Lily Sullivan: Details On Her Murder and Death Cause

Lily Sullivan: Details On Her Murder and Death Cause

Having slain a juvenile after she declined to have sex with him, the offender was given a life sentence.

Lewis Haines, 31, of Flemish Court, Lamphey, Pembrokeshire, admitted killing Lily Sullivan, 18, but argued there was no sexual motive.

Lewis Haines was given a 23-year term on Friday at Swansea Crown Crown Court for killing Lily Sullivan following a night out in Wales the year before.

After Haines was given a prison sentence, Lily’s mother, Anna, said the “true truth” of what happened the night she was slain “will haunt me for the rest of my life.”

Lily Sullivan
Lily Sullivan

Lily Sullivan’s Death Cause

Lily Sullivan’s body was found in Mill Pond in Pembroke early on December 17, 2021. Lewis Haines, a worker at an oil refinery who had met Lily in a bar, punched, choked, and shoved Lily into the water close to Pembroke, southwest Wales.

Haines admitted killing Sullivan but said it wasn’t a sexually motivated attack when his body was discovered on the pond bank naked up to the waist.

Swansea Crown Court was instructed by Judge Paul Thomas QC that Haines choked Lily because he was angry that she refused to have sex with him.

Judge Thomas, however, stated that he was satisfied that Haines had attempted to force himself on Sullivan and, when she resisted, had killed her in order to keep everyone—including his long-term partner—from finding out during a fact-finding session at Swansea Crown Court.

He refuted Haines’ assertion that he dove into the sea to save him. There was no forensic evidence of a sexual assault. In his testimony at the sentencing court, he said that Haines “brutally murdered” Lily.

What Happened To Lily Sullivan’s Murderer?

When his minimum sentence is decided on Friday, Haines will serve a life sentence in prison.

Lily Sullivan’s mother referred to her killer as “pure evil” and declared that Lily’s death would “haunt” her for the rest of her days.

The devastated mother said that Lewis Haines’ 23 years and 4 months in prison had “robbed” her only child Lily, 18, of her future. Lily is described as “lovely and compassionate.”

After the youngster refused to have sex, Haines strangled her and dumped her in a reservoir.

Wales: Who Is He?

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Haines strolled past Miss Sullivan’s mother as she waited to pick up her daughter from a neighboring garage after killing Miss Sullivan.

Lily Sullivan, 18, was killed by Lewis Haines, 31, after they met in a bar in Pembroke, south-west Wales, just before Christmas last year. He was given a life term for the crime.

After first meeting in the Out nightclub on December 16, the couple shared a kiss before going to a nearby alleyway where they got more personal.

Where did Lily Sullivan Die?

Miss Sullivan was later discovered face down and topless in Mill Pond, a two-mile long freshwater reservoir close to the town, Swansea Crown Court was informed.

Haines strolled by the mother of his victim as she waited to pick up her daughter from a neighboring garage after killing the youngster.

Haines, a father of one, admitted killing Miss Sullivan but refuted accusations of sexual misbehavior.

But following a fact-based trial, Judge Paul Thomas QC came to the conclusion that Haines had murdered the adolescent because she had rejected his advances.

After spending about an hour in an alleyway together, Judge Thomas stated that it was evident that Haines had grown “frustrated” and attacked Miss Sullivan.

Screenshot of Lewis Haines and Lily Sullivan taken from handout CCTV provided by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) when they first met in a Pembroke nightclub.

Later, in the roadway, her tobacco tin, cellphone, and leather jacket were discovered strewn about.

Miss Sullivan was “forced” to remove her cream lace top after Haines made her walk to the nearby lake.

Later, he claimed Miss Sullivan had made a rape accusation threat against him.

What was the judge’s ruling?

Judge Thomas stated that the defendant had “a great deal to lose” and that there was “element rooted in truth” in part of his statement.

Haines, who had a partner, was through family court hearings at the time.

Judge Thomas stated, “He strangled Lily to keep her from telling anyone he had tried to convince her to go further than she was willing. “His goal was to put her in her place. He wanted no one to be aware of what had occurred in the alley.

Miss Sullivan posted a lot of moving messages on social media about misogyny, sexual assault, and men killing women.

A picture of floral tributes left for Sarah Everard with the note, “She was simply walking home,” was posted on one of her Instagram stories.

Several weeks after Miss Everard was killed by Met Police officer Wayne Couzens, a different article mentioned 80 women who had been murdered by men.

What has the family of Lily Sullivan said?

Anna, Lily’s distraught mother, called Haines “pure evil” and declared that she would never forgive him.

She stated as much in a victim impact statement delivered in court by the prosecutor, William Hughes QC: “The events of the night Lily died go over in my mind continually and I wake up in the night visualizing Lily in the water wondering if she knew what was happening, if she was terrified.

