Kya Davey, Wife Of Daniel Davey: How Did She Die?

Kya Davey, Wife Of Daniel Davey: How Did She Die?

As a result of the carelessness of the medical staff at Shellharbour hospital, 33-year-old mother of two Kya Davey had an aortic rupture, which ultimately led to her death.

Her family was shocked to learn that the medical records describing what had gone wrong didn’t even exist until 14 weeks after they had made an official complaint to the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District. Her family was mortified to hear this news.

According to Kya’s husband, the five pages that contained the most damning evidence were absent when they finally got their hands on the documents.

Who Was Kya Davey?

Kya Davey was a mother of two children when she lost away at the age of 33 as a result of medical malpractice at a hospital. A few years earlier, she had been given the diagnosis of Marfan Syndrome, a rare multi-systemic hereditary condition that weakens the connective tissue. This sickness is caused by a mutation in the MAF gene.

Kya’s back pain compelled her to visit Shellharbour Hospital, which was the closest medical facility to the house where her family lived. According to the patient’s family, the medical staff identified a potentially fatal condition within two hours of the patient’s family’s arrival at the facility: a tear in the patient’s aorta.

Shellharbour Hospital failed to advise them that Wollongong Hospital, which was only a little over 20 minutes away, could provide medical attention for their loved one.

When the doctors recognized that Kya Davey required immediate assistance, why did it take them nine hours to get her into surgery?

Following the preliminary examination, Kya and her family were had to wait for a total of nine hours, during which time her organ began to weaken and eventually stop functioning.

After enduring an operation that lasted close to eleven hours, the young woman who was a mother to two children sadly passed away a few hours later.

Two weeks later, the medical staff that had been caring for Kya Davey admitted that she needed to have emergency surgery at a separate facility.

Kya Davey’s Family

Kya Davey and Daniel Davey have been married for a little over a year now, having tied the knot in 2021 after being together for more than ten years. They were a close-knit family that included their two kids, Caleb, who was six, and Jackson, who was eight.

The two sons had a hard time processing the death of their mother after she passed away. To make it easier for the boys to live with their mother’s departure, the family gave each of them a teddy bear as well as a message that they said their mother had written.

They cling to their teddy bears every night before going to bed, according to Kya’s husband, who stated that this is the only link they currently have to their mother. He claimed that this is because the teddy bears remind them of their mother.

Even while there is no way to know for definite that Kya would have lived, her family is adamant that she did have a chance of surviving and claims that an understaffed healthcare system cheated her out of it.

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