Kaylee Hartung: Net Worth Explained of Thursday Night Football Reporter

Kaylee Hartung: Net Worth Explained of Thursday Night Football Reporter

For Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime Video, Kaylee Hartung covers the sidelines. Similar to how her current position has advanced her from her long-standing career as a reporter, her yearly compensation has improved.

She was a featured journalist for Unplugged Under 40 and CBSNews.com’s daily Washington Unplugged show before she started working for Amazon in July 2022.

After completing a fruitful summer internship there, she started her career there as Bob Schieffer’s assistant, opening the road for her to advance to associate producer on Face the Nation.

The sports reporter then served as a journalist for the SEC Network for ESPN, and in 2017 she began working for CNN.

She served as a journalist and sideline reporter for that network and covered a number of collegiate athletic events, including the College Football Playoff and the College World Series. On SportsCenter, the sideline reporter also made an appearance.

Kaylee left CNN in 2019 and started working at ABC News as a journalist. She made appearances on Nightline, Good Morning America, and World News Tonight with David Muir.

Kaylee Hartung
Kaylee Hartung

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Thursday Night Football Reporter Kaylee Hartung’s Net Worth

According to Payscale, based on her work as a sideline reporter for Thursday Night Football, NFL reporter Kaylee Hartung should earn between $53,801 and $60,000. Her actual income, meanwhile, is not disclosed by government sources.

Throughout her lengthy career, Kaylee has worked with numerous reputable news agencies, such as ABC, ESPN, and CBS.

She earns between $24,292 and $72,507 based on her experience and the typical journalist salary in the United States.

What is Kayleen Hartung’s Net Worth?

Kaylee Hartung, an American broadcaster, has been a working journalist for more than 12 years. Her net worth might be between $300,000 and $500,000. This is due to her more than ten years of experience.

Her work as Bob Schieffer’s assistant at CBS at the start of her career paved the way for her employment in 2010 as a sideline reporter for college athletics.

The sideline reporter appears to be leading a respectable life and visiting many locations. She also seems to be fairly committed to her job. Most of her writings are on her work as a journalist, which is her profession. Most of them are not about the individual.

ABC News journalist Kaylee Hartung is stationed in Los Angeles. In addition to “Good Morning America,” “World News Tonight with David Muir,” “Nightline,” and “ABC News Live,” she contributes to all ABC News programs and platforms.

Since joining ABC News in 2019, Hartung has covered some of the most deadly wildfires on the west coast, been on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, and spoken with stars in the sports and entertainment industries, including Simone Biles and Natalie Portman.

Hartung worked as a CNN correspondent before joining ABC. She was dispatched due to breaking news to the Charlottesville, Virginia riots, the Parkland, Florida school shooting, and numerous hurricanes affecting the southeast. She monitored Georgia’s historic gubernatorial contest between Brian Kemp and Stacey Abrams as part of CNN’s election coverage in 2018.

Prior to this, Hartung worked as an accomplished sports reporter for ESPN. She contributed to the network’s coverage of the major college athletic events in the nation, such as the College Football Playoffs and the College World Series, by making frequent appearances on “SportsCenter” She hosted and reported for the SEC Network and Longhorn Network during her five years with ESPN.

As an associate producer for “Face the Nation” and Bob Schieffer’s assistant, Hartung started her career at CBS News’ Washington bureau. She helped to Schieffer’s research teams for the presidential debates in 2008 and 2012. For CBSNews.com, she also created, captured, and edited her own reports.

Hartung received her Bachelor of Arts in broadcast journalism and politics from Washington & Lee University. She was raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she was born.
Kaylee Hartung decided to enroll at Washington & Lee University because she had always known that journalism was her calling. She interned at NBC after graduating in 2007 and started her ascent to the top from there. Since then, Kaylee has worked for prestigious networks like ESPN and CNN, but she is currently an ABC News reporter. Discover more about Kaylee by reading the information provided below.

Kaylee Hartung’s Journey As A Journalist

Kaylee recalls her father as the best parent in the universe, but he passed away when she was ten years old. Joe Hartung died in an aircraft crash while performing in Lafayette, and the incident was widely reported in the media. When young Kaylee witnessed the CNN reporters breaking news to the public, she was perplexed as to why her father’s dying was being treated as an event. Despite the uncertainty, Kaylee was certain that she wanted to spend the rest of her life telling stories, and her future career was set in that very moment.

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Kaylee Hartung’s Dating Life

Kaylee’s romantic history is still a mystery, and she was once thought to be a lesbian. Later, she was accused of spending an excessive amount of time with Tim Tebow, but she denied the claims, claiming she saw Tom as a sibling. That does not imply that she has not made clear who she sees as the perfect companion. In 2013, Kaylee declared that she would only date someone who shared her passion for athletics. She places a lot of value on appearance, thus a polished appearance will always win her over.

