Khalil Everage’s Bio, Wiki, Age, Family and Net Worth in 2022

Khalil Everage’s Bio, Wiki, Age, Family and Net Worth in 2022

Despite his early age, it is anticipated that Khalil Everage will amass a respectable net worth. He is a young actor from the United States who has been in the television series Cobra Kai. The young actor is working hard in the entertainment industry to make a name for himself and is making strides in the right direction.

Chris is an important character who appears in multiple episodes of Cobra Kai. His portrayal is done by Khalil Everage. He initially became a member of the Cobra Kai, but later switched to the Miyagi-Do Karate school after realizing that the vengeful attitude of the Cobra Kai was too much for him to handle.

When he initially joins Miyagi-Do, he has a hard time fitting in because of the things he did in the past while he was a member of the Cobra Kai. However, during the course of his training in Miyagi-Do, Chris’s relationships with his fellow students deepen to the point where he counts several of them among his closest friends. This development coincides with his ascent up the ranks of the dojo.

His decision to leave Cobra Kai, on the other hand, causes a rift in his bond with Mitch, who was formerly his best buddy.


Khalil Everage
Khalil Everage

Khalil Everage’s Present Net Worth

It is believed that Khalil Everage has a net worth of $500,000 at this time. Due to the fact that he is still quite young and has not been in a significant number of films or television programs, his net worth is increasing at a rate that is considered to be average.

It has been rumored that the key actors on Cobra Kai make somewhere in the neighborhood of one hundred thousand dollars per episode, but it is possible that this is not the case for Khalil because very few people were on the list, and it did not include Everage.

In addition to Cobra Kai, Khalil has been successful in a number of other endeavors, including Beats. The young actor from the United States is one of the most important members of the Beats cast. In the film Beats, Everage portrays the role of August Monroe, an adolescent boy who isolates himself from society after witnessing the murder of his sister.

In one of the podcasts, Khalil revealed that he is presently residing in the home that he has purchased for himself. It is unknown whether the actor has participated in any corporate endorsements because he does not keep an active presence on Instagram.

In 2019, he attended the American Film Festival on Miami Beach, where the world premiere of the movie Chicago took place. It was his first time walking the red carpet. IMDB gave the movie Beats a rating of 6.5 out of 10, reflecting the positive reception the film had from audiences. Khalil Everage

Family Members Of Khalil Everage

Khalil Everage came from a home that was both encouraging and spiritual. It was their father’s tradition to accompany them to church on Sundays, so he made sure that he and his children never missed a service.

Unfortunately, Khalil’s father passed away; Khalil’s father was an active member of the church and used to sing in the church choir. Khalil’s father was one of the members who sang in the church choir. The family of Khalil has a strong musical background; his uncle Jonathan McReynolds is a gospel singer who has been nominated for a Grammy.

Because Khalil’s father was such an avid sports enthusiast, Khalil learned everything there is to know about sports from him. Everage’s primary interest was in football. His entire family has a strong spiritual background, and both of his parents are active in the church.

After Khalil’s father passed away, the church also held a memorial service for him. The church said that Khaldun’s life had an impact on their own lives and that of their church. Even though he was associated with a number of well-known groups, he served that church with an attitude of modesty and a genuine desire to be of service. He made an imprint on us that will stay forever, and we will miss him very much.

His father had been in the marines in the past, his mother was a teacher who worked for school management organizations, his father upheld a high standard of discipline in the family home, and his children did not grow up in an environment filled with hatred.

Everage and his character, August, from the show “Beats,” have a number of characteristics. Everage is sympathetic to August’s desire to withdraw from the world and spend time alone. After witnessing the murder of his sister at the hands of a shooter, August is inconsolable throughout the course of the movie. 2012 was the year that gun violence claimed the life of Everage’s father, Khaldun Everage, a well-known community outreach specialist, as well as a number of Everage’s acquaintances.

When Did Khalil Everage Make His Debut?

On January 6, 2001, Khalil Everage was born on the South Side of Chicago. His date of birth was specified as 01.06.2001. As a result, he will turn 21 years old on the first of the year 2022. Dina McReynolds and Khaldun Everage are his parents, and he was named after his father. Additionally, the small child was born in the United States and is of African-American ancestry. On the other hand, little little is known about his religious beliefs and practices.

While Khalil’s father is involved in the business world, his mother holds the position of chief academic officer at Chicago’s School Management Organization. Along these lines, he spent his childhood years living close to his older sister Khylah Imani Everage, a graduate of Howard University.

Khaldun Everage’s Education

The young actor is exceptionally talented, and he also puts a lot of effort into his academic work. He received an honorable discharge from the Chicago High School for the Arts after completing his high school education there. In order to further his education, he has signed up to attend the ChiArts School in Chicago, which is located in the state of Illinois.

