Kariselle and Joey (Perfect Match): Are They Still Together? Bio, Career, Family and More

It is always exciting to watch new relationships develop on reality TV shows, but it is also gratifying to see previously established relationships make an effort to reignite their passion for one another

The trip that Kariselle Snow and Joey Sasso took while appearing on the season of “Perfect Match” that is available on Netflix was not unique. The viewers of the dating series not only learned the specifics of their previous interactions but also witnessed the couple’s efforts to give their relationship a second opportunity.

This allowed the audience to gain a deeper understanding of their past. The question of whether or not the two are still together is one that naturally fascinates many people, and we are here to provide an answer to that question.


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Kariselle and Joey (Perfect Match): Are They Still Together?

Joey Sasso was taken aback when he learned who the female cast members of the first season of ‘Perfect Match’ were at the beginning of production on the show. He admitted that he had a sexual relationship with Francesca Farago as well as Kariselle Snow at the same time.

The winner of the first season of “The Circle” gravitated towards Kariselle while his relationship with the former looked to have fizzled out. He explained that his and Kariselle’s past was rather convoluted and extensive.

After it was made public that Joey was a member of ‘The Circle,’ the two reality stars finally had the opportunity to communicate with one another. It would appear that Kariselle messaged him on Instagram, and Joey did not waste any time in praising her attractiveness and attempting to arrange a meeting between the two of them.

Soon after, the star of “Sexy Beasts” made the trip to Los Angeles, California, where he spent an incredible evening with Joey. During the course of the performance, she divulged the story of how Joey had confessed his love for her and promised that he would wed her someday.

Despite this, the two of them did not communicate with one another for a number of months after the event.

Kariselle made the decision to give Joey a second opportunity despite the fact that it appeared at first that Joey was reluctant to commit to the relationship. Despite this, it appears that their second effort at having a romantic relationship was likewise unsuccessful.

Kariselle did not feel particularly enthusiastic about Jeoy’s participation in the Netflix series; nonetheless, she did wind up spending a great deal of time with him because he insisted that obviously the fact that they appeared on the show was a sign of fate. In the end, Kariselle and Joey came to the conclusion that they should spend the first night together.


Kariselle and Joey: In Perfect Match

During the first compatibility job, Kariselle and Joey’s joyful attitudes quickly dissipated, and they became more serious and focused. During the course of the challenge, the latter participant admitted that he evidently had not yet moved on from his previous partner, with whom he had ended their relationship approximately four years prior.

This irritated Kariselle since she could not comprehend why Joey would guarantee her a romantic involvement if he had not moved on from his previous relationships. It goes without saying that when she was given the opportunity to go out on a date with Chase DeMoor, she jumped at the chance to see how things would develop between the two of them.

Kariselle and Chase’s date did in fact go well, as shown by the fact that they entered the house hand in hand. Joey was upset by the turn of events, but he did not interfere too much with the two, even though he saw them kissing each other.

Kariselle couldn’t help but question why her partner believed it was alright to watch her with someone else, which led to an argument between her and Joey, who claimed it was okay to witness Kariselle with someone else. Kariselle did end up spending the night with Joey, despite the fact that they had a quarrel earlier.

The relationship between Kariselle and Joey didn’t completely thaw out, but they did start to make progress fairly quickly afterward. During the kissing challenge, the fact that they had both given each other a perfect score of 10 helped to strengthen their relationship in a significant way.

As of the time of this writing, Kariselle and Joey have not disclosed any official information concerning their romantic involvement. Because of the deep bond that the two have displayed throughout the show, it is possible that they are still together. On the other hand, it is important to note that they are not currently following each other on Instagram at this time.


Having said that, we have the impression that a passionate and affectionate bond such as theirs has most likely continued to exist even after the programme ended. Aside from the fact that they are now involved in a love relationship, both of these reality TV stars appear to be doing rather well in both their personal and professional life at the present.

Kariselle Snow (Perfect Match): Who Is She?

The first time viewers saw Kariselle was in the first season of Sexy Beasts, a show that has just two seasons available on Netflix. In order to determine whether or not beauty is more than skin deep, the competition requires its candidates to go through extreme makeovers that make them resemble animals, aliens, or other creatures.

Because Kariselle is experienced in both pageants and cosplay in her everyday life, this was the ideal opportunity for her to test the waters in the world of reality television. She is also a vocalist, and in 2023 she intends to release some of her music.

Kariselle’s principal occupation is that of a working model with the agency Posh Models. It makes perfect sense that Kariselle would have spent some time in late 2021 with the Baltimore Ravens Playmaker Squad, given that she had also been a cheerleader during her time at the high school where she attended.

