Jamie Baldwin (Judy Orr’s Husband): Where Is He Now? Murder Explained!

In the December 2016 episode of “Dateline: The Black Box” on NBC, the murder of Jamie Baldwin’s wife, Judy Orr Baldwin, who was 53 years old, is chronicled

The crime took place in Chester County, South Carolina. Reportedly, he killed her by beating her to death at their residence then staging a car accident and claiming that she had died as a result of the accident so that he could falsify the evidence.

This episode demonstrates how the prosecution exposed his lies and guaranteed that he was punished for his crime. Where exactly is Jamie right now? Let’s find out.

Jamie Baldwin
Jamie Baldwin

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Jamie Baldwin (Judy Orr’s Husband): Who is He?

James Harold “Jamie” Baldwin, Jr. served as a member of the York and Columbia police departments in South Carolina throughout his time as a law enforcement officer.

In addition to that, he spent ten years working as a dispatcher for the Chester County Sheriff’s Office. In the South Carolina community of Chester, which is located in Chester County, he was a member of the Carolina Thunder Christian Motorcycle Club.

In 2011, he began a whirlwind romance with another group member named Judy McWaters Orr Baldwin, which ultimately led to their marriage after only eight months of dating.

Judy had been married before, but her first husband, a member of the Chester Fire Department named Todd Orr, had been away in a motorcycle accident. Jamie was Judy’s second spouse.

Judy had been grieving the loss of her partner of twenty years until she met Jamie, at which point she made the decision to give love another shot.

Judy Orr
Judy Orr

Jamie Baldwin and Judy Orr: Married Life

According to the show, the couple presented an image of a happy marriage to the public. For example, Judy posted a photograph of herself and Jamie on her social media accounts at the beginning of December 2016, and in the caption, she reminisced about the first Christmas they spent together five years earlier.

However, acquaintances of Judy’s were quoted in the news as questioning whether or not everything was okay at her house.

According to the claims made in one news report, Judy revealed to a close friend that she had concerns that her husband was becoming too friendly with a member of another motorcycle club.

In addition to this, the report mentioned how her sons observed their mother “stepping on eggshells around her spouse.” However, despite the fact that there may have been fissures, neither Judy nor Jamie revealed them to the rest of the world.

Jamie insisted, even when on trial in court for the murder of his wife, that he loved his wife more than anyone else in the room: “I loved my wife more than anybody in this room.”

It was a wonderful friendship between us.” On the other hand, the prosecution called his version of the events that took place on December 14, 2016, into question by pointing out inconsistencies and gaps in his story.

Jamie asserted that his wife had suffered serious injuries after falling off a ladder as she was attempting to decorate the Christmas tree. He claimed that he had gone into the garage to fetch some tools and that when he returned, he discovered Judy lying injured on the floor.

According to the attorney representing Jamie in this case, “He (Jamie) cleans off her wound like any caring husband would.

Almost immediately, he comes to the realization that this is beyond the scope of what he is able to manage. According to Jamie’s evidence, he did not waste any time in getting Judy to Piedmont Medical Center so that she might receive care.

The prosecution explained why he did not call 911 or her son Chris Orr, who lived down the street from him at the time. They also claimed that Jamie was on their way to a particular hospital around a half an hour ago, despite the fact that Chester’s hospital was significantly closer to their residence.

Judy Orr
Judy Orr

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Jamie Baldwin (Judy Orr’s Husband): Where Is He Now?

Jamie stated that their vehicle was involved in an accident on Old Richburg Road, and that the collision resulted in Judy being ejected from the vehicle after it rolled down an embankment and under a bridge.

He then called 911 and began performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on her until emergency medical personnel came and confirmed her death at the site.

On the other hand, the coroner stated that Judy’s head injuries did not appear to be consistent with those sustained in a car crash.

An inquiry conducted by the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) also examined the data recorder in his Jeep and found that he never lost control of his vehicle, contrary to what he had claimed.

Blood was also found high up in the living room and by the fireplace mantle during the investigation, putting a dent in Jamie’s assertion that she had fallen from the ladder.

In addition to this, the prosecution claimed that he was having an affair with another woman named Teri King, with whom he moved in less than two months after Judy’s passing.

Jamie insisted that their relationship was purely platonic, and he explained that he relocated because he was unable to afford to keep his residence.

Jamie was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of release in November 2019, despite the fact that he maintained his innocence throughout the entire trial.

Jamie filed an appeal for a mistrial and alleged that the prosecution had purposefully exhibited a Facebook picture of him with a convicted former sheriff, as indicated by the documents filed in the court.

