Jesse Koz: Death Cause, Car accident video

Jesse Koz’s video and photos became popular on social media sites such as Twitter and Reddit. Jesse Koz’s death video is currently trending on the internet. We’ll tell you who Jesse Koz is and why he died in this article. And why is he so popular on social media?

Jesse Koz: Death Cause

He was a 29-year-old Paraná native who traversed the world in his 1978 white Volkswagen Beetle with his canine Shurastey, whom he referred to as his “life partner,” and aspired to see Alaska and learn more.

Jesse Kozechen, an influencer Jesse Koz, who was known on social media for touring the world in a 1978 Volkswagen Beetle with his dog Shurastey, died in an automobile accident on the Redwood Freeway near Selma, Oregon, on Monday (24). (USA).

Video of Jesse Koz’s vehicle accident

On US 199, the 29-year-old man’s car collided with a Ford Escape, killing both him and the animal.

According to local authorities, Jesse would have attempted to avoid a traffic bottleneck, but lost control of the Beetle when changing lanes and colliding with the Ford.

Eileen Huss, 62, the driver of the opposing vehicle, requested to be transported to the hospital, although the child she was with was not wounded.

Jess’ death was confirmed by her family on social media, and her relatives are now attempting to transport her and Shurastey’s bodies to Brazil.

Since 2017, Jesse has lived a nomadic lifestyle, which he documented on Instagram; Shurastey also maintained a social media account.

Shurastey or Shuraigow was the name of the travel project, a pun on the melody Ought to I Keep or Ought to I Go.

Jesse Koz was killed in an automobile accident

Jesse posed with Shurastey in Bombings Santa Catarina in 2020 to commemorate the canine’s birthday. He wrote, “5 years to essentially the most good pal I’ve ever had!”

He spoke about the animal on several times. It’s difficult for outsiders to understand that everything we accomplish together has considerably more significance than what they’ll see in the minutes shared in Tales.

he declared

Everything we’ve done together in the last five years has been built on love, commitment, respect, and faith. People always say, ‘Your connection is fantastic YES and that’s the only way it’s possible.’

Because, in addition to being my canine partner, Shurastey is my life companion, and he is with me at all times.

I do, however, particularly in places where he will feel good in some way. When the two passed through New York, he said, “at that place.”

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