Love is Blind Brazil: Are Bruna and Paulo Still Married? Plot, Review, Where To Watch and More

Love is Blind Brazil: Are Bruna and Paulo Still Married? Plot, Review, Where To Watch and More

The huge “will they or won’t they?” is what keeps viewers of dating reality shows on the edge of their seats. It is nothing short of heartwarming to see two people come together in the hopes of developing a true bond.

However, these issues are frequently beset with numerous difficulties, just like everything else in life. As a result, “Love is Blind: Brazil” on Netflix offers viewers a variety of stories that are hard not to watch with bated breath.

Bruna Ferreira and Paulo Lopes’ voyage, however, was one of the original’s second installment’s most interesting ones.

Fans wanted them to make it work, get engaged, and leave holding hands, but not everything went as planned. So, are these participants still together or did they permanently split ways? We are here to investigate the same, after all!


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Bruna Ferreira and Paulo Lopes: In Love is Blind

Paulo Lopes and Bruna Ferreira appeared to build a real bond in season 2 of this Netflix series that no one could contest.

The two were in fact each other’s top picks from the moment they met and didn’t even hesitate to discuss it with their other participants.

Particularly Bruna revealed how she had previously dreamed of becoming engaged to a man named Paulo and thought this was a lovely realization of her dream.

Paulo was seeing Amanda Souza at the time, despite the fact that his attraction to Bruna appeared to be his top priority.

However, about halfway into their trip in the pods, Bruna started to feel confined and wanted to leave. She claimed that her “free spirit” and adventurous nature clashed with the way the show was run.

She was quite grateful to have met Paulo as a result of this experiment, but she had had enough.

She did, however, discuss this choice with the one she was certain she wanted for the rest of her life before inviting him to follow her out the door as she left Amanda behind.

The latter was perplexed because he did not totally concur with Bruna’s justifications.

Paulo acknowledged the experience was challenging, but he believed the struggle was worthwhile in order to meet a sincere life mate.

He told Bruna he had never given up on anything in his life up to that point, and he had no intention of doing so with this search for love.

He also couldn’t help but worry if Bruna would ever stand up for their relationship if she was so eager to pack her bags and leave him or not.

Paulo Lopes and Bruna Ferreira: Are They Still Together?

Bruna did ultimately go, but Paulo was adamant that he would stick around and finish the task at hand. Therefore, their final on-screen encounter was heartbreaking as Bruna sobbed her way out of the pod. “

All I wanted in my life was for you to choose me, but maybe next time… Maybe next time, okay?” she said Paulo, who seemed perplexed because he did not seem to comprehend what she meant by “next time.”

Thus, over time, Paulo and Amanda forged an exceptional bond that led to his sense that she might be just what he needed in life.

He was thrilled and accepted through tears when she took the initiative to propose. In an unexpected turn of events, however, his manner was everything from cheerful when they first met.

He expressed guilt over their engagement and that he would typically pass on a woman like Amanda.

Fans will be happy to find that even though Paulo’s relationship with Amanda ended, he is still planning to be married.

He has been more than glad to share the news with the world through his Instagram bio, revealing that he is in fact engaged to none other than Bruna Ferreira.

After stepping away from the cameras, it seems the pair have bonded in all the important ways.

Therefore, even though they both want to live private lives, this development will undoubtedly bring them and their loved ones great delight, just as it does for us.

We hope they have a bright future ahead of them and wish them all the best in their marriage.


Paulo Lopes (Love is Blind Brazil): Where Is He Now?

Regarding Paulo, we should first note that according to both of their bios on their private Instagram sites, they are now dating and engaged to be married.

They had actually been close in the pods—the latter had even once dreamed she would marry someone by his name—but their breakup wasn’t exactly amicable. So, for us as well, this update is both unexpected and not unexpected.

Since Bruna, the Intensive Care Physician, simply couldn’t manage being isolated without contact with her friends, family, or other people, she left the show around halfway through their stay in the pods.

Before leaving, though, the “free spirit” had persuaded Paulo to go with her because he was her only other choice. He resisted, saying he never “gives up” on anything and that he didn’t want to begin with this particular experiment.

