiety, stress, and a shorter attention span. According to the findings of a study that the National Library of Medicine carried out on 521 participants who belonged to older age groups, 51.5% of the participants were going through andropause, with 3.7% experiencing severe symptoms. Not only that, but it was also found that the strongest association between depression and andropause and ageing in men was found in men.

In regard to the show itself, it does not delve too deeply into the scientific aspects of andropause but rather concentrates on the influence that it can have on the life of an average man. Yusuf has a boring life with his wife and children, but when he reaches his 50s, he begins to feel dissatisfied with his life because it does not contain enough excitement for him. In addition to this, he believes that time is his greatest adversary because it robs him of happiness and opportunities on a daily basis. He is so intent on maintaining his youthful appearance and finding happiness that he makes the decision to engage in an activity that is out of the ordinary and may lead him to engage in illegal behaviour.

As a result of Yusuf’s moodiness, he begins to act in a manner that is inconsistent with his typical personality, and this causes him to withdraw from his wife and children. This is a reflection of the resistance to change and the inability to let go of familiar routines that many of us experience in real life when we are confronted with novel experiences. Yusuf, who was adamant about confronting the issue head-on, ended up getting himself caught up in the mess that he created by making too many changes to his life.

Even though it deals with such a serious topic, “Man on Pause” deftly uses comedic moments to lighten the mood and keep the audience entertained. In spite of this, it successfully conveys the important message of making the most of one’s life and raises awareness about the principal topic, which is andropause, without coming across as overly preachy. Therefore, we are able to say that even though the show is the product of the writer’s imagination and skills, it maintains a realistic approach to the subject matter in its treatment of it.

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As a result, it can simultaneously make one laugh and feel empathy for the protagonist.The first scene of “Man on Pause” shows a deceased person wearing underwear with the word “Happy” written on it. This word, when coupled with the sight of blood, looks humorous, and this visual in some ways defines the tone of this series.  The genres of drama and black comedy are both applicable to the film Man on Pause. The writers take the offbeat story into insane territory, and the results, while not always funny, are nonetheless absorbing despite the fact that they are not always funny.

I fell in love with Yusuf (Engin Günaydin) and Meryem, Yusuf’s wife, after only ten minutes of watching the series (Derya Karadas). When I heard Yusuf yell “I love you” to his wife while he was riding his scooter, it made me smile. The remark that Yusuf makes while he is being attended to by his barber is what initially piques our interest in the series. According to him, the passage of time is accelerating to the point where it seems as though one day is equivalent to one month. Those who have lived their lives with regret and those who are nearing the end of their lives are the only people who talk about how quickly time is passing; scientists are the only exception to this rule. People typically choose the second possibility when it comes to Yusuf. The fact that Meryen’s husband always has a smile on his face—as evidenced by the selfies he takes with his kids and wife—is concerning to her. The fact that Yusuf’s sister Fadime (played by Sebnem Hassanisoughi), a fortune teller, has a vision of a coffin while consulting with Meryen lends credence to the suspicion. Naturally, Meryen follows Yusuf all the way to the hospital as well.

Storyline For Man on Pause

Even though the answers to these questions are revealed in the very first episode of the show, the answers themselves are not what excites us about watching this show. The scenarios that are created in Man on Pause are so absurd that a part of you will feel the urge to stand up and applaud the creators of the show. Anyone can make up preposterous sequences. On the other hand, the creators don’t veer off into absurd territory for the sake of cheap laughs and showboating. They accomplish their ludicrous creation with self-assurance and enthusiasm. You get the impression that you are watching a chain reaction in which each explosion is strange and unexpected in its own way. I was never entirely sure where the show was going, and after a while, I stopped making educated guesses about its trajectory. I mean, in one of the episodes, a dead body is hung from a car that is hanging off of the edge of a cliff. In this show, a voice translator app is utilised in the midst of a potentially dangerous scenario.

The comedy show “Man on Pause” features a number of hilarious scenes that will make you laugh out loud. There is one in which Yusuf experiments with different types of contact lenses. Another one describes how two children come up with a strategy to divide property among themselves. When Fadime’s husband, Halit (Tamer Karadagli), started bawling his eyes out at the funeral of an elderly broker who was drunk, I completely lost it. Halit is by far the most intriguing of all of these characters. You can never predict what he will do next because he is so unpredictable. In one scene, he might provide some comic relief, but in another, he might be an intimidating presence. It’s no wonder that two different women end up turning to him for help when they’re in a jam.

In the film “Man on Pause,” there is a particular scene in which Yusuf discusses the holy bond that exists between married couples. In a nutshell, he despises cheating and believes that married people should not look for love elsewhere while they are already committed to one another. Have I mentioned that Yusuf has been known to engage in extramarital affairs in the past? Perhaps he has matured since then. To be honest, not even close. When he meets two sisters who are identical twins, he finds that one of the sisters is able to seduce him. He puts up a fight against his carnal urges for as long as he can, but in the end, he caves in and texts the recipient, “I love you.” In “Man on Pause,” we see a variety of men, including the following: Take your pick: they’re either stupid or abusive or criminals. The one thing they have in common is that they are not nearly as intelligent as they imagine themselves to be. In contrast, the women are rational because they either avoid getting into trouble or use their cunning to get themselves out of it. Some women, such as Akya (Doga Zeynep Doguslu), take advantage of boys in order to increase their wealth.


Man On Pause
Man On Pause


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Plot Of Man on Pause

The film “Man on Pause” features a number of breathtaking sequences. Just look at how they handled the scene with the father reading his daughter’s text messages and the one with Mahmut (Turgut Tuncalp) on his private boat in the most recent episode. The tension is deftly stretched and then released in a way that is both beautiful and inventive. It gives the impression that the writers have made an effort to write the scenes, and that they are not simply making up ridiculous and disjointed scenarios for the sake of humour. Everything, despite how absurd it may seem, is connected. Every scene develops naturally and makes sense within the context of this world’s narrative. The conclusion appears to be overly simplistic and hurried. The show could have benefited from having a few more episodes in order to neatly wrap everything up. If there had been a second season, I wouldn’t have minded if some plot points were left unresolved (that new shop could have been used as an obstacle in the future). But on the whole, Man on Pause is a tremendously enjoyable show, and it’s one that I watched without pausing it for long periods of time.

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