Khaby Lame (TikTok star) revealed his secret for not speaking

Some of the best-paid content creators on different social media platforms got their start on TIKTOK.

After overtaking Charli D’Amelio as the most followed person on TikTok, Khaby Lame’s popularity is growing without him ever saying a word.

Khaby Lame’s videos on TikTok have made him famous without him ever having to say a word.

Why doesn’t Khaby Lame, a star of the TikTok app, talk?

Khaby Lame’s funny TikTok videos have gone viral.
He puts his famous wide-eyed look and hand gesture in videos that make fun of life hacks, magic tricks, and everyday things. He also makes videos of himself dancing.
The 22-year-old, on the other hand, has been getting likes without saying a single word.
Lame told CNN in an interview, “I got the idea because I saw these videos going around, and I liked the idea of making it easier to understand.”

Khaby Lame’s girlfriend

Everything we know about Khaby Lame, a star on TikTok
“The kind of move was random, but the silence wasn’t.
“I came up with a way to reach the most people possible. And the best thing to do was to keep quiet.”
Khaby speaks English and Italian very well, even though he is always quiet in his videos.
He said that his facial expressions were what made him so popular.
Lame went on, “This simplicity makes people laugh, and I love it.”

Khaby Lame followers

In June 2022, Khaby got more followers than anyone else on TikTok.
Former No. 1 Charli D’Amelio, who had 142.8 million followers, fell to second place because of him.

“If you want to laugh, you’re in the right place,” his bio says.

Khaby Lame in front of the Boss show at Milan Fashion Week

As of 2022, Social Blade says that Khaby gets almost 100,000 new TikTok followers on average every day.
His Twitter handle is @khaby.lame.
He has more than 78 million followers on Instagram. @khaby00.
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Khaby Lame net worth

Techie Gamers says that Lame’s net worth is probably around $5 million.
Among his partnerships are:

Netflix Barilla, an Italian food company Dream11, an Indian fantasy sports site

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