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On this page, you can find out about Lalit Modi’s net worth, biography, wife, age, height, weight, and a lot more.

In 2022, Lalit Modi has a net worth of $580 million as a businesswoman and cricket administrator. Lalit Modi is a well-known and successful person in India. He is a very successful businessman who has reached many important milestones in his life. Lalit Modi is known all over the world for starting the Indian Premier League and being its first chairman and commissioner. He has worked at the Cricket Board of India in some very high positions.

From 2007 to 2010, Lalit Modi was in charge of the IPL. From 2008 to 2010, he was also the chairman of the Champions League, which made cricket very popular in the country. Lalit Modi was the vice president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India from 2005 to 2010. (BCCI). He has also worked for state cricket groups in more than one state. Even so, in 2013 he was found guilty of bad behavior, financial problems, and lack of discipline. Later, he went into exile in London, where he lives now and is in charge of running Modi Enterprises and Godfrey Philips India. You might also be interested in Mukesh Ambani Net Worth.

Lalit Modi
Lalit Modi

Lalit Modi’s wealth

Lalit Modi is an Indian businessman who has made a lot of money and gained a lot of respect during his career. He used to be the head of cricket in India, and he was the one who came up with the idea for the Indian Premier League, which is now the biggest cricket league in the world. He started the IPL, was its chairman, and was in charge of running it.

He also worked for the BCCI and for a number of state cricket organizations. He also comes from India’s most successful business family, and he is the managing director and president of Modi Enterprises. It is thought that he is worth about $580 million.

Home: Lalit Modi is an Indian businessman with a lot of money and success. Even though he has been forced to live in London for a few years. He still owns many properties in India, London, and other places, though.

Lalit Modi owns some of the most expensive and flashiest cars in the world. His collection of expensive cars includes a Ferrari 488 Pista Spider, a Lamborghini Gallardo, a McLaren 720S, a Rolls Royce Phantom, a Cadillac Escalade, and more. Read about Bernard Arnault’s wealth.

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Lalit Modi Biography

On November 29, 1963, Lalit Modi was born in the Indian city of Delhi. Lalit Modi was born into one of India’s most successful business families. Gujar Mal Modi, his grandfather, is the main person who started the Modi Group Business Conglomerate and the town of Modinagar. Later, Lalit Modi’s father, Krishna Kumar Modi, took over and ran the business perfectly. He grew its reach and success.

Lalit Modi also has a sister and a brother, with whom he spent most of his childhood. Even so, he was moved to Shimla and then Nainital because there were rumors that he would be taken away. He moved to the USA in 1983, after being kicked out of high school. Modi lived in the United States for three years. In 1986, he moved back to India. He soon began running the family business. Must find out how much Larry Page is worth.

In 1993, Lalit Modi opened Modi Entertainment Networks, which was his first business. He set up MEN with money from the business his family owned. Later, the company signed a 10-year deal with Walt Disney Pictures to show Fashion TV and other Disney shows in India. The next year, his company was able to get a 10-year deal to sell ESPN all over India. But ESPN didn’t renew the contract, and Fashion TV took his company off the contract as well.

After his business ideas failed several times, he soon joined the family business. Lalit Modi thought about starting a cricket league in India while he was in the U.S. Later, in 1999, he suggested the Indian Premier League, but it was turned down by the board. He decided later to join the board and start the league. He was first president of the Himachal Cricket Association, then of the Punjab Cricket Association, and then of the Rajasthan Cricket Association. Read about how much money Gautam Adani has.

Modi became the vice president of the BCCI in 2005. Later, in 2008, he was the founder of IPL. He was also put in charge of the Champions League. Lalit Modi has won many awards, and magazines like Sports Illustrated, Forbes, Times, etc. have written about him more than once.


Bishop Cotton School is where Lalit Modi went to school when he was young. He went to St. Joseph’s College after that. But he never finished school and was later kicked out. Soon after that, he moved to Pace University, where he spent two years studying electrical engineering. Later, he spent one year at Duke University before giving up on school.

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Lalit Modi is a very well-known name, and she has no doubt done amazing things in business and cricket. He started the IPL, which is the biggest cricket league in the world right now. Even though he has done a lot of bad things, which is why he has to live in exile in London, his work running cricket in India and as a businessman is truly amazing.

What is Lalit Modi’s net worth?

Lalit Modi is worth about $580 million all together.

What is Lalit Modi’s age?

Lalit Modi is 58 years old right now (29 November 1963).

