Who Is Jeremy Sumpter’s Wife, Elizabeth Treadway? Actor Elizabeth Treadway’s Age, Wealth, and Parents

Who Is Jeremy Sumpter’s Wife, Elizabeth Treadway? Actor Elizabeth Treadway’s Age, Wealth, and Parents

The ceremony took place on October 1 in Columbia, Tennessee, and was attended by the actor Jeremy Sumpter and his wife Elizabeth Treadway.

Jeremy Sumpter is an American actor who was born in California but grew up in Kentucky. He is most known for portraying the lead roles in films such as “Peter Pan” and “Into the Storm.”

He got his start in the industry when he was a young model. Before he let his dream of being an actor take over his life, he was successful as a kid model and had a lot of positive feedback for his work. After that, his family moved to Los Angeles, which is also where Jeremy got his start in the acting industry.

His first performance in a movie was in the drama “Frailty,” and he went on to have important parts in the films “Local Boys” and “Just a Dream.”

Jeremy Sumpter
Jeremy Sumpter

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Who Is Jeremy Sumpter’s Wife, Elizabeth Treadway?

Elizabeth Treadway, the wife of American actor Jeremy Sumpter, appears to be in her 30s; nevertheless, no mainstream media outlet has ever disclosed her precise birth date.

Jeremy, who is currently 33 years old, proposed to Treadway in August by publishing a picture of the two of them smiling broadly against a backdrop of trees. Jeremy’s age at the time of their engagement was 33.

In the shot where they are showing off Treadway’s new bling, the actor has written in the text, “Yup… it’s happening:” The story was adapted for the first time into a live-action film for the first time with a real boy playing the lead role of Peter Pan.

In addition, in December of 2015, Sumpter said that he and Lauren Pacheco were engaged to be married. However, in October of 2016, he stated that they were no longer engaged and that they had broken off their engagement.

Wedding of Elizabeth Treadway and Jeremy Sumpter

Jeremy Sumpter, an actor who is 33 years old and is best known for his portrayal as the title character in the film Peter Pan (2003), wed his fiancée Elizabeth Treadway on October 1 in Columbia, Tennessee. Peter Pan was released in 2003.

Exclusive photographs from the event, which were captured by Amanda Trout of Dark Velvet Media and White Velvet Photography, feature the bride and groom striking a pose in front of an open setting that is lined with trees.

Sumpter shares the sentiment that it was “the finest day ever,” and adds, “I got to see the love of my life with all of my close friends and family.”

Sumpter shares with everyone around him the story of the wedding that took place during the Treadway Antrim Celebration. The day that “everyone enjoyed the flowers, the decorations, the food, and the location” was also the day that “I had the best day of my life.” It was perfect in every way!

The bride was dressed appropriately for the event, donning a lace-decorated gown that was strapless and featured a stunning neckline. She wore a long veil at one point, and a delicate cape that matched her gown at the other.

In the meantime, Sumpter was looking very smart in a classic dark suit while donning a boutonniere that complemented the vibrant bouquet that his new wife was holding.

Clammy grace design’s Margot and Tricia Off, who are also wedding planners and designers, say that the couple wanted an outdoor wedding “a wedding celebration that welcomes all of one’s loved ones.

Jeremy Sumpter: Who Is He?

Jeremy Robert Myron Sumpter is a well-known actor who was born in the United States on February 5, 1989. His most notable appearances include the title character in the live-action feature Peter Pan from 2003, Jacob in the catastrophe film Into the Storm from 2014, and the recurring part of J. D. McCoy in the NBC television series Friday Night Lights. Peter Pan was released in theaters in 2003. (2008–2010).



Jeremy Sumpter’s Initial in Life

Sumpter was the first child of Sandy (née Johnson) and Gary Sumpter, who raised him in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California.

He is one of three children; his twin sister’s name is Jessica, and he also has two more siblings named Travis and Jennifer.

When he was ten months old, his family uprooted and relocated to Mount Sterling, Kentucky, the town where his mother grew up.

Sumpter began his career as a model when he was 11 years old. At that time, he signed up with the International Modeling and Talent Association and began modeling in Kentucky. In addition to this, he was awarded the title of Pre-Teen Male Model of the Year, after which he signed a contract with Mark Robert to become his personal manager. After making that decision, Sumpter relocated to Los Angeles, California with his family and immediately began his acting career.

Frailty, a film released in 2001, was Sumpter’s debut in the film industry. In the film, he played a younger version of Adam Mieks, who is seen in flashbacks. As a result of his performance, Sumpter was considered for the Saturn Award in the category of “Best Performance by a Younger Actor.” After that, he co-starred alongside Danny Glover in the Showtime movie Just a Dream, for which he was nominated for a Young Artist Award in the category of “Best Performance in a TV Movie, Mini-Series, or Special – Leading Young Actor.” He ended up winning this award. His second movie was called Local Boys, and it was a drama about a family who surfed together. Mark Harmon and Eric Christian Olsen starred in it.

Jeremy Sumpter’s Career

Sumpter was chosen for the part of Peter Pan in July of 2002, when he was only 13 years old. Sumpter carried out an overwhelming majority of his own stunts for the movie. He claims that in order to get ready, he would practice sword fighting for as long as five hours a day, in addition to working on his gymnastics and lifting weights. He developed a strong friendship with the actress Rachel Hurd-Wood when they were working together on a project. In addition to his regular training, he kept himself in shape by playing cricket and surfing while he was in Australia for filming. During the course of filming, Sumpter added several inches to his height, which necessitated the use of creative staging in order to maintain Captain Hook’s height advantage over Peter in face-to-face scenes that were shot later in the process. The window that he flies out of had to be extended twice, according to producer Lucy Fisher, who also stated this. Despite the film’s poor performance at the box office, Sumpter was awarded a Saturn Award as well as a Young Artist Award for her work on the picture.

