Kyle Laybutt (Rugby Player): Origin, Parents, Family & Background

Kyle Laybutt’s ancestors may be traced back to PNG for decades. What we know about them is as follows.

Kyle Laybutt is a halfback for the Papua New Guinea rugby team.
Laybutt is an Australian rugby league player who now plays for the Townsville Blackhawks. He previously played for the North Queensland Cowboys in the NRL.
He is the Blackhawks’ most-capped player and a well-known figure among the fan base.
Thousands of people follow him on a regular basis, and they are interested in more than just his work life.
With the heightened attention, some people have expressed an interest in the player’s personal life, inquiring about his family origins and parents’ details.
As a result, here’s all you need to know about Kyle Laybutt and his family.

Kyle Laybutt’s Parents

Kyle Laybutt was born into a loving family and reared by them. Mick Laybutt is his father’s name, while his mother’s name is unknown.
According to The Courier Mail, his father, Mick, works as a coach in Bundaberg.
Mick has been coaching for for two decades and has also had his share of Wests experiences.
On the other side, there isn’t much information on Kyle’s mother on the internet.
She may be preoccupied with taking care of the family while she continues to serve as the family’s glue.
As to this date, neither of them has been examined on Instagram or other social media sites.
Kyle’s Instagram account is set to private, making it impossible to track down his parents.

Kyle Laybutt Instagram

Kyle Laybutt can be found on Instagram under the handle @laybuttkyle.
Thousands of people follow the player on social media, despite the fact that his account has yet to be validated.
However, he has kept his account on private mode, thus we are unable to look at his profile or other images on a casual basis.
It’s difficult to get a sense of what he likes to do and how he spends his leisure time because he keeps his social media accounts private.

Kyle Laybutt Ethnicity 

Kyle Laybutt is an Australian citizen, but his family roots go back several generations to Papua New Guinea.
According to the reports, the traces date back to his grandparents’ period and probably even earlier.
When his grandparents owned a business in Port Moresby, the Laybutt family lived in PNG. Madang is where his grandmother comes from.
Despite the lack of specifics, the family eventually relocated to Australia and settled there.

Kyle Laybutt Love Life

Kyle Laybutt is not believed to be married, and there is no formal information about his girlfriend on the internet.
He is a person who prefers to keep his personal life matters hidden from the public eye and does not discuss them with the media.
His marriage isn’t mentioned anywhere on the internet. So far, it appears that the rugby player has not tied the knot.
Likewise, no information is available regarding his girlfriend or any other love interest.
According to these details, Laybutt looks to be alone and not dating anyone at the time, unless he has kept the subject to himself.
The fact that his social media accounts are set to private doesn’t make things any easier to figure out.

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