Know Bling Empire Cast Kevin Kreider’s Parents, Family and Ethnicity

Know Bling Empire Cast Kevin Kreider’s Parents, Family and Ethnicity

The relationship between Kevin Kreider of Bling Empire and his father, Mark Kreider, is one that is very strong and healthy.

The popular series Bling Empire on Netflix depicts the lives of young Asian Americans who are extremely wealthy and who live in the city of Los Angeles.

Kevin Kreider, a lifestyle influencer who was adopted by white parents and raised in Pennsylvania, has Korean ancestry but does not identify as having Korean heritage. He was the only member of the ensemble who did not come from a privileged background like the rest of the cast did when he was growing up.

While the rest of the cast is out partying, shopping, and working on their relationships with one another, Kevin’s stories are centered on his family history and genealogy. As they dug deeper into his past throughout the first season of “Bling Empire,” both he and the viewers learned more about the adoption process that he went through.

Kevin Kreider
Kevin Kreider

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Meet Kevin Kreider Parents

The biological parents of Kevin Kreider are originally from Korea, while the adoptive parents brought him up in the United States. His father, Mark Kreider, worked in the auction industry for many years, holding positions such as managing partner at Auction Management and president at Manheim Imports.

On his Instagram account, you can find a number of pictures that he has uploaded of himself and his mother.

According to what Kevin revealed in the episode, he was born in Seoul, South Korea; however, when he was a young child, he moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, after being adopted by a white family.

Aside from that, Kevin does not have a lot of knowledge about his parents. During his time in Bling Empire, he submits his DNA to analysis and finds out that he was born in Seoul and that his ancestry is both Korean and Japanese.

He also learns that after his birth parents deserted him, his grandfather took him in as a child and raised him as his own. Luke Kreider is his brother, and Kevin claims that he couldn’t have asked for a more loving and supportive family than the one he has.

Until he was in his 20s, he stayed with his adoptive family in Philadelphia until he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in modeling there. Kreider was born on August 21, 1983, making him 38 years old currently. In point of fact, we were there to witness him celebrate his 36th birthday in 2019 while he was filming Bling Empire.

Kevin Kreider’s Family

Kevin’s interest in his family’s past ultimately led him to undergo regression therapy.

Later on, Kevin’s interest in his family history led him to undergo regression therapy. During this process, he drew on feelings from his youth that he had long since forgotten in order to determine whether or not he could remember his biological parents.

As a direct result of the session, Kevin was able to recall his trip from South Korea to the United States as well as a birthday celebration that he had with his birth family. The floodgates of Kevin’s emotions opened up when the therapist questioned him on his capacity to recall the feelings that were going through his soul as his birth mother prepared to give birth to him.

He had a severe breakdown as he recalled his mother’s thoughts about having no children and her fear of getting pregnant. He also recalled his mother’s fear of getting pregnant. He was able to put the past behind him even though he did not discover very much information about his biological parents.

He was raised in a family that was middle-class.

In an interview with The Independent, Kreider explained that he had always considered having an annual income of more than $100,000 to be a sign of accomplishment, despite the fact that he had grown up in a middle-class family in Philadelphia.

The reality show personality asserted that after 14 years of experiencing one setback after another, they had finally reached a point of stability. When Kreider was working as a personal trainer in Philadelphia, he placed an unhealthy amount of emphasis on increasing his size, which had an adverse effect on his mental health.

After working with the same clients for a few years in Philadelphia, he then uprooted his life and relocated to New York. Later in life, Kreider decided to pursue a career in modeling after being encouraged to do so by a number of influential people, including Ford model Daniel Liu and Godfrey Gao, who was dubbed the first Asian male supermodel in the world.

Kreider ran up approximately $26,000 worth of credit card debt over the course of his spending. During this time, he experienced hair loss as a direct result of stress, which served as the impetus for him to make his mental health and well-being a priority.

He did make some progress toward paying off his debt on occasion, such as in 2012 when he booked his first significant commercial and applied his entire US$5,000 (S$6,600) paycheck to it. This allowed him to make some headway toward his goal of eliminating his debt. In 2014, he was finally able to settle the debt, after having spent the previous year chipping away at it and ultimately being forced to relocate back to Philadelphia.

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What Is Kevin Kreider Net Worth?

According to the publication Lifestyle Asia, Kevin Kreider is said to have an estimated net worth of ten million dollars.

Kevin debunked the idea in an interview that was conducted exclusively for E News. Even though we were unable to find more specific information on his net worth, it does not seem likely that a multi-millionaire would claim to have shared an apartment with housemates for only $1,000 per month. This is because such a claim is inconsistent with the lifestyle of a multi-millionaire.

