Lev Parnas: Why The Former Ally Of Rudy Giuliani Has Been Given A Prison Term Of Twenty Months?

Lev Parnas: Why The Former Ally Of Rudy Giuliani Has Been Given A Prison Term Of Twenty Months?

On Wednesday, Lev Parnas, a businessman with Ukrainian and American ancestry, was given a sentence of twenty months in prison for crimes relating to conspiracy, campaign fund fraud, and wire fraud. Additionally, Rudy Guliani, a politician in New York, counted Parnas as a former associate.

During the investigation into whether or not Trump should be impeached, Lev Parnas was one of the important figures found. According to the allegations, this situation was connected to the fundraising efforts that Parnas had coordinated for the Trump campaign.

Prosecutors claim that Lev Parnas and the businessman Igor Fruman had the intention of soliciting one million dollars in political contributions for the United States from the Russian tycoon Andrey Muraviev. They also stated that the majority of the money had been redirected to fund a cannabis business rather than being spent in the elections as originally planned.

The alleged transgressions committed by Lev Parnas

Lev Parnas was found guilty of charges relating to the practice of “buying influence” a year ago. An official statement was released in which the offenses committed by Lev Parnas were detailed by Damien Williams, a United States Attorney in Manhattan.

Lev Parnas: “Because Russia has invaded Ukraine and is killing civilians there, the midterm elections in 2022 are more significant than they have ever been. When you go into the voting booth, please keep this one thing in mind: voting for any of the Republican candidates is the same as voting for Vladimir Putin.”

“Not content to scam investors in his business, Fraud Guarantee, out of more than two million dollars, Parnas also deceived the American public by injecting Russian money into U.S. elections and lying about the source of cash for political contributions,” says the author.

“(We will) aggressively prosecute those who put their own personal and financial benefit ahead of their country and its investors,” the statement reads.

On October 19, 2019, a police officer at Dulles International Airport made the arrest that led to the accusations against Parnas for campaign funding violations. The Washington Post reports that the misappropriated monies were also used to impact the relationship between the United States and Ukraine.

The Republican Party continues to bring up Hunter Biden. During this time, Giuliani associate Lev Parnas is beginning his sentence of twenty months in prison for making illegal contributions to a political campaign. During this time, he was instructed to invent dirt on Hunter Biden.

The head of the FBI office in New York issued an official statement in which he denounced the acts of Parnas.

“(This lawsuit is about) corrupt behavior and intentionally breaching the law,”

In an interview that took place in January of 2020 on MSNBC, Parnas provided evidence that Donald Trump was involved in a plan involving campaign finances. He claimed that Trump was “well aware” of everything that was going on.

Parnas also pointed the finger at other significant figures. He added that he had worked with with former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani, adviser Derek Harvey, and Congressman Devin Nunes.

According to Parnas, the reason he shared these specifics in the MSNBC interview was because he was worried about Donald Trump and the people who support him. In response to the widespread belief prevalent in the media, Parnas argued that Donald Trump does not run the country like a boss of a criminal organization.

“I do not believe that Trump is comparable to organized crime; rather, I believe that he is comparable to a cult leader.”

1. The nation of Russia celebrated its day of independence!

2. The meeting was held with sanctioned Russian assets in order to obtain damaging information about Joe Biden.

3. In the halls of Congress, he spread Russian disinformation that he had acquired from a Russian asset that had been sanctioned, Andrii Derkach.

According to texts given by the committee, Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin intended to personally hand deliver phony alternate electors to Vice President Mike Pence before the joint session of Congress. Additional accusations have been brought against Parnas by the United States government. In March, he is said to have colluded with others to steal from investors in a company that he had formed called Fraud Guarantee.

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