Kento Yamazaki (Alice in Borderland): Does Arisu Die in the Series?

Kento Yamazaki (Alice in Borderland): Does Arisu Die in the Series?

The main character, Ryohei Arisu, is played by Kento Yamazaki in the Netflix survival action thriller series Alice in Borderland, which is based on the popular Japanese manga of the same name written by Haro Aso.

Alice in Borderland is a survival story with a thriller element. Arisu was a directionless kid in the old world. He didn’t have a profession, and he preferred to spend his days playing video games rather than doing anything else.

After he and his pals Karube (played by Keita Machida) and Chota (played by Yûki Morinaga) arrive in the Borderlands, he finds that in order to stay alive in this place, he would need to take part in some dangerous games.

Arisu rapidly establishes himself as a tough opponent by utilizing the skills he has gained from playing video games. Along the road, he is unable to save either Karube or Chota, but with Yuzuha Usagi’s assistance, he is able to find the will to live (Tao Tsuchiya).

If you are curious as to whether or not Arisu makes it through the second season of ‘Alice in Borderland,’ this is the information that you need to have.

Kento Yamazaki
Kento Yamazaki

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Kento Yamazaki (Alice in Borderland): Does Arisu Die in the Series?

No, Arisu doesn’t die in ‘Alice in Borderland.’ At the end of the first season, he is one of the survivors who makes the discovery that the subway tunnel has an observation center.

The start of the second part of the game is signaled by the appearance in the sky of 12 blimps carrying banners depicting different face cards.

Almost immediately after arriving in the Borderlands, Arisu and the other players are forced to flee from the King of Spades, whose game of Survival includes the entire region.

Arisu has arrived at the conclusion that the King of Spades will leave them alone, at least for the time being, provided they engage in activities other than playing spades.

In addition to this, he is desperate to learn the truth about the Borderlands, and he is holding out hope that one of the face cards can provide him with this information.

Arisu is left with conflicting emotions as a result of her interaction with the King of Clubs. Tatta is killed over the course of the battle, despite the fact that he leads his team to victory.

In addition, the King of Clubs does not necessarily provide any information concerning the game or the Borderlands, but rather encourages Arisu to make the most out of his life and experience everything it has to offer.

During the course of their pursuit by the King of Spades, Arisu and Usagi are momentarily isolated from one another. It is during this time that Arisu learns that Aguni is still alive.

After some time, Arisu locates Usagi at the game sponsored by the Queen of Spades, and the two of them work together to safeguard a youngster, which further strengthens the bond between them.

Kento Yamazaki
Kento Yamazaki

Kento Yamazaki (Alice in Borderland): More Details

After assisting Aguni in defeating the King of Spades, the two of them make their way toward the final game, which will be hosted by the Queen of Hearts, Mira Kan, who they had both previously met at the headquarters of the Beach.

Mira, a psychologist and neuroscientist, comes close to being successful in her attempt to convince Arisu to give up playing the game by leading him to believe that his mind has concocted everything he has encountered in Borderlands as a means of coping with the loss of his two friends.

However, in order to prove to Arisu that she is real and that the events that they shared together were not a dream, Usagi cuts open her wrist. Arisu is able to free himself from Mira’s control as his instincts to protect him begin to emerge.

Following the conclusion of the game and Arisu’s victory against Mira, she, along with the other survivors, will be given the option to either become a citizen of the Borderlands or to travel back to the old world. Arisu and Usagi have both decided to support the latter.

In their final encounter with Arisu, Karube and Chota reiterate the advice given to him by the King of Clubs, which is to make the most of every opportunity and live his life to the fullest.

After a meteorite burst over Tokyo, Arisu suffers a cardiac attack and is declared clinically dead for one minute. In the old world, he discovers this information when he awakens there.

Even though he doesn’t remember much about the Borderlands, when he encounters Usagi again, he gets the impression that they have met before. This is despite the fact that he doesn’t remember very much about the Borderlands. Usagi shares the same sentiment, and as a result, the two of them decide to hang together for a while.

Arisu and Usagi eventually get married in the comic series “Alice in Borderland: Retry,” which is a direct sequel to the “Alice in Borderland” manga series.

Arisu is compelled to make his way back to the Borderlands on the very day that Usagi is scheduled to give birth to their kid.

