Kiruna Stamell: Sisters Peta And Melanie Have Dwarfism, Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Net Worth (2023), Quotes

Kiruna Stamell and her sisters Peta Stamell and Melanie Stamell grew up in Eastern Suburbs. Kiruna has two younger sisters named Peta and Melanie, and they are twins

Actress and dancer Kiruna is a professional in both fields. Her performances as the girl at the bar in The Best Offer, Cupid in Love Hurts, and a prominent role as La Petite Princesse in Moulin Rouge! have brought her the most fame.

The actor has a deep appreciation for dancing and has trained in a variety of styles, including ballet, modern dance, and tap dance. Acting is something that she became interested in while she was attending the University of New South Wales in Sydney to study dance, theatre, and film.

In addition, in 2005, she was given financial support to attend the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) and study Shakespearean and Jacobean plays.

In addition, from January 2023, the actress has been playing the role of Kristy Millar in the British television soap opera Doctors.

She was born on March 13th, 1981, and holds dual citizenship in the United Kingdom and Australia. She was diagnosed with a very uncommon kind of dwarfism when she was a child. On Twitter, Kiruna posts under the handle @Kiruna Stamell, and on Instagram, she posts under the handle @kirunastamell.

In addition to their older sister Kiruna, twin sisters Peta and Melanie also have an extremely unusual form of dwarfism.

Because of the way they looked, each of the three siblings had to spend their entire lives fending off cruel treatment because of their appearance. However, this did not prevent them from having great jobs in their respective industries at any point in their lives.

Peta Stamell
Peta Stamell

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Kiruna Stamell: Sister Peta

The Stamell sisters, Kiruna, Peta, and Melanie, were all born in Sydney, Australia, to their parents, George and Kerry Stamell. Both George and Kerry taught at the secondary level during their careers.

Peta Stamell currently holds the position of Managing Director of Little Products.

Peta Stamell is presently employed at Little Products Pty Ltd. in the capacity of Managing Director. Little Products is an Australian firm that specialises in the production and sale of children’s consumer goods, as well as products for people with dwarfism and disabilities.

Peta was employed by the BBC for a total of three years, serving as a TV and Multiplatform Production Management assistant as well as a “Ouch” Production runner. She has previous expertise in these roles. In addition to that, she spent two years working as a researcher for the BBC.

In addition to that, she was awarded first place in the Griffin Accelerator Business Grant programme for the year 2018 as well as the ACT Innovation Grant programme for the year 2017. Peta attended the University of Canberra for her studies in graphic design.

Peta and her sister Melanie have come up with the idea for the light switch adaptor, and they have begun a campaign on the website Kickstarter to raise money for it.

Those individuals who have trouble reaching the light switches were taken into consideration when the adaptor was built. The success of the campaign may be attributed to the collaborative efforts and tenacity of two sisters, one of whom is an engineer and the other of whom is a graphic designer.

Kiruna Stamell: Sister Melanie Stamell

Melanie is not just one of the company’s founders but also the product designer and a partner there. In the past, she spent eight months working in the field of rehabilitation engineering in Ireland and Wales.

She pursued a profession in the design of solutions for individuals with disabilities because she was interested in and passionate about the topic.

As part of her research, she visited a variety of establishments in Wales and Ireland that were dedicated to rehabilitation engineering. In addition, she cherished her role as a rehabilitation engineer because it allowed her to pursue a line of work that was aligned with her interests.

Melanie attended The Australian National University for both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in System Engineering. She graduated with both degrees.

During her time at school, she participated in a number of the activities that were put on by the National University Caving Club as well as the Australian National University Mountaineering Club. In addition, the engineer is responsible for the creation of a variety of outdoor adventure equipment, such as kayaks and paddles.

Both Melanie and her twin sister Peta have a deep-seated passion for easing the burdens of others wherever they can. Both of these sisters are active participants in Little People of New Zealand, a non-governmental organisation (NGO).

The Little People of New Zealand (LPNZ) is a voluntary association comprised of little people, their families, and other individuals who are concerned with the welfare of little people.

Kiruna Stamell
Kiruna Stamell

Kiruna Stamell: Husband

Kiruna Stamell married her husband Gareth in 2012. Gareth is a comedian, in addition to his roles as an actor and writer.

Berliner has been in a number of projects for the stage, as well as for television and film. In 2014, with the film Pirate and Parrot, Berliner made his debut as a professional actor.

In addition, he is well renowned for his roles in a number of other television programmes, including EastEnders, Coronation Street, and Doctor Who. He became well-known in the world of stand-up comedy after establishing himself as a renowned humorous performer.

In 2005, he launched his career as a stand-up comedian by giving performances all around the United Kingdom and Europe. Along with working with people who are abnormally hilarious, he also does stand-up comedy in a show called Cracking Up, which is financed by the National Health Service.

On Twitter, Gareth Berliner can be found as @GarethBerliner, and he currently has a total of 2826 followers. The comic can also be found on Instagram under the handle @garethberliner, where he has a total of 2778 followers. In addition to that, he maintains a personal channel on YouTube, where he posts recordings of his comedic performances.

Kiruna Stamell: Married Life

A Peek Inside the Married Life of Kiruna Stamell and Gareth Gareth and Kiruna Stamell will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary on September 22.

On the occasion of Gareth and his wife’s ninth wedding anniversary, the latter posted a photo collage to Instagram featuring the couple.

Gareth has been a life partner who is caring and supportive throughout their relationship, and he does not care about her height or the way she looks.