What does Lalit Modi’s salary look like?

Lalit Modi is thought to make more than $20 million per year in salary.

What does Lalit Modi’s height look like?

Lalit Modi’s height is 1.73 M.

What does Lalit Modi’s wife’s name sound like?

Lalit Modi is dating Sushmita Sen at the moment.

How I grew up and went to school

Modi was born on November 29, 1963, in Delhi. His parents, Krishan Kumar Modi and Bina Modi, are one of India’s most successful business families. Charu Modi Bhartia is his older sister, and Samir Modi is his younger brother. His grandfather, Gujar Mal Modi, started the business group Modi Group and the town of Modinagar. His father, KK Modi, grew the family business by a lot. 191

In 1971, Modi went to Shimla to go to Bishop Cotton School. After that, his family moved him to St. Joseph’s College in Nainital because he was in danger of being taken away. [6] In 1980, he was kicked out of St. Joseph’s because he skipped school to go see a movie.

Lalit Modi
Lalit Modi

Between 1983 and 1986, Modi went to school in the United States to study electrical engineering and business administration. He spent two years at Pace University in New York and then one year at Duke University in North Carolina. He did not finish school at either of these places. In 1985, when Modi was a sophomore, he and three other students tried to buy $500 worth of cocaine at a motel for $10,000. The fake seller threatened them with a shotgun and stole $10,000 from them. The next day, Modi and some of his friends beat up a student they thought had set them up. Because of this, Modi was arrested on March 1, 1985, on charges of conspiring to sell cocaine, assault, and kidnapping in the second degree. Modi and another student were charged the next day. When the case was heard in the Durham County court in North Carolina, Modi pleaded guilty to the crime. Later, he made a deal that led to a suspended two-year prison sentence. Instead of going to jail, he was put on probation for five years and told to do 100 hours of community service. In 1986, Modi asked the court to let him go back to India because he was sick. His plea was accepted by the Durham County Court, and he was told to do 200 hours of community service in India. Leonard Lauder and other businessmen who were friends of Modi’s father helped him get back to India. When asked about this in 2010, Modi said, “I don’t know anything about these claims. They’ve been looked into, and nothing was found.”

In 1986, Modi moved back to Delhi and went to work for his family’s business. From 1987 to 1991, he was the President of International Tobacco Company Limited. On August 21, 1989, he was made a Non-Executive and Non-Independent Director at Godfrey Phillips India, one of the largest tobacco companies in India and a joint venture between his family’s Modi Enterprises and Philip Morris International. He was made an executive director of Godfrey Phillips India in February 1992 and stayed in that job until August 1, 2010.

Life at home

In Delhi, Modi started dating Minal Sagrani, who was only nine years old. She was the daughter of a Sindhi Hindu businessman in Nigeria named Pesu Aswani and the ex-wife of a Sindhi businessman in Nigeria named Jack Sagrani.

His family was against the marriage at first because Minal was a mother who had just gotten divorced and was nine years older than him. Modi was able to win over his grandmother, Dayawati Modi, and she persuaded the rest of the family to let him marry. The wedding was on October 17, 1991, in Mumbai. The couple moved to Mumbai because Minal was being shunned by her friends in Delhi. At first, they lived in KK Modi’s apartment in the Pedder Road area. As their family grew, they bought Minal’s father’s house in Juhu. They have a boy named Ruchir Modi and a girl named Aliya. From Minal’s first marriage, Lalit Modi also has a stepdaughter named Karima Sagrani. Minal died of cancer on December 10, 2018.

In July 2022, he said that he is dating Sushmita Sen, who used to be Miss Universe.

Early years in business

Modi used money from a family trust to start Modi Entertainment Networks (MEN) in 1993. MEN began as a 10-year partnership with Walt Disney Pictures to show some of Disney’s shows, like Fashion TV, in India. ESPN signed a ten-year deal with MEN in 1994 that was worth $975 million and made them the pan-India distributor of ESPN. His job was to get money from the cable companies in India so that ESPN could be shown on their TVs. ESPN did not renew Modi’s contract because they said he did not report all of his income. After Modi had a fight with Fashion TV’s founder, Michel Adam Lisowski, MEN also lost a contract with the network. Most of Modi’s businesses in Mumbai didn’t make money, so he got a living allowance from the company his father worked for.

Later, Modi became the President and Managing Director of Modi Enterprises, which is a family-run industrial conglomerate.

In 2002, Modi started a business in Kerala called Sixo that was an online lottery.

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