As soon as he regained his recollections of the location, he made up his mind that he would go back to the realm of the living. In the final chapter of the manga, he is victorious and is able to win back Usagi as well as witness their daughter for the first time.

Kento Yamazaki
Kento Yamazaki

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Kento Yamazaki (Alice in Borderland): Who is He?

Arisu is a young man who does not have any goals or objectives for his life. The relationship that he has with his family has deteriorated, he does not have a job, and he is completely preoccupied with playing video games. Chota and Karube, two of his close buddies, are also caught up in the potentially lethal game along with him.

What else has Kento Yamazaki been in? The role that made Yamazaki a household name in Japan was that of Dr. Sato in the adaptation of The Good Doctor (the English-language iteration features Freddie Highmore).

In addition, he performed the role of L in the live-action adaptation of the immensely popular manga series Death Note that was filmed in Japan.

Kento Yamazaki
Kento Yamazaki

Kento Yamazaki (Alice in Borderland): Personal Life

In the beginning, Arisu didn’t have a job, was a slacker, and spent all day playing video games. However, this turns out to be to his favor after he is sent to the Borderland. There, he is able to get a bird’s-eye perspective of the games and figure out a number of facts about how game designs are constructed.

He has demonstrated that he have a kind heart. During the course of the game of tag, he made an effort to alert everyone as to the whereabouts of the tagger, which earned him praise from Usagi.

During the game with the seven of hearts, his initial reaction was not to betray anyone, but rather to try to reassure everyone and figure out a strategy to ensure that everyone would be able to survive.

He had explained to Chishiya that the reason he is still alive right now is because he is driven to return to the actual world with everyone as a result of the inspiration provided by Usagi’s remarks.

After learning that the purpose of Heart cards is to turn everyone against each other and make the winner feel like a fool, he appears to be most proficient at playing for Heart cards.

This is apparent as of the first season. After he won the game with the Seven of Hearts, he made this deduction, and later, while he was playing the Ten of Hearts game at the Beach, he used this emotional information to his advantage and won it.

He is quick-witted, agile, and very intelligent all at the same time. Even though he has established himself as the intellectual leader of the group, he is still able to compete in physically demanding sports.

Kento Yamazaki
Kento Yamazaki

Kento Yamazaki (Alice in Borderland): Early Life

  • Arisu was a gamer who was unemployed. In order to have a good time before the tournament, Arisu, Karube, and Chota get together in Shibuya.
  • They take cover in a neighboring restroom in a subway station in the aim of avoiding capture by the authorities.
  • They were paying attention to the person who was knocking on the restroom stall door, but they chose to ignore it just as the lights went out unexpectedly.
  • Upon arriving to The Borderlands, Arisu, Karube, and Chota unexpectedly observe that everyone has become very quiet.
  • As a result, they decided to step out and investigate, and upon doing so, they discovered that everyone had mysteriously vanished.
  • They make an effort to look for anyone, but they are unable to do so successfully.
  • They stand around doing nothing at the Shibuya Crossing because no one can be seen there.
  • Suddenly, a billboard lights up and displays the terrifying warning “The game is about to commence.”
  • They make their way to the location of the game and immediately begin exploring the neighborhood.
  • They wandered through the Borderline by accident and noticed that there were Borderphones lying around on a kiosk.
  • They make an effort to explore the phone and discover that it has features for a visa, a camera, and a game, but there is no feature for making phone calls.
  • The combination of Arisu, Karube, Chta, and Shibuki is known as the Three of Hearts.
  • They discover a mall to stay in while they try to heal Chota’s injury, and while there, Arisu suggests that the gang play another game to find a doctor so that they can get Chota treated.
  • After that, they locate a gaming place and participate in the game there.

Quick Facts

Alice in Borderland Main Character Name Ryohei Arisu (有栖 良平)
Ryohei Arisu Actor (Real Name) Kento Yamazaki
Ryōhei Arisu Portrayed By Kento Yamazaki
Age 24 years (as on 2020)
Date of Birth (DOB) November 3, 1996
Hometown Tokyo, Japan
Family Details Father Name:
Mother Name:
Girlfriend Name Yuzuha Usagi
Wife Name Yuzuha Usagi
Brother Name Hajime Arisu
Children Name Son Name –
Daughter Name –
Profession Gamer
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Religion TBA
Salary $500k per month
Net Worth 20M USD
Cause of Death He is alive

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