Jay Lycurgo Ethnicity and Parents As He Appears As Nathan In New Netflix Series

Jay Lycurgo Ethnicity and Parents As He Appears As Nathan In New Netflix Series

The actor is pleased to talk about his past, which includes the fact that he is a blend of several ethnicities.

The “Bastard” Son and The Devil Himself is a new series that will be available on Netflix, and the 24-year-old actor will have a role in the show. He will play the role of Nathan, who is the illegitimate son of the witch who is considered to be the most deadly in the entire world.

Since he was a toddler, he has been subject to meticulous surveillance because of the concern that he would follow in his father’s footsteps. The story, which is based on Sally Green’s Half Bad books, was written by Joe Barton (The Lazarus Project, Giri/Haji), who is also the producer of the show. The first episode of the series is scheduled to be broadcast on October 28th, 2022.

Jay Lycurgo
Jay Lycurgo

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1. Jay Lycurgo Has a Mixed Ethnicity

Jay Lycurgo has stated that he is of a mixed racial and ethnic background. Nonetheless, he has not disclosed the racial identities of either of his parents.

In spite of this, he is a British actor who is quite vocal about his concerns with the portrayal of people of color in superhero roles. Even in his role as Tim Drake on Titans, he played the part of a kid who is from a biracial background. This continued even after the show was canceled. Tim’s lineage had both Asian and African elements.

In the same vein, he stated that he was pleased that persons with mixed ancestry, such as himself, are having opportunity to play larger parts in a variety of settings. He continued, “It adds a new dimension to the taste. This is really wonderful “, explains the author Nerds Color.

2. Lycurgo Rarely Talks About His Parents

Jay Lycurgo’s parents welcomed him into the world in England. His mother’s name is Tracey Johnson, but there is no information available on who his father is.

In the same vein, he has never disclosed his mother’s name in a public setting; nevertheless, he has referred to her as mum in the comments section of some of the photographs he has posted on Instagram.

The actor only occasionally discusses his parents in public settings. On his Instagram account, there is not a single picture of any member of his family.

3. He Appears As Nathan In New Netflix Series

A new series that will debut on Netflix called The “Bastard” Son & Devil Himself will tell the narrative of a young man named Nathan. Jay is the actor who plays the part.

Nathan, who is 16 years old, has a ‘Blood witch’ for a father named Marcus Edge, who is widely regarded as the most reviled and dreaded member of the Fairborne witch community.

However, Fairborne was his mother’s maiden name. Therefore, he will discover what his power is and whether or not he is a blood witch when he reaches the age of 17 years old.

Fans have great expectations for him now that he has landed one of the major roles in the series, and it is probable that his celebrity will expand as a result. Over the past several years, the actor has been well-known for his portrayal of many superheroes in various film adaptations.

4. Jay Lycurgo Has A Girlfriend Named Lily Haimes

Jay Lycurgo is in a relationship with Lily Haimes at the moment. Although Jay has not mentioned her by name in any of his social media handles, his girlfriend has tagged him in a number of the posts they have shared.

It would appear that the two have been together for some time now. Jay will occasionally post images of them together on his social media accounts, but he will never reveal who the other person is.

Because of this, a number of followers are curious as to whether or not she is his lover. In spite of this, Lily mentions him in her article and shares images of them together in which they appear to be having a good time together.

5. He Had Experience In Theatre

Jay is a professional actor who attended Arts Educational Schools London and received a bachelor’s degree in acting from that institution in 2019. However, enrolling at that school was not a simple endeavor for him to undertake at all. He had participated in an audition in the hopes of being accepted, but his name was not included in the list of selected students.

It had been a letdown for him, and he began to fear that his ambition of working in the entertainment industry would never be realized. However, the following day he received a note informing him that it was a mistake on their part and that he would need to reaudition, as was discussed in Square mile.

And as fate would have it, he got the phone call telling him that he had made it in time for enrollment. As a consequence of this, he participated in a few plays at various theaters while he was still developing his acting skills.

In the 2019 staging of the Torch Song Trilogy, he made an appearance. In addition to that, he has provided some sneak peeks of his theatrical performances on his Instagram feed.

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6. He Was Featured In Titans And Batman

Jay’s filmography includes roles in such movies as “Cheaters” and “I May Destroy You.” However, fans began to notice his act through his role as Tim Drake in season 3 of Titans, which is when the role was first introduced.

Timothy “Tim” Drake is supposedly a local of Gotham City, at least according to Fandom. He is an avid follower of Batman and aims to become a member of the Titans as well as the third Robin. In the past, he worked as a delivery boy for the Excellent Gotham Golden Noodle House.

The audience fell in love with Jay and his performance during the third season of the show. As a result, he will also be performing the part in the next fourth season.

In a same vein, he had a part in another DC role that was produced by Warner Bros. Pictures. On the other hand, these are two entirely different ones. In The Batman, he played the role of an unnamed young guy who reluctantly became a member of a face-painting, face-threatening street gang.

In addition to that, he has had cameo appearances in movies like “War of the Worlds” and “Anthony.” There is a widespread belief among his followers that he already possesses the makings of a legend and that he will achieve even greater levels of accomplishment in the years to come.

Jay Lycurgo
Jay Lycurgo

Quick Facts About Jay Lycurgo

Name Jay Lycurgo
Age 24 years (February 6, 1998)
Mother Tracey Johnson
Nationality British
Girlfriend Lily Haimes
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Profession Actor
Active 2019-present

Some FAQs

Who does Jay Lycurgo play in The Batman?

Jay Lycurgo portrayed a member of the “train gang” in the Batman movie.

What ethnicity is Jay Lycurgo?

Jay Lycurgo has mixed ethnicity.

Does Jay Lycurgo has a girlfriend?

Jay Lycurgo has a girlfriend named Lily Haimes.

Is Jay Lycurgo British?

Jay Lycurgo is a British national who was born in England.

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