Laura Barron Lopez Parents, Who Are They?

Laura Barron Lopez Parents, Who Are They? The CNN Political Analyst Will Be Joining PBS News in the Coming Weeks

A frequent contributor to the “CNN Political News” section, Laura Barron Lopez is a recognizable face. She is one of the rising young political journalists in the United States, and she is also an advocate for the rights of immigrants in this country.

The fact that so many well-known news outlets get to collaborate with her is seen as an honor by those outlets. Due to the fact that she is so dedicated to journalism and has so much passion for the field, Laura is admired by both the news team and the audience. She is one of the most well-known journalists and has raked in a substantial amount of money over the course of her career.

Who Are Laura Barron Lopez Parents?

The amazing success that Laura Barron Lopez has enjoyed in her work as a journalist may frequently be attributed to her parents. Throughout her journey, she has received a great deal of support from them, and she values what they have to offer her.

Her father, Roberto Lopez, made the decision to move his family from Mexico to the United States in the hopes of providing his daughter with a more advantageous future. Their move turned out to be a good one, since Laura is quickly becoming well known around the country as a result of the transfer.

Lopez is more focused on her profession and does not reveal a significant amount of her personal life on social media due to the fact that she is more private about it. Additionally, you may find her on Instagram under the handle @lblpolitico; however, she has only 15 postings to her name.

┬áLaura Barron Lopez’s Age and Ethnic

Laura entered this world on February 8, 1995, and she is now 27 years old. She was born in the United States to parents who were originally from Mexico yet she has Mexican ancestry.

She spent her childhood in the United States despite having been born in Mexico. Laura was born and reared in California, and she received her secondary education at the California High School.

She attended California State University and obtained her degree in Political Science after completing her studies there. As a result of the nature of her work as a journalist, she currently resides in the District of Columbia.

Laura Barron Lopez, a journalist and analyst for CNN

PBS NewsHour’s Laura Lopez covers the White House as a correspondent for the program. Since 2019, she has been contributing her expertise to CNN as a political analyst. Previously, Lopez established her reputation as a White House writer for Politico, where she worked for several years. In addition, she has previous experience working for The Hill, HuffPost, and The Washington Examiner.

Since June 13 of this year, she has been covering the program that is put on by the Biden Administration. Yamiche Alcindor, the previous NewsHour correspondent, decided to leave her position and join NBC News, therefore Lopez took over for her in that capacity.

Through her Twitter account, @lbarronlopez, Laura Barron Lopez made the announcement that she would be covering the White House for News Hour. PBS News Hour has stated, in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, that Lopez will have the ability to uphold the legacy of confidence that its viewers have placed in the program and to lift a well-informed democracy.

During the time that she worked at Politico, she made major contributions to bringing attention to social issues such as sexism, discrimination, and the empowerment of women. At the Politico’s Women Rule Summit, Laura presided over a panel discussion on the women who are driving the Democratic presidential bids for 2020.

While everything was going on, Lopez also kept up her profession as a political analyst for CNN. Additionally, she has been a guest lecturer at the University of Chicago, where she has served as a source of motivation for recent journalism grads.

Her distinctive approach to story-telling and the in-depth reporting that she has a passion for both distinguish her as an exceptional journalist.

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