Kirk Herbstreit’s Net Worth Explained, How Much He Paid By Amazon?

Kirk Herbstreit’s Net Worth Explained, How Much He Paid By Amazon?

Kirk Herbstreit is a colour commentator for college football games broadcast on ESPN and ABC, an analyst for ESPN’s College GameDay, a host of a college football television show, and a commentator for Thursday Night Football games broadcast on Amazon Prime Video.

According to the rumour, the analyst will receive $10 million in annual compensation for his new agreement with Amazon Prime.

As a result of his work in television, he was presented with five Sports Emmy Awards in a variety of categories. The commentator was also involved in EA Sports’ NCAA Football as a pundit up until the series was discontinued after NCAA Football 14.

Between the years 1989 and 1993, he was the starting quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes football team. The former player made a significant number of appearances for his team during his junior season, and then during his senior season, he started at quarterback.

The Amazon Prime contract currently provides Kirk Herbstreit with an annual salary of $10 million.

Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reported that Kirk’s deal would make it possible for him to call games on both ESPN and ABC, the parent company of ESPN.

As a direct result of this, Amazon has moved quickly to secure Herbstreit’s services as its chief analyst.

Due to the wording of the contract, there may have been some ambiguity regarding its legal standing. After what appears to be a successful completion of the transaction, the contract does not appear to be a problem anymore.

Although the terms of his contract with Amazon have not been made public, the NFL’s agreement with Amazon to broadcast “Thursday Night Football” will continue through the 2033 season. It is rumoured that he receives $10 million in annual compensation for his new arrangement with Amazon Prime.

Kirk called his first National Football League game in 2020 alongside Chris Fowler before joining Amazon.

Kirk Herbstreit
Kirk Herbstreit

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Kirk Herbstreit Has A Net Worth

Kirk Herbstreit is estimated to have a net worth of $14 million, according to the website CelebrityNetworth.

During his time working at ESPN, the commentator was able to earn a maximum annual salary of $2 million. As soon as Kirk started working for Amazon, his annual salary shot up to 4 million dollars.

It was in 1996 when he first started working for ESPN, and since then he has worked his way up to become the primary commentator on College GameDay. Herbstreit is an analyst for the college football games that air during prime time on ABC on Saturdays.

In 1997, he was nominated for a Sports Emmy Award in the category of “television’s finest studio analyst,” and he wrote a weekly column for The Sporting News during the season titled “Inside the Game with Kirk Herbstreit.”

In addition to being a regular contributor to and ESPN The Magazine, he has also worked as a colour commentator for the college football games broadcast on ESPN’s Thursday Night College Football. In July of 2007, he was a guest on the show Who’s Now as a panellist.

The Columbus, Ohio radio station 97.1 The Fan of ESPN has received contributions from Kirk.

After Jon Gruden departed to rejoin the team that was then known as the Oakland Raiders but is now known as the Las Vegas Raiders, it was announced that he would take over the coverage of night one of the NFL Draft for ESPN in 2018. The analyst followed his GameDay colleagues to ABC’s coverage of the first two nights of the Draft, where he was joined by his GameDay colleagues.

On March 23, 2022, the television personality was given the role of new colour commentator for the Thursday Night Football broadcast on Prime Video.

Kirk Herbstreit Was An Ohio State Football Quarterback

Kirk Herbstreit received his high school education from Centerville High School, located in Centerville, Ohio, a suburb of Dayton. Kirk was honoured with the title of Ohio Gatorade Player of the Year during his senior season with the Elks football team.

Additionally, Herbstreit was a fantastic player in the sports of basketball and baseball.

When John Cooper was hired as head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes football team in 1988, the football player was the first athlete to sign with the team. As a quarterback at Ohio State University, he earned a total of four varsity letters during his time there between the years 1989 and 1993.

After having to wait his turn as a starter behind Kent Graham and Greg Frey, he took the helm of the Ohio State Buckeyes as a senior in 1992.

In 1992, when the athlete was a senior, he assumed his role as team captain. During that season, Kirk was not only a co-captain but also the team’s MVP.

During that season, he threw for 1,904 yards, including four games in which he passed the 200-yard mark. However, the Georgia Bulldogs defeated his team in the Florida Citrus Bowl. In 1992, when Ohio State tied 13-13 with Michigan, he established a school record for most pass completions with 28 and threw for 271 yards through the air.