How Did Khalil Everage Become Popular?

Khalil’s dream had always been to make an appearance on television, where people could see him and identify him for who he was. In order to accomplish this goal, he would put on acts and pretend to be a variety of musicians. Ever since he was a young child, he has always had a strong interest in performing. After that, his relatives and his parents assisted him in achieving his goal of obtaining a job in the entertainment industry.

In 2018, Khalil made his debut in the acting world by playing the role of Shawn in the short film Karma. Later on, as a result of his participation in a number of films and television shows, his acting potential became widely recognized. He played the roles of Little Big Man, August Monroe, and Chris in the films The Chi, Beats, and Cobra Kai, respectively. On top of that, Everage is currently swamped with the production of The Crusades, which is keeping him engaged.

Khalil Everage’s Girlfriend

Khalil Everage, a young man who just turned 21 years old, is currently unattached and looking for a companion to either marry or become his girlfriend. He hasn’t met anyone who he would be interested in going on a date with. Because the actor appears to be so preoccupied with furthering his business, it does not appear that he is giving any thought to personal or romantic matters.

In addition to this, the man did not include him in any of his social activities. Therefore, attempting to forecast what would take place in his interior life is analogous to looking for a needle in a pile of grass. On the other hand, current rumours claim that Indiana Massara and Khalil (Cobra Kai) will be joining the cast of his upcoming film “The Crusades.”

Even though the movie’s actual plot has not been revealed, there are rumors that Everage and Indiana have known each other for a substantial amount of time. This is despite the fact that the movie has not been shown yet. As a direct consequence of this, it is hoped that examples of chemistry in real life will become available in the not too distant future. However, Khalil does not currently have a girlfriend and may be described as a single man at this time.

Is Khalil on Instagram?

Khalil has only relatively lately broken into the world of celebrity and the entertainment sector. As a result, it is going to take some time for you to become a social media celebrity like so many other well-known people. At the moment, the actor’s only online presence is on Twitter, where he goes by the name @khalileverage1. There are currently only roughly 837 people following him. In addition, Khalil does not yet have an account for either Instagram or Facebook.

Khalil Everage’s Net Worth

According to several recent predictions in the media, Khalil’s wealth in 2022 is predicted to be close to $1.5 million. At the moment, the source of the majority of his wealth comes from his acting career as well as endorsements. In addition, the performer is compensated with a sum that, on average, falls somewhere between $21,000 and $215,000 dollars.

What is Khalil Everage’s Height?

Everage is about 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 78 kilograms. His hips, waist, and chest all measure 40 inches, whereas his waist measures 34 inches, and his chest measures 40 inches. The circumference of Khalil’s biceps is 16 inches, and he wears a size 8 in the United States. In addition to that, the young actor has dark brown eyes and black hair.

Wikipedia Bio Of Khalil Everage

Khalil Everage debuted in a role of significant importance in the film Beat. Prior to that, Everage completed his secondary education at Chicago High School, where he majored in art.

On “The Chi,” he played a supporting character, and on the web series “Cobra Kai,” he appeared in multiple episodes. Following a drawn-out audition process, Everage landed his first major role in the television show “Beats.”

Everage and his family are active members of the church where Patti K. Gill, an owner of Gill Talent Group, first encountered Everage. Gill described Everage as a natural performer who has a “huge future” ahead of him.

“He has an easy-going, effortless attitude. “A lot of times, kids are nervous, especially when it comes to acting, however he had a very natural talent, and I feel that’s what stuck out with the casting directors,” Gill said. “He has an easy-going, effortless attitude.”

Both Everage and the characters he created for the show “Beats” come from similar upbringings. He comes from a musically talented ancestry. Both of his parents and one of his uncles were musicians.

According to the information that we have on file, Khalil Everage may not be single and has not been engaged in the past. As of the month of May 2022, Khalil Everage is not involved with any other person.

Record of Relationships: We do not have any information regarding previous relationships for Khalil Everage. You might be able to assist us in compiling the date information for Khalil Everage!

Khalil Everage
Khalil Everage

Interesting Facts About Khalil Everage

Name Khalil Everage
Age 21
Net Worth UNDER $500K
Parents Dina And Khaldun Everage
Famous As Chris In Cobra Kai


What Is The Net Worth Of Khalil Everage?

He has not played in many movies and series, so his net worth is growing at a normal pace. Judging from Khalil’s appearance in films and series, he may have around $500k in net worth.

Who Are Khalil Everage Family?

Khalil Everage was from a supportive and spiritual family. He and his siblings visited church every Sunday because their father used to take them.

Has Khallil Everage Walked Down On Red Carpet?

Yes, Khalil first walked on red carpet on 2019 for the Chicago movie’s world premiere.

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