He gave me a direct gaze while being aware of his actions. Now that I realize this was Lily attempting to communicate with me and reach out to me, it hurts so much.

“I wonder what happened when her phone died while I was talking to her and what I could have done to keep her alive.

I believe the real truth will follow me throughout my entire life.

“I have conflicted emotions every day when I think of the individual who took the life,” Ms. Sullivan concluded.

“Because it’s all so pointless and unnecessary, I can feel irate, baffled, depressed, and overwhelmed.

“I believe that the perpetrator took use of the fact that Lily would have known she was in danger and that she was in danger, and this was done out of pure wickedness.

“I feel completely broken, and I wish I could go back in time and prevent Lily from going out and from the evil she encountered that night.”

According to testimony given in court, Miss Sullivan was an only child who was born after her mother had 14 miscarriages.

When Lily was born, Ms. Sullivan stated, “I had almost given up hope that I would ever have kids. It felt great.”

“Lily gave my life meaning. She provided me with a tiny sense of normalcy at trying times. When she arrived, everything started to make some sense to me.

We shared a really special bond and were extremely close. I would characterize our relationship as more sibling-like.

As she considers her daughter’s final moments, Ms. Sullivan claimed that she now experiences frequent panic attacks and finds it difficult to fall asleep.

She claimed, “I feel numb and in a stupor all the time, and other days I don’t feel anything at all.

“Recently, I discovered things to be much difficult as I accepted the fact that I would not be seeing Lily again.

“I dare not feel anything, and I restrain myself from feeling any emotions or let anyone close since doing so unleashes the floodgates and causes me to sob violently while struggling for air.

“The emotions I’m experiencing are hard to put into words; I feel broken inside.

“I almost feel as though I don’t understand why I even exist on this planet. I’m here solely to see her once more. Recently, I’ve given God and the afterlife a lot of thought.

“Every day brings us one step closer to seeing Lily once more. I’m having trouble justifying my presence.

As Haines was being led to the cells, members of Miss Sullivan’s relatives and friends yelled at him, “Monster!” and “rot in hell!”

Lily Sullivan
Lily Sullivan

How did the cops respond?

Detective Chief Inspector Richard Yelland, a senior investigating officer with the Dyfed-Powys Police, stated:

“On the evening of December 16, 2021, eighteen-year-old Lily Sullivan went out with her pals but never came back.

“Lewis Haines’ aggressive and predatory behavior claimed Lily’s life in the wee hours of the next morning. When escaping the crime site, Haines missed multiple chances to get help for Lily. His self-centered and callous acts have altered the lives of everyone who knew and loved Lily, as well as the tight-knit Pembroke community.

Lewis Haines will be unable to damage members of the community thanks to the life sentence that was given to him today. In order to hold those responsible for violence against women and girls in all its forms accountable, Dyfed-Powys Police and our collaborators will keep up their diligent efforts.

Although this phrase won’t provide Lily’s family and friends any comfort, I’m hoping it will be a positive step in the long process of helping them start over. My entire focus is on them right now.

What happened to Lily Sullivan?

When Lily Sullivan was killed, she was 18 years old.

Judge Thomas claims that Lily and Haines first connected at the Pembroke nightclub Out, where they exchanged passionate kisses as they left.

They left the bar separately, a few minutes apart, but struck up a chat outside before making their way onto a side street near Mill Pond.

Haines eventually made his way home and told his partner, “I’ve strangled someone.” Lily had injuries to her face, neck, and torso. In a statement read out in court, Lily’s mother Anna referred to their bond as “sisterly” and having a “amazing link.”

She described Lilly as a “typical adolescent girl,” a “bright and creative artist,” and someone who had recently started dating.

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Lily Sullivan’s Parents

Anna Sullivan gave birth to Lily. Court testimony indicated that as the attack began, Anna was on the phone with her daughter, but the line suddenly disconnected. Around that time, someone who lived nearby heard a woman screaming.

a total of 30 Anna Sullivan tried calling again but got no response. Grainy CCTV saw Sullivan’s phone flashing repeatedly in the alley as her mother tried to call her.

After surviving 14 miscarriages, Anna claimed in a victim’s statement that she was the only child she ever had. As she matured, Sullivan became a “beautiful girl inside and out” who continually trusted in the goodwill of other people.

She had just started going out with friends, enjoyed house music, was a talented artist, and was enjoying college. Anna, unaware of what had happened, saw the murderer leave the scene as she searched for her daughter.

Anna was waiting in her car to pick up her daughter when Haines passed by. She was haunted by the idea that she could have fled and found the child. She reported that she was reliving the evening’s activities all the time.

Although Sullivan’s mother acknowledged having panic attacks, she said she no longer feared dying because it would allow her to be with Sullivan.

She complained that having to explain why his granddaughter wasn’t present all the time to her dementia-stricken father, who adored Sullivan, was “like causing a fresh scratch every day.”

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