Keon Jackson Murder: Where Are Laquan Paskel and Morgan Tollefson Now?

When gunshots were heard in the middle of the night in Hot Springs, Arkansas, in what seemed to be a quiet neighborhood, the police went to a neighborhood where people lived.

Keon Jackson, who was young and had a family, was hurt and later died. The show “The Murder Tapes: Midnight on Autumn St.” on Investigation Discovery is about how the police found the killers and how their stories helped them figure out what happened. So, if you’re interested in the same thing, we can help you out.

How Did Keon Jackson Die?

At the time of the incident, Keon Lashawn Jackson was a 21-year-old Hot Springs resident. He loved his girlfriend, Carrie, and the two of them planned to raise their son together. Things seemed to be going well for the young couple, but tragedy shattered all of their hopes and dreams and left a young child without a father.

On March 23, 2019, at about 2:20 a.m., police were called to a street in Hot Springs where a man was said to be lying in a pool of blood. Keon was found by the police outside of some apartments. He was bleeding heavily. First responders tried to help him, but in the end they said he was dead. On the right side of Keon’s neck, a bullet had hit him. Even though people said they heard gunshots, they didn’t see anything.

Who put Keon Jackson to death?

According to the show, Carrie told the police that she and Keon were getting ready for bed right before the accident. But someone named Morgan sent him a message on Facebook saying that they wanted to buy marijuana. So, Keon left but never returned. The police found Morgan Tollefson and brought her in to talk to her about what happened. At first, she said that she had texted Keon because a friend of hers named Booman had asked her if she could get him some marijuana.

Morgan said that Booman would pay for it and that she should call Keon to set up a meeting. Morgan saw Keon’s car in a parking lot. As she opened the passenger side door, she said that Booman and another man had come up to the driver’s side. Morgan said that Booman shot Keon four or five times, and Keon got out of the car by crawling out the door on the passenger side.

Morgan then said that Booman had gotten into Keon’s car, grabbed her, and driven away. Booman parked it in an empty lot and looked for weed in it, but didn’t find any, so they left it there. Booman ran away on foot and left Morgan in the parking lot. The police then found out that Booman was Laquan Paskel, who was 18 at the time. They tracked him down to his mother’s house and arrested him there. He first asked for a lawyer, but later he admitted what he had done.

Laquan said that Morgan sent him a text message on Facebook and said that she knew someone they could set up and rob. When they got to the meeting place, Laquan walked up to the driver’s side door, opened it, pointed a gun at Keon, and told him to give him “everything he had.” Laquan said that Keon was going for his gun, so the 21-year-old was shot by Laquan. When Keon got out of the car, Laquan took Morgan with him and left the car in an empty lot.

Where are Morgan Tollefson and Laquan Paskel now?

When the police heard Laquan’s story, they thought Morgan was more involved than she had said at first, so they brought her in to talk to her. According to the show, she said she planned the robbery and that Keon’s car did not have a gun. Laquan admitted to killing someone in the first degree and stealing a lot of money in July 2020. He got 40 years for each count, to be served at the same time.

The East Arkansas Regional Unit in Brickeys, Lee County, is where Laquan is still being held, according to prison records. In March 2047, he will be able to get out of jail. Morgan, who was 20 at the time, also pleaded guilty to the same charges in April 2021. She got 25 years for killing someone and 10 years for stealing. Morgan is doing her time in Newport, Arkansas, at the McPherson Unit. In September 2036, she will be able to get out of jail.

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