“All I wanted in my life was for you to choose me, but maybe next time… Okay, maybe next time?” Paulo was left wondering what Bruna had meant when she made the following statement and walked away.

Even though he had always had a soft spot for her, he was content with his choice because, “How can I trust you’ll fight for our relationship when you give up on something?” That is, until he proposed to Amanda and they started dating.

Paulo appears to be a Wharton Executive Education and Fundaço Getulio Vargas graduate who is currently employed as a Senior Talent Research Partner with the communications firm Twilio in So Paulo, Brazil.

His boyfriend, on the other hand, is based in Brazil, but that doesn’t really matter as he already enjoys traveling – the tattoo, environment, and charity fanatic has visited “24 countries and counting.”

Love Is Blind: Brazil, also known as Casamento às Cegas: Brazil (literally, “Blind Wedding: Brazil”), is a three-week long Brazilian dating reality television series hosted by the famous Brazilian couple Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo.

A group of men and women meet on the show in the style of the American television show Love Is Blind in search of a potential spouse.

On November 23, 2021, Netflix decided to renew Love Is Blind: Brazil for a second season.

Love Is Blind
Love Is Blind

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Love is Blind Brazil: Plot

  • The series follows 32 single men and women in their search for love. The men and women speed-date one other for 10 days in separate “pods,” where they can converse but cannot see one another.
  • The individuals are free to approach the contestant they want to wed whenever they like. Following the proposal and their first in-person encounter, the engaged couples travel to a couples retreat.
  • They spend time on this vacation getting to know their partners and getting to know the other couples taking part in the experiment.
  • They all move to the same So Paulo apartment building after the couples retreat. They all meet their spouses’ families and learn more about their partners’ living situations while visiting the apartments.
  • The engaged couples perform wedding rituals on the wedding day and make their ultimate judgments on whether to wed or separate at the altar, responding to the question “Is love blind?”

Love is Blind Brazil: Review

I believe that during the course of three seasons of the English version, one season of the Japanese version, and the current second season of the Brazilian version, the question of whether relationships can succeed only on the basis of emotional ties has been proven (or refuted) numerous times.

It doesn’t help that everyone tends to engage in similar, vapid talks across these seasons (with the exception of the Japanese one).

The folks that appear on these shows are typically shallow and in desperate search of fame and love. The conversations therefore appear unfinished and meaningless because they are entirely verbal.

Yes, it’s ideal if you want cringe-worthy material. Everyone tries to be petty at the first inconvenience, and the people are utterly poisonous and lacking in gravitas.

But I suppose it’s to be expected when you watch a show that promotes the idea of finding genuine love by simply talking to one other on a screen about the most egotistical of subjects.

Love Is Blind
Love Is Blind

Love is Blind Brazil: Season 2

Season 2 of Love is Blind Brazil is the same as the previous seasons of the other versions and doesn’t change anything.

It’s fascinating how, generally, the show doesn’t highlight the contestants who don’t get matched with couples. Like, it’s okay if you don’t connect with people, but it could be interesting to see how their conversations turned out.

But we can tell who is leaving the pods with their fiances/fiancées from the very first minute. Which, you know, I might understand if individuals were married while still in the courting process.

On the second date, nobody ever makes a proposal; it’s just a really immature and manic thing to do.

Aside from all of this negativity, the series is merely monotonous. The first couple of times were enjoyable.

But the second season of Love is Blind Brazil is plain dull; there are no interesting couples who cause trouble, no heartwarming scenes, and no emotion that appears sincere in any manner.

Love is Blind Brazil: Where To Watch?

The audience gets the impression that everything is staged and unreal as a result. Not just season 2 of Love is Blind Brazil has this problem; every season has this contrived, unrealistic feeling about it.

Even while this season featured a few miraculous moments that dealt with some serious themes, we were soon returned to the same toxic cycle of foolishness.

This is also the reason why you don’t care about the individuals when they are in dispute because, one, it doesn’t feel like it’s happening, and secondly, it’s embarrassing to see 30-year-olds express their thoughts and problems in such a childish way.

Okay, okay. Not everyone is adept at expressing their wants and feelings. But in that situation, I believe that sorting out these problems rather than getting married hastily is the wisest course of action.

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