The careers of Kirk Herbstreit and his father, Jim Herbstreit, are intertwined in a number of significant ways.

Jim Herbstreit passed away on March 17, 2016, having been born in Cincinnati on February 17, 1939, and having lived there until his death.

Prior to moving to Highland Heights, Kirk’s father had been residing in Chagrin Falls. Kirk’s family had been there for the past six months. 1956 was the year he graduated high school, and The Ohio State University was the institution where he earned his bachelor’s degree in 1960.

His father earned three years of varsity lettering at Ohio State University, where he played defensive back, running back, and on special teams. Jim’s coaching career in college football began at Akron University, Ohio State University, and The Miami University of Ohio.

In addition to that, the ex-coach worked for Sabre System in Dayton, Ohio, where he held the position of Executive Vice President. Tennis, gardening, and the kitchen were some of Jim’s favourite hobbies.

His father served as an assistant coach at Ohio State under Woody Hayes after having played on the 1960 Ohio State team and serving as a co-captain during that season. In 1992, when Kirk was given the role of co-captain, Jim and his son became the second father-son duo in Ohio State history to hold the position of captain for the Buckeyes.

In 1993, just like his father before him, Kirk received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Ohio State University.

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Kirk Herbstreit And His Family

Allison Butler, who is now married to Kirk Herbstreit, received her education at Ohio State University. Allison was a cheerleader for Ohio State University when she was a student at her high school. At the university, she met Kirk, the man who would become her life partner.

In 1998, the couple tied the knot, and prior to meeting Herbstreit, Butler had never been in a romantic relationship of any kind.

The Herbstreit family makes their home in Nashville, which is located in Tennessee. A supporter of Ohio State University levelled an accusation against Kirk Herbstreit in 2011 that he had made derogatory comments about the university from which he had graduated. The situation deteriorated to the point where the family had no choice but to leave.

Kirk acknowledges that his success up to this point is due, in large part, to the fact that Allison has been such a wonderful wife to him.

Allison is someone who has been very significant to Kirk throughout his life, and this drives him to succeed.

They have been married for close to 21 years, and their love and concern for one another has not diminished over time. There has been no announcement regarding the end of their marriage, and both parties appear content to choose the other as their life partner.

Kirk Herbstreit Is The Father Of Four Athletic Sons

Both Allison and Kirk have been given the gift of fathering four sons. The Herbstreit twins, Tye and Jake, were born in 2000, making them the oldest of the bunch. Zak, the third of the family’s sons, was born in the year 2003. In 2006, the addition of a fourth son named Chase brought the total number of members in the family to an even higher number.

Both of the analyst’s sons are athletes who participate on their respective high school football teams. Therefore, it is likely that their father was the driving force behind their actions.

The older brothers, Tye and Jake, were members of the football team for Montgomery Bell Academy, which was named the Clemson Tigers. On the other hand, Jake put an end to his football career in June of 2021 when he decided to withdraw from the programme.

The third kid, Zak, is a supporter of the Ohio State Buckeyes football team. Montgomery Bell Academy in Nashville was also an option for the family’s third child, who also received scholarship offers from Dayton University, Tennessee Tech University, and the University of Tennessee at Martin.

On the other hand, Zak decided to attend Ohio State University, which was also his father’s alma mater. Chase is the youngest son of Kirk, and he currently attends St. Xavier High School, where he plays quarterback.

Their youngest son made a cameo appearance on the set of the college football show College GameDay on ESPN.

Kirk Herbstreit
Kirk Herbstreit

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Quick Facts:

Name Kirk Edward Herbstreit
Date of Birth August 19, 1969 (age 53)
Birth Place Centerville, Ohio
Nationality American
Parents Judy and Jim Herbstreit
Wife Alison Butler (m. 1998)
Children Tye, Jake, Zak, and Chase Herbstreit
Net Worth $14 million


What is Kirk Herbstreit’s net worth?

Kirk Herbstreit’s net worth is estimated to be $14 million.

How much money does Kirk Herbstreit make from his new Amazon Prime contract?

Kirk Herbstreit is allegedly being paid $10 million per year for his new Amazon Prime contract.

How many children does Kirk Herbstreit have?

Kirk Herbstreit is blessed with four children: Tye, Jake, Zak, and Chase Herbstreit.

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