Kanye West: Billionaire, has threatened to sue a fan-owned burger shop for using emblems without permission

Kanye West: Billionaire, has threatened to sue a fan-owned burger shop for using emblems without permission.
The proprietor of College Dropout Burgers expressed his belief that the celebrity’s decision to follow their business on Instagram was simply their way of expressing gratitude.

Kanye West, a billionaire, has threatened to sue a fan-owned burger shop for using emblems without permission.

After receiving a threat of legal action from Kanye West’s legal representatives, a burger business in Melbourne, Australia, owned by a family had no choice but to remove its menu and logo. Before the 29th of June, the restaurant College Dropout Burgers in Ivanhoe had a Kanye West theme. There was a large mural of the Grammy-winning musician at the entrance, dishes were named in his honor, and album logos were imprinted on the buns of their burgers. But on that day, the mural was painted over. In addition, the name of the store alluded to Kanye West’s first studio album, which was titled College Dropout.

On the other hand, the music artist’s legal team has recently stated that the owner used the material without their knowledge and has threatened legal action if it is not removed from the website. The pop star’s legal team threatened to sue the business if the mural was not erased, so the family-owned burger joint announced that it will be taking down its signs and painting over the artwork in response to the threat. The names “Heartless,” “Gold Digger,” and “Zingers in Paris” were given to some of the burgers as a tribute to West. After allegedly following the fast food restaurant on Instagram for several months, Kanye West took legal action against the proprietor Mark Elkhouri by filing a lawsuit against him. Elkhouri stated that he had never planned to do anything more than honor West by using some of his work, and he had believed that the celebrity’s decision to follow them on Instagram was simply a way for him to express gratitude. However, the burger manufacturer found himself in hot water with West’s legal team in a very short amount of time.

Elkhouri, who dropped out of school himself, wants to preserve the name of the company but rename his burgers in honor of other famous people who also did not complete their education. These individuals include Quentin Tarantino, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates. But he hasn’t questioned West’s loyalty, and he’s talked to 7 News Australia about how the rapper saved his life and the significant role he plays in society at a time when mental health disorders are on the rise. [C]ommenting on how West saved his life and how he plays a significant role in society at a time when mental health disorders Elkhouri is quoted as saying, “I was so committed to wanting to send out there this story of how essential Kanye West is to society.” We need it more than ever before with concerns pertaining to mental health, and especially with Kanye talking about his own mental health out there in the public eye. I personally struggled with depression many years ago, and as a result, there are ways in which one could claim that Kanye literally saved my life. I really hope that people go and check out his music library, that they go back to it and listen to it again, and that they attempt to see the same inspiration that I do. Perhaps it will be successful for them.”

In spite of the fact that Elkhouri was forced to alter the path his company was on, he has no intention of harboring any anger toward the rapper. The proprietor of the shop confirmed his support for West in response to a question about whether or not it would be appropriate to name burgers after West’s rap rival Drake. He made the statement, “I’m simply going to have to say this is what it is, and move on, move ahead.”

When Kanye West and Drake were engaged in a feud, I was on Kanye’s side throughout the entire ordeal. During the entirety of that procedure, I promised all of my employees that I would not play any songs by Drake. I am a true fan of Kanye, and if you know anything about Kanye followers, you know that we can be rather crazy in certain ways and extremely loyal. If Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are going through a divorce, then we, too, are going through one. The proprietor of the eatery continued by saying, “We do not appreciate anyone talking poorly about Kanye West.”

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