He claimed that the action tainted the trial and led the jury to reach a verdict that was contrary to his position. In spite of this, in December of 2022, a panel of the South Carolina Court of Appeals rejected his case.

“The trial court erred in admitting a Facebook photo of Baldwin and the Sheriff of Chester County that was not related to a material issue,” the appeals court ruled.

“The error was harmless because it did not alter the verdict,” the appeals court added. Official prison records indicate that Jamie, 63, is currently serving his sentence at a South Carolina penitentiary that has not been disclosed.

Judy Orr: How Did She Die?

On January 12, 1963, Judy McWaters Orr Baldwin was born in Chester, which is located in Chester County, South Carolina. Her parents, Robert T. and Annie Floride Smith McWaters, have since passed away.

She received her diploma from Chester Christian School, and she was actively involved in the Women’s Missionary Union as well as Woodward Baptist Church.

She was a member of the Carolina Thunder Christian Motorcycle Club and served as the club’s secretary in addition to being the owner and operator of Judy’s Personal Touch.

Judy, now 53 years old, had been a widow ever since a motorbike accident claimed the life of her first husband, Todd.

Judy was left with a broken heart after the couple, who had been married for 20 years and had two kids, Chris and Josh. Prior to that, Todd had been employed with the Chester Fire Department.

In 2011, she met her second husband, James Harold “Jamie” Baldwin, Jr., at a motorcycle club. The two had a whirlwind affair, which led to them getting married within eight months of meeting each other.

Jamie served as a member of the York and Columbia police departments in South Carolina throughout his time as a law enforcement officer.

In addition to that, he spent ten years working as a dispatcher for the Chester County Sheriff’s Office. It was Judy’s second attempt at finding romantic happiness.

They called Chester, South Carolina home, and Judy’s son Chris lived just a few doors down from them at the time.

According to the show, Judy was able to maintain the appearance of a happy marriage to the outside world, as evidenced by the fact that she and her husband continued to publicly display affection for one another on social media even after they had been married for five years.

On the other hand, things took a sad turn in December of 2016, when Jamie allegedly discovered that her wife had gravely injured herself after falling from a stepladder while attempting to decorate the Christmas tree on December 14.

Jamie, in a state of panic, realized the injury was too severe for him to treat on his own and made the snap decision to take her to Piedmont Medical Center as soon as possible for treatment.

On Old Richburg Road in Chester County, unfortunately, his Jeep was allegedly engaged in a collision that occurred as a result of another vehicle speeding into their lane.

Jamie asserted that their vehicle was pushed off the road and down an embankment before coming to rest beneath a bridge.

It was recorded that he called 911 and told the dispatcher that he had already tried performing CPR on his wife, but she did not respond to him.

After discovering a severe head wound that measured 24 centimeters in depth, the responding medical personnel pronounced her to be deceased.

Terry Tinker, the coroner for Chester County, did not believe that her head injuries was compatible with a car accident and felt that she was the victim of foul play.

Judy Orr
Judy Orr

Judy Orr: Who Killed Her?

  • According to the reports that were found, the authorities in charge of investigating Judy’s death did not believe that her passing was suspicious, and her home was not handled or processed like a crime scene.
  • Jamie’s relatives and friends, on the other hand, were not persuaded by her story because, according to them, it contained multiple inconsistencies.
  • It was said that Judy had confided in a close friend about her worries that her husband was “a touch too close to a woman at the motorcycle club.”
  • Judy’s husband was allegedly suspected of having an inappropriate relationship with the woman. The fact that Judy “hated being up a ladder,” according to her friends and acquaintances, made the circumstances surrounding her death all the more peculiar.
  • Her kids asserted that their mother communicated with them on a daily basis, and Chris was perplexed as to why his sister had not phoned either him or 911 from the apartment they shared.
  • They were also taken aback when they saw a substantial amount of blood at the location where she had supposedly fallen.
  • Friends and family of Jamie claimed that he had a background in law enforcement and was acquainted with the police who were conducting the investigation, which caused them to question whether or not vital evidence was being overlooked.
  • They lobbied for the probe to be led by external agencies, and Terry Tinker was a key ally in this effort.
  • In the meantime, Jamie moved in with Teri King, a member of a motorcycle club, less than two months after Judy passed away, which raised many suspicions among people.
  • However, Jamie argued that their relationship was purely platonic, and he said that the reason he was renting a room in Teri’s property was because he was unable to afford to keep his residence.

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