Kim Garam Bullying Scandal Video, Smoking Allegations

The Reddit Bullying Scandal Involving Kim Garam, As Well As Allegations Of Smoking

On Reddit and other social media sites, evidence of the bullying controversy involving Kim Garam came in the form of a video.

As more evidence of Kim Garam’s behavior as a school bully has surfaced, her name has been trending on various social media platforms. Kim Garam is a trainee from South Korea. A number of people have expressed their opinions regarding it on Twitter.

In addition to being a trainee at Source Music, she is also a part of the upcoming all-female ensemble LE SSERAFIM. On April 5, she was revealed to the public for the first time as the second member of LE SSERAFIM.

A notable South Korean trainee who goes by the name Kim Garam is once again in the public eye after photographs of her puffing on cigarettes were made public. She is facing a variety of allegations, including ones related to bullying, cussing, smoking, stealing, and drinking.

Kim Garam’s Issue at Le Sserafim

On top of that, photographs of her chat in which she insults and flirts with her friends have also gone popular on various social media platforms. Her most recent post, in which she uses a brick to beat up a friend, has gained a lot of attention online.

Instead of offering an apology, she decided to transfer to a different school. Both HYBE and Garam’s office manager disagreed with the claims of smoking and the proof presented. They assert that when trainee Kim was younger, she attended schools where she was subjected to bullying.

In addition to this, they assert that “because of her beauty and notoriety, she is the victim of vicious attacks.”

What Exactly Occurred With Kim Garam?

The problem involving the member of LE SSERAFIM Kim Garam that involves bullying is becoming more serious as additional allegations are brought to light on the internet. As soon as HYBE Label revealed his profile photos earlier this week, it was clear that Garam was a troublemaker at his previous school.

It has begun to circulate among users of the internet. In spite of Source Music’s denial of the charges, photographs and allegations of Kim Garam continued to circulate widely over the internet.

The actions of Garam have infuriated his devoted followers. As pictures of girl being bullied were posted on the internet, her claims began to receive support from a few others.

Twitter Reactions to Kim Garam’s Bullying Video

On Twitter, a lot of people responded to the bullying video that Kim Garam posted. A number of them maintain a healthy amount of skepticism regarding the accusation. On the other hand, there are many who have said things such as, “My long-lost best friend, Kim Garam, and I are back in touch. Sobbing.”

The indignation is continuing to spread over Twitter, and it does not appear that it will stop any time in the near future. It is unknown at this time whether Hybe will still permit Kim to make her debut despite the evidence that she was bullied.

There are others who maintain that Kim is blameless. On April 5 of this week, Kim made her first public appearance. Since then, she has been the subject of a great deal of speculation and chatter.

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