He claims that she is an actress who possesses all of the qualities of intelligence, beauty, and talent. The duo uploads hilarious videos of themselves dancing on their Tiktok account, which is @garethandkiruna.

On their YouTube channel, Pirate and Parrot TV, which now has 182 subscribers, the couple also creates videos geared toward children.

In addition to this, they collaborate in the role of executive producers for the company A Little Commitment Ltd., which was established in 2014.

The group puts on children’s theatre productions of the original Pirate and Parrot play on a scale appropriate for small theatre tours.

Kiruna Stamell
Kiruna Stamell

Kiruna Stamell: Bio

A unusual kind of dwarfism was present at the time of Stamell’s birth in Sydney, Australia. She trained in various forms of dance, including tap, ballet, and modern.

Stamell discovered her love for acting at the University of New South Wales, where she also studied dance, theatre, and film.

It was then that she landed her first significant role, which was in the movie Moulin Rouge! She has collaborated with some of the most prominent artistic directors in Europe as well as Australia, such as Shaun Parker.

Kiruna says that “although (my) work is significantly affected by my own experiences of dwarfism, disability, gender, sexuality… etc… no solitary discourse defines either my identity or my work” in her statement.

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Kiruna Stamell: Career

  • Stamell received financial support in 2005 to attend LAMDA to study Shakespearean and Jacobean plays. In 2009, she made her debut on British television playing the role of Phoebe Tunstall in the drama series All the Small Things, which was produced by the BBC.
  • In addition, she has played the role of Sandra Fielding on EastEnders, the lead role in Cast Offs for Channel 4, and the role of Amy in Life’s Too Short for BBC 2.
  • In 2012, the audition that Kiruna had for the television show Got to Dance on Sky 1 was broadcast, and she was selected for the show by every single judge.
  • In the film The Best Offer, which was directed by Giuseppe Tornatore and released in 2013, she also made an appearance alongside Geoffrey Rush. Later in the year 2014, Stamell made her debut in the West End with a performance at The National Theatre in Great Britain.
  • She continued her stage career with The Jamie Lloyd Company in 2019, appearing as one of the original cast members of the Olivier Award–winning production of Cyrano de Bergerac, which starred James McAvoy and was directed by Jamie Lloyd.
  • She also had a role on the critically acclaimed television drama series The New Pope, starring Jude Law, which she played on television. Kiruna’s work as a presenter on ABC’s Playschool during shutdown 2020 earned her the Kidscreen Award for Best On-Air Host in that category.
  • She also had a leading role in a performance of Them that was put on by the National Theatre of Scotland. In the year 2022, Kiruna appeared as Mathilde, the Queen’s maid and a close friend in the television series The Serpent Queen, which was produced by Starz.
  • Stamell has spent nearly 20 years of his life in England, and he has called Birmingham his home since 2011. She appears on the Ouch! podcast produced by the BBC on a regular basis as a guest host.
  • Kiruna has been an active participant in the disability arts movement for a significant amount of time, and she was one of the initial co-founders of Atypical Theatre Company in Australia.
  • Together with her husband, Gareth Berliner, she runs the production firm A Little Commitment Ltd. in the capacity of co-director.
  • Stammell made her first appearance on the BBC soap drama Doctors in January 2023, playing the role of receptionist Kirsty Millar.

Kiruna Stamell: Net Worth (2023)

Noted, Kiruna Stamell’s primary source of income comes from acting.

We are currently gathering information about Kiruna Stamell Cars, Monthly/Yearly Salary, and Net worth from reputable online sources such as Wikipedia, Google, Forbes, and IMDb, and we will update you on this information as soon as we can.

Kiruna Stamell: Age, Height & Weight

Kiruna Stamell’s age, in 2021 she will be 39 years old, her height, and her weight.

Dress & Shoe size Scroll down to get the latest updates and check out the information about our height and weight. Dress & Shoe size.

She is a well-known figure on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, amongst others. Please scroll down to get information regarding the social media accounts belonging to Kiruna Stamell.

Kiruna Stamell
Kiruna Stamell

Kiruna Stamell: Past Life

Kiruna Stamell does not discuss his private life, including his romantic relationships. Visit this page again in the near future, as we will be adding new relationship facts as they become available.

Let’s take a look at some of Kiruna Stamell’s prior partners, including exes, hookups, and serious relationships. Kiruna Stamell would rather not discuss the specifics of her marital status and her subsequent divorce.

The term “dating” is used to refer to the period in a person’s life when they are exploring the possibility of developing romantic connections with a number of other individuals.

If two unmarried celebrities are seen in public together, they are frequently labelled as “dating.” This suggests that it is not apparent if they are simply friends, exploring a more intimate relationship, or are romantically involved in a relationship; yet, they were seen in public together.

Kiruna Stamell: Quotes

  • Throughout my career I have avoided stereotypical roles for Little People (LPs) and forged a mainstream career exploring the human condition in theatre and in film.
  • I want to make the world a little bit better and for living with disability to be seen as normal and everyday.
  • I finance my life through my work as an actress. I have also become a small business owner – my husband and I have created a production company called A Little Commitment. If I couldn’t work as an actress anymore, I would have to use my imagination again to meet this latest challenge. In bad financial times I remember Shakespeare’s quote, “As long as we can say this is the worst, this is not the worst”.
  • I am proud that I have never learned to expect rudeness or prejudice. It always surprises me and stings when it happens. I don’t ever want to accept that is how I should be treated.

Short Profile
First Name Kiruna
Last Name Stamell
Profession Actor
Age 38 years old
Birth Sign Pisces
Birth Date March 13, 1981
Birth Place Sydney
Country Australia

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