Jerry Sadowitz: Who is he? How he explains the Edinburgh Fringe stand-up controversy and defends his show?

Jerry Sadowitz: Who is he? How he explains the Edinburgh Fringe stand-up controversy and defends his show?

A 60-year-old American-born Scottish comedian named Jerry Sadowitz had his second performance at the Edinburgh Fringe festival “canceled with immediate effect” as a result of criticism of the first performance’s content. The comedian’s debut performance, titled Not For Anyone, took place at The Pleasance on Friday night.

The venue issued a warning regarding the comedian’s routine before the performance started. It read:

“This episode uses harsh language and explores subjects that some viewers may find upsetting.”

Staff workers and audience members reportedly complained that several of Sadowitz’s jokes made them “uncomfortable and dangerous to remain in the venue.”

According to Metro, a Pleasance Theatre Trust representative said:

We were quickly made aware of content that was deemed to be particularly harsh in terms of its racism, sexism, homophobia, and misogyny as a result of several complaints.




Tomorrow, @RealJSadowitz will perform his stand-up show “Not for Anyone” at @ThePleasance EICC. This #EdFringe is one not to be missed!

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They added to their remarks by observing:

“We won’t associate with material that belittles people’s dignity, and the language used on stage was, in our opinion, wholly inappropriate,” the statement reads.

All about Jerry Sadowitz and his scandal during the Edinburgh Fringe

Due to the dark content of his comedy, Jerry Sadowitz, a Scottish stand-up comedian of American descent, has frequently found himself in hot water. In 2010 and 2007, voters ranked the comic as the 33rd and 15th greatest stand-up comedians, respectively.

He is also well-known for being a close-up comedian and a skilled user of sleight of hand, a performance technique employed by entertainers. In addition, Sadowitz is renowned for penning multiple books about magic.

The Daily Mail reports that Sadowitz has been prohibited from appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe festival because the audience did not like him “getting his p***s out on stage.” He allegedly also referred to Rishi Sunak, a Conservative candidate for leadership in the UK, with a racial epithet.

Junk McHubris

Junk McHubris


It’s surprising that nobody took offense at @RealJSadowitz’s countless Salman Rushdie impersonations of being stabbed in the neck and having blood pour out.

Not a powerful bit, but egregiously offensive, in my opinion.

The comedian was criticized by a female audience member who said that he called Sunak “a p***” and said that the “economy is horrible because it is managed by “blacks and women.”

The comedian has before found himself at the center of a dispute. A furious Canadian spectator attacked Jerry Sadowitz on stage during one of his performances in 1991, rendering him unconscious.

Jerry Sadowitz responded to the incident on Twitter, saying that it has been “cheapened and portrayed as hazardous, homophobic, misogynistic, and racist.” Sadowitz continued:

While I don’t always get it right, especially given how quickly I talk, and I don’t always agree with my own conclusions (! ), I am upset by those who, having never seen me before, HEAR things being shouted in the first five minutes before storming off without LISTENING to the subject.

Additionally, Jerry Sadowitz tweeted:

There’s also a lot of ridiculous, overdone sarcasm and foolishness, actual fake and exaggerated fury and hatred, and even the reason I let my d*** out was for the amusing sentence that came after it.

Sadowitz, Jerry

Sadowitz, Jerry


I put on a 75-minute show last night, and I thought it went well. Observed no walkouts. The cancellation of my show was announced today. Amazing stuff. I sincerely apologize to everyone who traveled to watch the performance tonight.



Further stating that “racist, homophobia, sexism, or misogynistic language” has no place in their establishment is the Pleasance Theatre Trust In their words to Metro:

There is a line that the Pleasance will not cross, and in our opinion, this line was crossed on this particular occasion.

Whether Jerry Sadowitz will play at the location at a later time is unknown.

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