Journalist Amol Rajan’s wife, Charlotte Faircloth, and their age difference as of 2022

Amol Rajan will take over for Jeremy Paxman as host of University Challenge, according to the BBC. Since 2021, Rajan, a British journalist and broadcaster, has presided over the Today show on BBC Radio 4.

Additionally, from December 2016, Amol has worked as the BBC’s Media Editor. He has been the newspaper’s editor since June 2013, and now that he has been requested to host his preferred TV programme, he has expressed his joy at the opportunity. According to the journalist, it is a dream come true for him.

Charlotte Faircloth, a journalist, is older than her husband Amol Rajan.

2013 saw the marriage of sociologist Charlotte Faircloth and BBC journalist Amol Rajan. Rajan, who was born on July 4, 1983, is 39 years old. Although his wife hasn’t provided her birthdate, it appears that she is in her mid-thirties, putting the couple’s age difference to a few years.

Since 2021, Amol has been the host of the Today show, and since December 2016, she has also been the BBC’s media editor. After The Independent announced in February 2016 that it will stop producing a print edition and just run online, he was retained for a period as “editor-at-large.”

At the UCL Social Research Institute in the UK, his wife Charlotte teaches social science as an associate professor. She approaches parenting, gender, and reproduction from sociological and anthropological perspectives in her work.

Infant feeding, marital interactions, intergenerational relationships, and the impact of COVID-19 on family life are a few of her research interests.

At the University of Cambridge’s Department of Social Anthropology, Faircloth received her Ph.D. Her doctoral research examined women’s experiences with “full-term” nursing and attachment parenting in London and Paris.

The intelligent woman is a post-doctoral fellow working with the Foundation for the Sociology of Health and Illness at the moment. Mildred Blaxter is her mentor. At the University of Kent, she is pursuing her postdoctoral degree.

Children and wealth of Amol Rajan and Charlotte Faircloth as of 2022

Nine years into their marriage, Amol and Charlotte have three kids together. Even though the newest child just arrived, the other two are named Jamaica and Winston (son) (girl). In London, the family resides.

Rajan was born in Calcutta, India, to a Tamil father who hailed from Combaconum and a Poona-bred mother. Rajan’s father first gave him the name Varadarajan Amol, but he later changed it to Amol Varadarajan and subsequently took the surname Rajan.

When he was three years old, the journalist with Indian ancestry moved to England. South West London’s Tooting is where he was raised. He was a Hindu until he was 15, when he converted to atheism, just like his family.

Amol Rajan, a BBC journalist, wed Charlotte Faircloth, a sociologist, in 2013.

Speaking of Amol’s education, he attended Downing College in Cambridge and declared English as his major. In 2005, he worked as a team’s editor of the student newspaper, which marked the beginning of his long-term profession.

Rajan wed Charlotte Faircloth, an associate professor of social science at the University College London (UCL) Social Research Institute, who is both intellectually brilliant and stunning.

More information about Amol Rajan’s career and wikipedia

Amol Rajan started his career as the backup presenter on The Wright Stuff, a midday chat show on the Five networks, before becoming a well-known name in journalism today (Season 2006-2007). In his early years, Rajan also worked as a software researcher.

In the years that followed, he excelled in a variety of fields, including news writing, sports writing, comment editing, and column writing. In August 2007, he started working as an editor for Independent Voices at The Independent newspaper.

Amol joined the BBC in 2017, and throughout those years, he has covered a number of presenters on BBC Radio 2. In May 2017, he took over as host of The Media Show on BBC Radio 4 in lieu of Steve Hewlett, who had previously hosted the One Show on occasion.

Rajan reached a significant career milestone when he joined the BBC Radio 4 Today’s programme presenting team in 2021. When it was recently revealed that he would take up hosting duties for the BBC Two quiz show “University Challenge” starting in the fall, his joy increased even more.

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