“Keaton got robbed,” say those who criticise the show, who believe the So You Think You Can Dance finalist should have won.

The season 17 finale of Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance aired on Wednesday night. It all came down to this week’s performances after weeks of competitors going up against one another, preparing different routines, and performing for the judges and studio audience. Alexis and Keaton were the two competitors who advanced to the final round.

Salomon Kim
@kimpromo Kim Salomon
fantastic season I like Alexis and Keaton equally, but don’t just let the crowd vote. Keaton deserved to win! #SYTYCD \s2 \s00:00 \s06:44
One of the two finalists won the title of “America’s Favorite Dancer” and a huge monetary reward of $100,000 in addition to the title. The So You Think You Can Dance contestants from this season, along with the judges Leah Remini, JoJo Siwa, and tWitch, performed in a group as part of the series’ grand finale.

The two winners, Alexis and Keaton, each had to perform five routines for the grand finale. They had to put on a solo, a group routine, a duet, a performance with a former partner of their choice, and an All-Star performance.

The judges’ comments were made after each performer had finished. The studio audience was given the opportunity to make the final selection based on the judge’s comments. They chose their favourite dancer of the evening after seeing Alexis and Keaton perform. The winner was determined by who received the most votes.

Suppose You Can Dance

We were all emotional when we saw Alexis and Keaton on stage together for their last performance since they were partners when the season began. • #SYTYCD

@Brianfriedman is the choreographer.

Check out @foxtv right away. 67 14

Despite the fact that viewers praised both Keaton and Alexi’s performances, Alexis ultimately won the season because she garnered the most votes from the studio audience. The So You Think You Can Dance contestant made competition history by being the first female ballroom dancer to win.

Despite the fact that many fans celebrated her victory and offered their congratulations, some fans felt Keaton should have won instead. Social media was used by viewers to express their opinions on the decision.

Keaton, according to critics of the show, should have won So You Think You Can Dance Season 17

Twitter users expressed their disappointment that Keaton’s prospects of winning the championship had been stolen. Even though Alexis could dance just as well as Keaton, several fans argued that Keaton ultimately deserved to win the competition.

RW \sRW \[email protected]
Keaton deserved to win. Never last and always offering one thousand #SYTYCD #ROBBED
@ViralC22 Carter (VC22) Carter (VC22)
Keaton suffered a robbery. #SYTYCD 2 1 clearly ought to have won.

AJ Feuerman (AJ Feuerman)
I detest being petty, but I will nonetheless do so. KEATON WAS STEALTHED! #SYTYCD

BTW, the entire season has been a complete letdown. Sigh. Bring @dizzyfeets back.
Kelly \[email protected]_

Love how Keaton was robbed, according to the vast majority of #SYTYCD fans. He is unquestionably America’s Favorite Dancer, and with charisma to spare, he will undoubtedly have a successful dance and show business career. I’m relieved he won’t go down in history as the “winner” of the show’s worst season.
9 \s1

whyyousoquiet \s @ whyyousoquiet \s#SYTYCD NOT Americas but Alexis was the crowd’s favourite dancer! From the judges (with the exception of Twitch) through the voting, this season was rubbish. Keaton had been robbed! I hope they will have enough money to cast ballots in AMERICA next year! #justiceforkeaton \s7

🌙 \s🌙 \[email protected]
Keaton was robbed! #SYTYCD 3 KEATON WAS ROBBED #SYTYCD 9 2 kristy in VA kristy in VA
Keaton was robbed by Michelle68 @Bengalsfangirl on #SYTYCD.

I’m Keisha Dupree
xstarsgoblue25x Keisha Dupree

Someone robbed Keaton. He never finished last during the entire season. Just for this episode, Alexis was America’s least favourite dancer. #sytycd \s19 \s1
Kendra \sKendra \[email protected]
Keaton was mugged. #sytycd 1 lyss yunho bandana lyss yunho bandana @lunaryuniverse

Oh my God, #sytycd Keaton deserved to win since he was robbed. Although Alexis was amazing, she felt uninspired the entire time. He brought presence and versatility to the stage. Keaton was the focus of the programme, and if Americans had the ability to cast ballots, he would have won.
25 \s2

Michelle Sara
@sarambcraft Sara Michelle
I’m not mad at Alexis… I simply don’t think it’s fair that she received so much publicity while on tour with #DWTS, Maks, and Val. How is that just? She has achieved so much success. I think Keaton was taken advantage of. #SYTYCD \s27 \s2 \sCam🌵 \sCam🌵 \[email protected]
#sytycd 36 3 Keaton was robbed
@rustinejafael Justine Rafael Justine Rafael
#SYTYCD He ought to have won tonight based solely on Keaton and Anna’s contribution.

Salomon Kim
@kimpromo Kim Salomon
fantastic season I like Alexis and Keaton equally, but don’t just let the crowd vote. Keaton deserved to win! #SYTYCD \s2

Here is more information on Keaton’s season 17 So You Think You Can Dance grand finals performance

Keaton had to do five routines during this week’s grand finale, just like Alexis did. Keaton chose to do a contemporary routine with Anna for his debut performance with a former So You Think You Can Dance contestant. While rehearsing, the two also made their connection public.

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Keaton is on the brain, as well as love.


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Leah remarked on how well they got along during their workout. The following act featured Keaton and his All-Star companion. He and Lex Ishimoto put up a hip-hop routine. Despite not being a hip-hop dancer, Keaton showed himself to be a flexible performer.

Keaton presented a modern routine and showed off his distinctive steps in his solo performance. His strongest manoeuvres were displayed in his last performance with Alexis, which featured fluid motions.

SPOILER ALERT: So You Think You Can Dance So You Think You Can Dance @DANCEonFOX

And the winner of Season 17 of #SYTYCD is… 198 29
Despite Alexis winning the season, Keaton was thrilled for his fellow contestant and sent her his congratulations. Alexis said that Keaton was the ideal brother and friend for a woman. But it’s obvious that the supporters disagree.

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