However, Kariselle will make her first formal appearance on reality television since Sexy Beasts with Perfect Match, and it’s possible that she may become a quick fan favourite.

On this week’s episode of ‘Perfect Match,’ Kariselle and Joey get together again.

Kariselle has a propensity to speak her thoughts, particularly when it comes to other cast members, such as Chase DeMoor and Joey Sasso, who was an ex-lover of hers and is now an interest in her life.

She is also quick to show support for her female pals who are living in the home, and she doesn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that one of the male cast members has referred to Kariselle and Joey making out as their aunt and uncle making out with each other.

It’s possible that this is due to the fact that Kariselle and Joey’s prior attempt at a relationship outside of the show was unsuccessful and that Perfect Match provides them with the opportunity to try again and get their relationship back on track.

They discuss how in the past they had misjudged the timing of certain events and how appearing on the show together may be their last opportunity to truly make things work.

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Kariselle and Joey (Perfect Match): Relationship

Kariselle is much more active on social media than Joey is, despite the fact that Joey has more experience in reality television and communicating with people online. Because of this, it is difficult to determine the current status of his relationship with Kariselle.

In December 2021, Joey did post a video to Instagram reflecting on the previous year, and a brief clip of Kariselle can be seen in the background of the clip.

On Perfect Match, Kariselle and Joey don’t immediately connect with one another, but it’s still impossible not to cheer for them to get together. They have a past together in the real world, and it appears that there may be genuine feelings between them.

Okay, so it’s possible that they haven’t yet triumphed in any compatibility contests. However, there is still a chance that they will survive until the very end.

Enjoy Perfect Match by watching it on Netflix.

Joey Sasso (Perfect Match): Bio

Joey Sasso is a reality television star in the United States. He was born and raised in New York. His most notable accomplishment was participating in the first season of the reality television show The Circle.

He triumphed over the competition and took home the grand prize of one hundred thousand dollars. On February 14, the new season of the reality show Perfect Match will have its premiere, and Sasso will be one of the singles participating in the show.

Additionally, Sasso is a working actress in the industry. His early years were spent cultivating his talent as an actor. He would record his own films using the video recorder that belonged to his family.

The majority of his high school’s productions featured him in some capacity. The movie Sinister 2 and the television show General Hospital are only two examples of the films and shows in which he has appeared.

Joey Sasso (Perfect Match): Age

As of the year 2023, Joey is 27 years old. It was in the city of Rochester, in the state of New York, that he was born on December 13th, 1995.

He is Joey Sasso. Sasso’s height is approximately 6 feet 1 inch tall, according to estimates (1.87 meters).

His weight is around average for his height. He has dark hair, and his eyes are a dark brown. There will be additional information added regarding his physique measurements shortly.


Joey Sasso (Perfect Match): Family

Sasso spent his childhood in the city of Rochester, New York, where he was born. He was born to his parents, the identities of whom he has not yet disclosed to the public.

The reality star has been successful in maintaining a wall between his private life and the public eye. On the other hand, we will keep updating this information.

He is Joey Sasso. It would appear that Girlfriend Sasso is not involved with anyone at the moment. During his time in The Circle, he struck up a conversation with Miranda Bissonnette, who is also a reality personality.

It appeared as though the two were involved in a love connection, and they even kissed on camera. Sadly, their romance did not stand the test of time. However, after filming wrapped, they continued their friendship.

Joey Sasso (Perfect Match): Career

  • On the Netflix game show The Circle, which is a reality show, Sasso was a contestant in the first season. The first episode of this season aired on January 1, 2020, and the last episode aired on January 15, 2020.
  • Michelle Buteau acted in the role of host. Sasso portrayed himself in the role. He triumphed over the competition and took home the grand prize of one hundred thousand dollars.
  • On the reality show Perfect Match, one of the participants who is still looking for love is Sasso. The debut of the play is scheduled to take place on February 14th, which is also known as Valentine’s Day.
  • A number of well-known reality television personalities, such as Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere (Selling Tampa), Calvin Crooks (The Circle season 3), Colony Reeves (Selling Tampa), Dom Gabriel (The Mole), and Zay Wilson, appear on this programme (The Ultimatum).
  • The season consists of 12 episodes, each of which will be available to stream for more than a month.
  • He is Joey Sasso. The estimation of Sasso’s net worth is still being worked on. He triumphed in the inaugural season of The Circle, taking home the grand prize of one hundred thousand dollars.

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