When Katy Perry was nine years old, she built a vision board using magazine clippings of Selena, who had just won her Grammy. Some individuals swear by vision boards and claim that they are effective. When Katy was 24 years old, she went on to be a nominee for her first Grammy. If Kaylee had been informed she would someday work as an anchor for ESPN, she would have laughed it off since she does not hold this opinion. Kaylee most likely would not have obtained the position at ESPN if she had been putting all of her effort into doing so, as she admitted to In Register.

Kaylee Hartung’s Work

Kaylee has embraced the adage “knowledge is power” and used it into her work. No matter how brief the interview, she always performs extensive research and takes copious notes, which could give the impression that she is wasting time. Kaylee is the type of person that constantly reminds her employer that she is open to any chance, regardless of the distance she must go, because she is that passionate about her work.

Kaylee has the opportunity of traveling to various locations to deliver news from wherever it is happening as a sportscaster, and to her, it has never been an issue. Kaylee had always enjoyed visiting her relatives in the Netherlands while on vacation in Europe. She can board a plane at any time because she is an adult without a husband, kids, or pets. Her pals, whom she has to cancel on whenever an assignment arises, are the only ones who have to put up with her incessant travel.

Kaylee Hartung’s Family

Kaylee doesn’t think twice about expressing her affection for her family on Instagram. Whatever the cause, Kaylee always posts about the close relationship in her family on social media. Perhaps the death of her father when she was a child drew them together. She expresses her happiness that her younger brother has realized his dream of becoming a pilot while also wishing her mother and brother a happy birthday. Kaylee also praises her mother for aging well and setting a wonderful example for her children.

During World War II, Kaylee’s father served as a pilot and performed all over the world. The late President George H. W. Bush praised his flying abilities in a letter to Mr. Hartung, describing how the pilot put on a thrilling performance with the old aircraft. Kaylee shared on Instagram that her father received the Distinguished Flying Cross in addition to being a navy commander who flew 58 combat missions.

Kaylee Hartung Attend Washington & Lee University

When it came time to choose colleges, Kaylee was torn between Virginia and North Carolina. She frequently traveled to Virginia because she had acquaintances there and was comfortable in Charlottesville. Before Kaylee could decide on a college, a different acquaintance asked her to explore Washington and Lee. The institution ended up being the best as she was certain that journalism was what she wanted to study. She might have made a better choice if she hadn’t spent the fancy dress weekend at Washington and Lee University because she had enjoyed her time there.

According to Broadcasting Cable, Kaylee sang as a backup vocalist for Bob Schieffer’s country music group. She loved singing so much that in 2016, she even posted on Twitter that she was waiting for the band to arrive so she could resume singing.

When seeing their favorite celebs, some fans have reportedly gone as far as to pass out or remain silent. Kaylee was equally as excited to meet Jennifer Lopez as she was. Although she had previously respected the musician, Kaylee said on Instagram that she now completely admired Jennifer, describing her as the epitome of perfection. She also shared a photo of herself and Ciara along with a compliment on Ciara’s generosity and talent. Kaylee Hartung’s spouse: The NFL Reporter is married or not.

As of 2022, Kaylee Hartung is not wed and has no husband. According to reports in the media, she is also single.

In the past, there have been rumors linking former NFL player Tim Tebow with Hartung. The journalist quickly explained the matter by claiming that she thought of Tebow as a brother.

She argues that they were never romantically linked, despite the fact that she may have frequently interacted with Tim on a professional level as a result of her reporting work.

She constantly updates her verified Instagram account, where she frequently talks about her professional life. But despite her admirers’ comments asking about it, she had not made any relationship-related hints. She hasn’t posted anything on social media, though, that may suggest that she has a romantic life.

Kaylee Hartung
Kaylee Hartung

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Quick Facts

Full Name kaylee Hartung
Profession Journalist
Associated With Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime Video.
Previously Worked For CBS News, ESPN, CNN and ABC
Date Of Birth November 7, 1985
Age 36
Place Of Birth Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
Mother Julie Tucker
Height 5 feet 2 inches
Weight 110 lbs
Instagram @kayleehartung


How Much Is Kaylee Hartung Salary As Thursday Night Football Reporter ?

American broadcaster Kaylee Hartung is anticipated to have an annual salary of $53,801 in her job as a sideline reporter

Does Kaylee Hartung Have A Husband?

No, Thursday Night Football Reporter Kaylee Hartung does not have a husband and is not married.

Where Was Kaylee Hartung born?

Reporter Kaylee Hartung was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana the United States.

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