Jeon Do Yeon & Jung Kyung Ho will possibly in a New Romance Drama

It has been rumoured that Jeon Do Yeon and Jung Kyung Ho will be collaborating on a brand new television show.

tvN announced on the 21st of June that the two actors are in talks to potentially star in the drama “One-Shot Scandal” (literal title).
“One-Shot Scandal” will focus on the great and comfortable yet cold and sweet yet exciting story of those who have to deal with the eternally competitive nature of entrance examinations. The plot of the drama revolves around a bittersweet scandal involving the owner of a side dish store, who belatedly enters the world of entrance exams, and a star trainer in Korea’s top private training field.
It is likely that the drama will be written by scriptwriter Yang Hee Seung, whose previous works include “Once Again” and “Familiar Wife,” and that filmmaker Yoo Jae Won, whose previous work includes “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha,” would direct it. After working together on the production of “King of High School” and “Oh My Ghostess,” the creator and director are now working on their third project together. Their reunification piques the audience’s interest in the magnificent, cosy, and heart-fluttering story that will presumably follow.
It is possible that Jeon Do Yeon will be having fun with Nam Haeng Sun, a former national athlete who has belatedly entered the competitive market for coaching entrance examinations. She will lead the National Representative Side Dish Shop with zeal and enthusiasm as the head boss. Nam Haeng Sun is a difficult person who, despite the fact that she is worn out from life, chooses to keep company, is confident in her decisions, and does not offer an explanation for them. However, despite her delayed entrance into the private training industry, she can’t help but run into Choi Chi Yeol at random and end up in a sticky situation every time. Jeon Do Yeon has garnered a lot of praise for her performances in a variety of successful dramas and films, which has built up a lot of expectation for her future makeover in “One-Shot Scandal.”

It is conceivable that Jung Kyung Ho will be playing the role of the favoured trainer Choi Chi Yeol, who was born a genius and even has a hard-working temperament. Choi Chi Yeol has a reputation for being a diligent worker. Not only does he have unique experience, but he is also an incredible talker and has lavish showmanship, which has resulted in his having an abundance of fortune and celebrity. However, the severe price of fame is that he can’t loosen up for even a second, hence he has grow into prickly and indifferent spherical different of us. This is a consequence of his incapacity to relax for even a second. Following their encounter with the unendingly upbeat and positive Nam Haeng Sun, the two will become involved in a plot that is both delightful and exciting. After his outstanding performances in “Hospital Playlist,” “Prison Playbook,” and “Life on Mars,” viewers are looking forward to seeing what Jung Kyung Ho has in store for them next.

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