Significant contributions to his income have come from major brand endorsement deals as well as modeling. In addition to appearing in advertisements for Gillette and Peloton, he has also been featured in publications such as Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness. In addition to that, he is a lifestyle and nutrition coach.

In addition to his role as an influential figure on social media, he is also a motivational speaker. In 2018, he delivered a TED Talk under the title “Redefining Asian Masculinity,” which contributed to his rise to prominence. He describes how he was teased because of his slight build and Asian lineage because of how he looked.

In addition to that, he is a model, and his work has been featured in magazines such as Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness, as well as commercials for companies such as Peloton and Gillette.

In addition to that, he has made appearances on a number of different television programs, such as “Dating After College” and the documentary “The Ugly Model.” He was the first Asian-American employee at the Abercrombie and Fitch store in New York City to greet customers upon their arrival.

In Addition, He Is a Businessman
He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of his own business, which he founded. As the Chief Executive Officer of Taejin Entertainment LLC, he spends a significant amount of his time cultivating his professional network, business, and brand. He is pleased with both his professional and personal life.

In addition to this, Kevin broadened the scope of his company and established Be More Matcha. The firm markets its matcha supplements as the most effective means of achieving a higher level of organic energy.

His fans will be happy to hear the news that Kevin has in fact been cast in the upcoming film Asian Persuasion, which will be released soon.

According to Variety, Jhett Tolentino, who has won three Tony Awards and a Grammy, will be directing the film, which tells the story of a chef who tries to marry off his ex-wife so that he can stop paying alimony. Tolentino has also won three Tony Awards. Kevin is going to show off his comedic side, which is appropriate given that the movie is a romantic comedy.

Aside from working in the entertainment industry, one of his life goals is to devote himself to assisting other people. He is concerned with making sure that other people are able to give their full attention to their own growth and wellbeing. He offers assistance to them in every facet of their lives, from their exercise routines to their overall health and everything in between.

Kevin Kreider In Bling Empire

In the pilot episode of “Bling Empire,” 37-year-old Kevin Kreider makes his first appearance. Kevin’s approachable demeanor and undeniable charm have won over the hearts of viewers of the show “Bling Empire.” Kevin is arguably the cast member who is the most accessible to the audience.

The native of Philadelphia is the only member of the cast who does not blend in with the glitzy and celebrity-studded atmosphere created by his fellow actors. Kevin has always added a touch of his own personality to what would otherwise be a ridiculously fake program.

The model acts as a lens through which the audience can project themselves onto the program; as a result, they become all starry-eyed whenever one of his co-stars flaunts their ludicrously extravagant fortune on the show.

Through the course of the season, Kevin displayed a level of compassion that set him apart from his castmates, who were typically more concerned with the glitz and glamour of everyday life.

Whether it was comforting Kelly Mi Li as she struggled in her relationship with Andrew or connecting with Kim Lee over their domestic issues and assisting her in finding her biological father, his participation added a human touch to the otherwise outrageously frivolous program. Kelly Mi Li was comforted by his presence as she struggled in her relationship with Andrew.

Are Kevin Kreider and Kim Lee Dating?

During the course of the show, Kevin and Kim Lee developed a stronger romantic connection; however, this did not indicate that Kim was Kevin’s girlfriend at any point.

Despite the fact that Kevin and Kim had feelings for each other that went beyond Kim simply being Kevin’s girlfriend, they decided against making a long-term commitment to one another.

Even though Love on the Spectrum has ended, Kevin and Kim haven’t stopped being friendly with one another; they continue to leave comments on each other’s Instagram posts and continue to follow each other.

When it comes to his present partnership and relationship, Kevin seems to be more interested in discussing his career and the field in which he works. As a result, we can safely assume that he is not in a committed romantic relationship at this time.

On the other hand, there is a possibility that Kevin is looking for the perfect companion and that he will soon find someone with whom he can share his life and have experiences that are significant to him.

Kevin Kreider
Kevin Kreider

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Quick Facts About Kevin Kreider

Full Name Kevin Taejin Kreider
Profession Actor and fitness model
Birth Date August 21, 1983
Age 37 years old
Birth Place Seoul, South Korea
Father Mark Kreider (Adoptive)
Nationality American
Siblings Luke Kreider (brother)
Zodiac Sign Leo
Ethnicity Asian-American
Known For Bling Empire
Net Worth $10 million


Who are Kevin Kreider’s parents?

Kevin Kreider has biological parents from Seoul and adoptive parents from America.

Who is Kevin Kreider’s father?

Kevin Kreider’s adoptive father Mark Kreider is also a businessman.

Did Kelly and Kevin get together?

Kevin Kreider, Kelly’s co-star, made it plain that he had feelings for her, but Kelly

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