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In the fall of 2004, he had a starring role in the television series Clubhouse, playing the part of a young child who is given the opportunity to serve as a batboy for a major league baseball team based in New York City. After only five episodes, CBS decided to discontinue the show; nonetheless, all 11 episodes that were produced have since been shown on various cable and satellite channels. After that, he had a role in the movie Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life, which was broadcast on the Lifetime Channel and told the story of a popular young man whose life is derailed by an addiction to pornographic content on the internet.

The teen comedy “The Sasquatch Gang,” sometimes known as “The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang,” was shot by Sumpter in Oregon during the summer of 2005. The movie wasn’t published until November of 2006. He had a little part in the movie An American Crime, which had its initial broadcast on Showtime in 2008 before it was released on DVD. He had a guest appearance on an episode of CSI: Miami playing the boyfriend of a girl whose parents were killed in the episode.

He finished shooting his parts in the comedies Soul Surfer, Death and Cremation, and the coming-of-age comedy Calvin Marshall. You’re So Cupid was another family comedy that he was in.

Alongside Danielle Ryan, Sumpter served as a co-host on the online reality competition show known as The YOBI Show.

In the film Into the Storm, which was about a meteorological tragedy, he played the role of Jacob Hodges, a young cameraman who worked with the stormchasers.

Jeremy Sumpter’s Private Life

Sumpter made the announcement in December 2015 that he and Lauren Pacheco were engaged to be married,[8] however he made the statement that they were no longer engaged a year later in October 2016.

The History of Jeremy Sumpter’s Age and Family

Parents Jeremy Sumpter was born to Sandy and Gary Sumpter on February 5, 1989 in the city of Carmel-by-the-Sea in the state of California. In addition to his twin sister Jessica, he shares a sibling with the name Jennifer, and he also has a brother named Travis.

After enrolling in the International Modeling and Talent Association when he was just 11 years old, Sumpter began his modeling career in the state of Kentucky. He is currently 33 years old.

In addition to this, the Pre-Teen Male Model of the Year award was bestowed upon him. Mark Robert was brought on board as his personal manager after being hired. After that, Sumpter came to the conclusion that it would be best for him and his family to go to Los Angeles, California, and begin their performing careers there.



Jeremy Sumpter’s Background

The Sumter family relocated to Kentucky when Jeremy was ten months old, making the state his new home. He was brought up in the town of Mount Sterling, which is famous for its mountainous terrain and picturesque views. When Jeremy was younger, one of his favorite things to do was climb mountains.

He spent his childhood, for all intents and purposes, ensconced in the bosom of mother nature. Since childhood, Jeremy had an innate talent for the arts, and later on, his spirit of exploration was an asset to him in his preparation for the role of Peter Pan.

When he was just six years old, his parents recognized their son’s interest in the creative arts and enrolled him in the “Gifted Arts” program offered by the state.”

Jeremy moved to a new town with his family after having spent the majority of his formative years in Mount Sterling. This new town is called Lexington. He was the youngest member in the highly regarded program due to the extraordinary talent he possessed.

Jeremy Sumpter Is Having A Delightful Time With His Acting Career

Sumpter had his first acting part in the film Frailty, which was released in 2001. He played the younger version of Adam Mieks, who was seen in flashbacks. Sumpter received a nomination for a Saturn Award in the category of “Best Performance by a Younger Actor” because of his portrayal of the character.

Then, he appeared alongside Danny Glover in the movie “Just a Dream,” which was broadcast on Showtime. For this role, he was considered for a Young Artist Award in the category of “Best Performance in a TV Movie, Mini-Series, or Special – Leading Young Actor.” The award was ultimately not given.

His next film was a drama about a family that surfs together titled “Local Boys.” Mark Harmon and Eric Christian Olsen starred in the film. In July of 2002, Sumpter was selected to play Peter Pan despite the fact that he was only 13 years old at the time.

According to producer Lucy Fisher, the size of the window that he flies out of had to be increased by 50 percent. Sumpter was honored with a Saturn Award and a Young Artist Award for her work in the film, despite the fact that it was a financial failure at the box office.

Jeremy Sumpter
Jeremy Sumpter

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Quick Facts About Jeremy Sumpter

Name Jeremy Sumpter
Full Name Jeremy Robert Myron Sumpter
Birth Date February 5, 1989
Age 33 years
Birth Place Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, U.S.
Profession Actor
Wife Elizabeth Sumpter ​(m. 2022)
Father Gary Sumpter
Mother Sarah Sumpter
Siblings Three
Sisters Jennifer and Jessica
Brother Travis
Marital Status Married
Ethnicity Caucasian
Religion Christian


Who is Jeremy Sumpter’s wife Elizabeth Treadyway?

Jeremy Sumpter’s wife Elizabeth Treadyway is a flight attendant.

Who are Jeremy Sumpter’s parents?

Jeremy Sumpter’s parents are mother Sarah and father Gary Sumpter.

How old is Jeremy Sumpter?

Jeremy Sumpter is 33 years old.

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