Jeffrey Rosen’s (lawyer) Wife Kathleen Nichols Age & Testimony updates

People want to know more about Kathleen Nichols, an American lawyer who served as acting attorney general of the United States and is the wife of Jeffrey Rosen.

Jeffrey Rosen, whose real name is Jeffrey Adam Rosen, was born in the US on April 2, 1958. He served as the US deputy attorney general from 2019 to 2020 and as interim US attorney general from December 2020 to January 2021.
Before joining the Department of Justice, he was a senior lawyer at the law firm Kirkland & Ellis and the US deputy secretary of transportation.
Jeff Rosen’s children are currently in the news due to their father’s testimony regarding the elections from the previous two years.

Kathleen Nichols age

American lawyer Jeffrey Adam Rosen’s well-known spouse is Kathleen Nichols. Now, the couple is enjoying their time together. Based on how she looks, Kathleen might be in her 40s.
She used to be a physician. She is an American who was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Little is known about her birthday or age because she chose to keep it confidential.
Dr. Kathleen Nichols Rosen is the well-known spouse of American lawyer Jeffrey Adam Rosen. She used to be a physician. She is an American who was born in Cleveland, Ohio.
Little is known about her birthday or age because she chose to keep it confidential. Rosen joined Kirkland & Ellis in 1982. He left the business in 2003 and began working for the US government.
In 2006, Rosen moved to the Office of Management and Budget, where he worked as senior policy advisor and general counsel until 2009.
While working at the OMB, he opposed EPA plans to restrict greenhouse gas emissions and criticised “regulatory overreach.” He also served on the Amtrak board of directors as the government of the United States’ representative.

Jeffrey Rosen Children And Family

The children of Jeff and Kathleen Rosen have been identified as Anne Rebecca Rosen, Sally Amanda Rosen, and James Kenneth Rosen.
Anne Rebecca Rosen is the couple’s firstborn and oldest daughter. She supposedly lives in New York City. Sally Amanda Rosen is the couple’s second-oldest and youngest daughter. She lives in Lafayette, Colorado.
Jan. 6 Hearing: Live testimony from authorities will be presented during the hearing on Thursday, including Jeffrey Rosen, the former acting attorney general who took William Barr’s place in the closing weeks of the Trump administration.

On the other hand, James Kenneth Rosen is the only son and child of the pair. He also resides in Colorado. Regarding Jeffrey Rosen, he was born to a Jewish household in Boston and raised in Brockton, Massachusetts.
When Rosen attended Brockton High School, he served as the newspaper’s editor. Although his parents did not have college degrees, he has said that they wanted him to.

Jeffrey Rosen 6 January Testimony

On January 6, Jeffrey Rosen gave a live testimony about Donald Trump’s and his supporters’ attempts to rig the 2020 election before a House committee.
Along with his former assistant Richard Donoghue and the former head of the Justice Department’s office of legal counsel, Steven Engel, he attended the committee’s live-streamed hearing on Wednesday, June 15.
In his opening remarks today, former Acting AG Jeffrey Rosen will say: “Some argued to the former President and the public that the election was rigged and stolen. That viewpoint is incorrect today as it was back then, and I hope our presence here today serves to confirm that.
The 64-year-old, who had been the department’s deputy before Attorney General William Barr announced his resignation in the middle of December, was appointed interim head.
Both men argued that the evidence of fraud was inadequate to change the outcome of the presidential election.
When Trump pushed Rosen to declare the election a fraud and give the rest of the power to herself and Republican lawmakers, Rosen resolutely resisted.

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